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Witches in Sims 2 Apartment Life

Witch Spells

Witch Spells by Sims99fanatic See what kind of help and mischief your witches can conjure up. Info for Good, Neutral and Evil witches. There's a cauldron full of spells via this link.


In addition to the ingredients needed for spells, a Witch's cauldron can also be used to craft a variety of magical objects, depending on their level of magical skill and alignment. These craftables can also be marked for sale in a Sim-owned business if Open For Business is installed, allowing non-magical Sims to purchase them.

All Witches can craft the six reagents needed for spellcasting even at magical skill level 0.

When a Witch of any alignment reaches a skill level of 1, they will be able to craft the potions that cure various life states, which would otherwise have to be purchased from various NPC's- (Lycanthropic-B, Plantophic-C, Vampirocilin-D, and Witchbegone-E).

Upon reaching skill level 2, Witches of any alignment will be able to craft the Little Miss Wendalyn sculpture, which can be placed on surfaces like any other small sculpture. In addition, Evil-aligned Sims will be able to craft Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp, while Good-aligned Sims can craft the Faerie Fire Floor Lamp. All craftable lamps function just like a lamp purchased from the Catalog.

At skill level 4, Evil-aligned Witches can craft the Enchanted Essence of Cur Tails, while Good-aligned Witches can brew the Magically Spiced Sugar potion. These potions will temporarily alter the Niceness of the affected Sim, with the Cur tails reducing it to 0, and the Spiced Sugar increasing it to 10.

Reaching skill level 5 will allow Evil Witches to craft the Palm of Darkness Wall Sconce and the Fist of Darkness Ceiling Lamp, while Good Witches will be able to create the Stardust Wall Sconce and the Star Dusted Ceiling Lamp. Level 7 will allow your Witches to craft the ReNuYu Porta-Chug and Love Potion #8.5, which would otherwise only be available from the Gypsy Matchmaker.

Upon reaching skill level 9, Evil Witches will be able to craft the Claw of Darkness Throne, while Good Witches will be able to create the Throne of Light. These function as armchairs, with the added feature that they will dramatically raise the motives of Witches of corresponding alignment, while dramatically reducing them for opposite-aligned Witches.

Broomstick Madness

Witches can fly. They need to use their broomstick to get to the secret head witch's castle. Broomsticks are also handy for quick jaunts around town, replacing the "Walk to lot" option with the slightly more supernatural "Fly to lot." Broomsticks also reflect the alignment of a witch, with mean, evil, and atrociously evil witches having a rough, spiky, dark brown broom, neutral witches having a tan broom much like you might find in a broom closet, and nice, good, and infallibly good witches having a white and blue broom with a gemstone on top.

How to become a witch

When you meet a witch, strike up a conversation. If your Sim becomes friendly enough you can ask for them to become a witch. If your Sim is speaking with a witch with a nice, good, or infallibly good alignment, they will start your magical existence as a "nice" witch, with corresponding effects and clothing. If they are transformed by a neutral witch, they will become a neutral witch themselves. Naturally, a transformation by a mean, evil, or atrociously evil witch will give you a Sim starting their supernatural life as a "mean" witch.

Whatever alignment your Sim receives, they will have a spellbook and cauldron placed into their inventories (with their colors reflecting their owner's alignment, and their name will appear as "John Doe the (alignment) witch/warlock." They will also have access to the two hidden lots in the Magical World- two castles that are home to the high witches of light and darkness. Sims can purchase reagents and additional spellbooks and cauldrons from the high witches on these lots. Good-aligned witches can only purchase items from the high witch of light, while Evil-aligned witches can only purchase from the high witch of darkness. Neutral-aligned witches can purchase items from either high witch.

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