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Lifetime aspiration meter

The Lifetime aspiration meter (referred to as "L.A.M." in this section) appears on the main control panel, in between the influence meter and the short-term aspiration meter. It will slowly increase while a Sim gains aspiration (that Sim will comment on how well it filled up in the previous seven days every week). As such, every time they fulfill a big want (e.g. having a baby), their L.A.M. will fill up dramatically. The "L.A.M." has degrees, and when a new degree is reached, an extra point will be available to unlock a new lifetime aspiration benefit in the aspiration rewards panel.

Secondary aspiration

A secondary aspiration can be chosen in the lifetime aspiration benefit panel (fourth column) for one perk point, which will give access to its three first benefits and to the associated wants and fears. A knowledge/romance sim may want to stargaze, meet aliens, turn into a vampire and woohoo with 5 sims. Almost all aspirations (all aspirations barring "Growing up" and the sim's primary aspiration) are available for secondary aspiration - that includes "Grilled cheese". Should you be unhappy with your Sim's secondary aspiration, they can use the Renuyu Senso Orb to reprogram themselves; they will recover their perk points and be able to invest them in a new aspiration.

List of benefits

In the aspiration benefits panel, only four of the following categories will ever be visible: Needs, Work, your Sim's primary aspiration, and your Sim's secondary aspiration. Each benefit in a certain category can only be chosen if the previous benefit in the same category has been, too. For example, "Plead For Job" will not be unlocked until you have given your sim all three lower Work benefits.

Those benefits, as their name would suggest, last for a lifetime.


All the needs benefits cause slower need decay in specific motives. They are pretty self-evident.

  • Social and comfort
  • Bladder and hygiene
  • Fun and hunger
  • Energy


  • Life of luxury: gain vacation days faster.
  • Business instinct: more chances (80%) of getting good outcomes out of chance cards.
  • Friends in high places: the friend requirement for promotions is reduced by one for your Sim.
  • Plead for job: should your Sim get fired from a non-OFB job, they can call work and plead for their job, just like they would call in sick or quit via phone. They may get hired again.


  • Fast metabolism: your Sim gets fit faster when exercising.
  • Slower motive decay - Hygiene and bladder
  • Write restaurant guide: a new interaction on the computer. Similar to "Write novel" except for the fact that it requires no creativity.
  • Rowdy folk song: a new interaction that increases relationships with everyone standing around.


  • Grandma's comfort soup: a new recipe to cook. It satisfies both hunger and comfort needs, and cures any illness.
  • Slower motive decay - Fun and comfort
  • Plead with the social worker: a new interaction on the social worker, should she come to take a child away.
  • Super fertility: your Sim has a greater chance of giving birth to twins.


  • Massive attraction: this will passively increase the chemistry that Sims may have with your Sim.
  • Slower motive decay - Hygiene and energy
  • Local legend: Sims of your Sim's favoured gender will walk by their house more often.
  • Smooth talker: your Sim builds relationships faster and will be able to make a love interest stop being furious with them.


  • Slower motive decay - Social and fun
  • Impart knowledge: new social interaction letting your Sim give skills to another, less knowledgeable Sim.
  • Eureka: while learning skills, your Sim will have random moments of brilliance during which they will suddenly gain skill points at a much higher rate.
  • Summon aliens: new interaction on the telescope. Causes abductions.


  • Skilled negociator: this increases the salary your Sim gets after promotions.
  • Slower motive decay - Fun and comfort
  • Financial advice for cash: new interaction on the computer. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Investing: your household will receive or lose random amounts of money. The chance that you will gain money increases with the number of investors in the household.


  • Hospitality: your Sim has a higher chance of bringing friends home from work.
  • Slower motive decay - Bladder and energy
  • 3-way calling: your Sim can call another Sim while chatting with one of their friends, allowing all three Sims to build relationships with one another.
  • Fast friends: passively provides a relationship boost for every positive interaction.

Grilled cheese

  • Bottomless stomach: your Sim will grow fat much slower
  • Slower motive decay - Bladder
  • Paint grilled cheese: new interaction on the easel, unlocking cheese-related art.
  • Conjure up grilled cheese: your Sim summons a delicious grilled cheese sandwich from the fabled K√§senraum. This will drain their comfort and energy a little, but satisfy their hunger.

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