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Vacation Mementos

With Bon Voyage there are 45 different "Travel Mementos" to experience on your vacations spread out among the three different travel destinations. You can find the status of your completed mementos by going to the memories section of your sim and clicking on the suitcase. Completed ones will be in color, while the uncompleted ones will just be a vague silhouette of the memento, with a hint as to what it is if you rollover it with your mouse.

Half the fun of going on vacations is finding and completing these on your own. If you want to complete these on your own then you may not want to continue reading this. This list is more for those who are stuck and cannot figure out how or what they need to do to complete all 45 of the mementos.


These you either can complete any any location or occur over the course of several different vacations.

  1. Take a guided tour
  2. Take five different guided tours
  3. Take all nine guided tours (three per location)
  4. Visit a secret lot
  5. Visit all three secret lots (one per location)
  6. Learn all three local gestures (one per location)
  7. Order a photo album from photos taken on vacation
  8. Order and eat room service from a hotel
  9. Find a secret map (find using "Dig for Treasure" option)
  10. Have a good vacation
  11. Have three good vacations
  12. Have five good vacations

Twikkii Islands

  1. Take an Island Vacation (completed as soon as you arrive to the hotel)
  2. Eat Pineapple Surprise
  3. Learn Local Gesture ("Hang Loose") (See here for hints)
  4. Learn Hotstone Massage
  5. Learn to Fire Dance
  6. Make offering in fountain at Monkey Ruins
  7. Learn Sea Chanty (See here for hints)
  8. Play on a Pirate Ship
  9. Dig up a Treasure Chest (Soil -> "Dig for Treasure")
  10. Find a Beach Treasure (Beach -> "Comb for Sea Shells")
  11. Learn to Hula Dance (See here for hints)
  12. Get VooDoo Doll from Witch Doctor (See here on how to receive the VooDoo doll)

Takemizu Village

  1. Take a Far Eastern Vacation (completed as soon as you arrive to the hotel)
  2. Rake (Groom) Zen Garden
  3. Play at Mahjong table and win
  4. Learn to Teleport from Ninja (See here for hints)
  5. Learn Local Gesture ("Bow") (See here for hints)
  6. Learn Acupressure Massage
  7. Make wish in wishing well
  8. Drink Tea
  9. Each Chirashi
  10. Learn Tai Chi (See here for hints)
  11. Learn Dragon Legend (See here on how to learn the legend)

Three Lakes

  1. Take a Mountain Vacation (completed as soon as you arrive to the hotel)
  2. Learn to Slapdance from locals (See here for hints)
  3. Meet Bigfoot; become friends (See here for hints)
  4. Win at Log Rolling against another person
  5. Learn Local Gesture ("Chest Pound") (See here for hints)
  6. Eat Flapjacks
  7. Read Tree Ring display
  8. Sleep in a tent at the Campgrounds
  9. Hit a bullseye with throwing axes
  10. Learn Deep Tissue Massage

Secret Lots

Each vacation location has a secret lot which you can only get to if you have a map for that location. To find a map, you need to click on any dirt, soil, or sand (not beach, though) location and click "Dig for Treasure." You don't need to be on vacation to find a map, however it seems you have better luck finding a map sooner if you are on vacation. Once your Sim has a map, they can click on the telephone booth and go to the location. The person who has the map must be the one who initiates this action, however if you bring other Sims with you to the secret lot they will be given copies of the map as well.

Mysterious Hut

To get the VooDoo Doll from the Witch Doctor, click the Witch Doctor and select "Offer Help." Once you do that, the Witch Doctor will tell you he can't entertain any guests because nothing is working. The Witch Doctor will leave the hut and wait until you complete your task. In order to get the doll, you must fix all of the broken appliances and mop up all of the water from the broken appliances. (For this reason it's a good idea to have a high mechanical skill level.) After you are done, the witch doctor will return and give you the VooDoo doll.

To use the VooDoo doll, just have it in your inventory, click on another Sim, and select "VooDoo...". You will then have a few different options to inflict on the other Sim. Just don't try this out on the Witch Doctor.

Pagoda of the Shadows

In order to learn the Legend from the wiseman, you will need to build up a friendship with him. (I have done this many times all using the Voodoo Doll to build up a friendship with him). Then he will teach you the legend.

Once you have learned the lesson you can tell it to other Sims and will have a copy of the scroll of the legend in your inventory.

"Three Lakes Lot"

This lot is where Bigfoot lives, and all you have to do to complete the memento is become friends with him. If you really wish, you can continue to build your relationship level with him and ask him to move in with you. (Note: "Meeting Bigfoot" is a fear of some Aspirations, such as the Fortune aspiration.)

Other Memento How-To's..

These are some of the things that are a little more difficult to find or accomplish because they're less obvious than some of the other mementos or have a little bit of a trick to them.

Local Gestures

To learn local gestures you have to receive the gesture from a local first. Then you can click on another Sim and click "Gesture..." and then choose the gesture. In order to have it mastered you will have to do it four or five times to a local who will return the gesture correctly.

Learn Sea Chanty

To learn the sea chanty you have to evoke the ghost of a pirate captain on one of the pirate ships. To do this, you have to search the Captain's quarters until the ghost chases you out. It will take at least two times of searching the quarters before the ghost will come out. Once the ghost is out you will no longer be able to search the captain's quarters. After that, he will float around and you can select him and choose "Join in Sea Chanty."

Learning Dances

This can sometimes be difficult because you need to find a local who is already dancing before you can learn the dance. If there are no locals dancing, talk to a local for a little bit, then go near a speaker, and then call the local over. With any luck the local will begin to dance, then all you have to do is click the local and select either "Join Hula" or "Join Slapdance."

Learn to Teleport

In order to teleport you need to find a ninja. They pop in and out quite quickly and usually in the first 15-30 minutes of arriving on the lot and only stays for a few (game-time) minutes. The easiest way to catch him is by zooming all the way out when you first arrive on the lot and wait until you see the puff of white smoke. The ninjas do not appear inside any of the buildings, so watch the outskirts of the lot. Once you see him appear, pause the game, cancel any action your Sim is doing, click the Ninja, and select "Learn to Teleport." Then unpause the game and with any luck the ninja will wait for your Sim to reach him. The Ninja will then ask your Sim a question, and if you answer correctly you will learn the secret to teleportation.

Learn Tai Chi

To learn Tai Chi you just have to find a local already performing Tai Chi, select them, and then choose "Join Tai Chi."

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