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University Guide

This guide is all about attending college/university in EP1: University.

Sending your Sim to University

  • Scholarships - All Sims qualify for the sim city scholars grant. They can qualify for others by building skills. There are a few other scholarships for things like getting abducted by aliens or being an orphan. To have your Sim apply for scholarships have them use the telephone and choose college, apply for scholarships. While at University your Sims will also earn grants based on their grades for each semester.
  • Going to University - Once you're ready to send your Sim to University have them use a telephone and select college, move to college. A taxi will arrive to take your Sim away and the family will gather to wave good-bye.
  • Leaving University - Once your sim has graduated you can use the telephone to throw a party or move back to the town they came from. A taxi will arrive to take your Sim away. They'll reappear in the Sim bin ready to move out on their own (with 20,000 Simoleons) or to move back in with Mom and Dad.

University Life


Dorms are cheap. There's no cost to move in so if your sim doesn't have much by way of scholarships this'll be the way to go.


Each semester is 72 hours or three days long with two semesters per year.

Secret society

To become a member of the secret society your sim must make friends with three secret society members. Members can be found at community lots wearing black jackets with a llama patch. They will not wear the jacket when visiting or walking past residential lots. You will know your sim has made friends with three members when they're handcuffed and taken away by limousine. They will be taken to the secret society house where they can socialize with other members. Once you're a member you can visit any time by using a telephone to call for the secret society limousine. You cannot go back to the secret society building after you graduate, although you still know the secret handshake and can use it with anyone else who knows it.

Greek House

Greek Houses are The Sims 2 equivalent of a sorority or fraternity. Your sim can join a Greek House by using a telephone and selecting the "ask to join Greek House" option. Once you've made the call members from the Greek House come over for you to socialize with and gain enough relationship points to join. You'll get a sort of Greek House scenario pop up window telling you how much time has elapsed and how much you've got left to impress your guests. The easiest way to join is to build up relationship points with the members before making the call asking to join. That way when you ask to join you're already most of the way there. If you've already made friends with them you'll be accepted immediately when they arrive. There's no penalty for failing. You can always try again. Make sure that there is always at least one member who lives in your Greek House or it will be disbanded after the last member leaves the house.
There are several advantages to joining a Greek House:

  • More opportunity for your popularity sims to make friends
  • Members can visit the campus autonomously and bring back pizza or other goodies
  • You can influence pledges to do your homework and term papers without losing your influence points

Your sims do not have to live in the Greek House if you don't want them to. They can still live in the dorm or in a house. They can even turn their own house into a Greek House by using a telephone to apply for charter at a cost of about 20 simoleons
(credits Ghanima Atreides)

  • Big on campus
  • Homework
  • Term paper

What is up with the mascot?

There are two different mascots in the University EP.

  • Your Sims' College's Mascot: This young man will arrive periodically to stir up school spirit. He may show up while your Sim is busy doing homework or trying to relax and be very annoying, but is completely harmless (even helpful if the evil mascot is on the lot). Functionally, he is identical to the cheerleader, but wears a silly suit.
  • The Evil Mascot: This mascot is a young male from a rival college (home of "The Thunderin' Udders"). He's got a very unpleasant personality and will visit both residential and community lots. The Evil Mascot likes to:
    • Flirt
    • Irritate
    • Do pranks
    • Pillow fight
    • Set off sprinklers
    • Put soap in fountains
    • Drink from juice barrels

If both mascots are on the lot at the same time, your Sim's college mascot will likely attack the evil mascot. Because of the evil mascot's low body skill (0 vs your Sim's Mascot's 10), your Sim's mascot pretty much always wins and the evil mascot leaves the lot in shame. There's a small chance the evil mascot will win, but it doesn't happen very often.


Calilily, Pickpock, Ghanima Atreides, and Sidneydoj all contributed to the creation of this article. Thank you.

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