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Servos are unlike any other crafted object. Once crafted, they're just as inactive as the others in that you can move them around, sell them, or mark them for sale. However, once you activate them, they become a fully playable Sim and member of the household. A Servo can also become a vampire, zombie, or both.

The first thing to do with a Servo is initialize it: Using the "Initialize As" interaction, you choose whether you want the Servo to be male or female. This only matters for a couple of reasons - cosmetic differences (females will have long eyelashes and a bow on their antenna) and gender preference. Once it is activated, it's added to the household. If there's already has eight playable Sims on the lot, the Servo can't be initialized until someone dies or moves out. You can, however, download hacks to raise the family household limit. You can find those here

Upon Creation

When a Servo is created, it receives:

  • The exact Personality of the Sim who initialized it
  • Level 10 in cooking, mechanical, and cleaning skills
  • The same levels in other skills as the initializing Sim
  • Randomly selected Talent Badges
  • The same Aspiration as the initializing Sim

Benefits of a Servo

Servos are extremely handy to have around. They are fully skilled in mechanical, cooking, and cleaning. Plus, servos constantly scan the lot looking for things to do, such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Repair broken objects
  • Cook for a Sim that is hungry
  • Help with toddlers.

Servos' Needs

Servos' needs are different from human Sims as well. They only have four needs:

  • Power
  • Fun
  • Social
  • Environment

The Fun, Social, and Environmental needs are identical to all other Sims. Their Power need, however, is similar to a Sims Energy but is different in how it is satisfied.

  • The Power Need is satisfied by recharging. To recharge a Servo, have them go outside in the sunlight and power down. If it's nighttime, the Power Need will replenish when the sun rises. If your Servo is a vampire, they can recharge in the vampire coffin instead. If no coffin is on the lot, don't worry - they will not run outside autonomously, but will simply fully drain their Power Need and shut down. Recharging is done automatically if the Power Need completely drains, or by the Recharge self-interaction.
  • You can turn off Servos and freeze their Needs by using the Power Down self-interaction or the Power Down interaction with another Sim. Use Power Up, either by self-interaction or by another Sim, to get them moving again.

Servo Break Downs

Servos occasionally break down. When this happens they "run amok". They'll run around in a crazed state, flailing, and emitting sparks. Be careful with these sparks - they can electrocute (and possibly kill) your sim. A malfunctioning Servo can't be turned off but must eventually power down on its own. Once it does, the Servo is broken and can't be reactivated until repaired. If the Servo lives alone and breaks down, it'll call the repairman itself with its internal cell phone which is there for this sole purpose.

The effects of the "running amok" can be severe:

  • Emitting sparks can electrocute/kill a sim
  • Servo may lose some skill points
  • Servo's personality may change

In addition to these, the Servo will also get a Ran Amok memory.

How Servos Are Different

Servos function exactly like human Sims in that they can marry, woohoo, have careers, adopt children, flirt, etc. They do differ in some ways, however.


  • Never age
  • Can't burn
  • Can't starve to death
  • Can't get sick

Servos also don't have the same clothing options as other Sims. They can use dressers and change in and out of their formal clothing with the Change Into self-interaction, but they have no other outfits no can they use the mirror's Change Appearance interaction.

Related Links

There are some hacks you can download such as buyable Servos, changing their appearance, allowing them to wear other clothes, Servo charging stations and more. You can find them HERE on the Hacks and Hacked Objects page of the Sims2 Wiki Content List under Servos.

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