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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
DaniZayaNamine's Doll (Decorative)
adranfloranPentacle [Paranormal Stuff Override] (Overrides)
Dixie NourmousBritish Family Manor (no cc) (Residential)
Meredith99Elfen Lied Lucy's Black Dress/Outfit (Everyday)
coritabelenLittle Corsican Bistro Inspired Restaurant (Community)
Alpha_WaifuOffice Secretary Vintage Career (Careers)
DoubleeShaSims can talk with each other while swimming in the pool (Config Mods)
fantuanss12Show death notification from death by vending machine & falling (Miscellaneous)
GulbasaurPermanent PlantSims (Overrides)
becketDarker Progress Circle (Miscellaneous)
guirnaldasBug box owner as tooltip and shiftable (Object Mods)
SimMixDDiscover Pregnancy Mod (Miscellaneous)
xWISPAx20 Video Game Posters (Decorative)
2cupsoforangejuiceThe Beatles' Help! House (Residential)
ashleychou113ashleychou113 - Pensive Trait (Traits)
Edwards121Harry Potter House Pictures (Decorative)
OnebeldRegul Save Cleaner [Updated 23-02-2021] (Programs and Utilities)
EarthBotxSCP-173 Statue (Decorative)
snikkidoodleSoftware Engineer Odd Jobs Pack (Careers)
TwistedChihuahuaRenovation challenge - 2br 2ba (Residential)
Khal UltiPoppy's Flower Shop ( MySims Project) - NO CC (Community)
SimMatticallyKaty Perry CD Collection (Decorative)
SweetSimmerHomesTree Top Lodge (Residential)
SimStateDudeSim State Off the Grid Inventing Overhaul (Overrides)
kierrotGeekCon Center (NO CC) (Community)
LorynCyberpunk style Street (Residential)
chloeismagicYandere Sim Fox Tail Natural Maxis Hair Recolor (Glasses & Other Accessories)
CASnarlShorter Pet Pregnancy 11-21 Hours (Global Mods)
PlayStar201Sound Swap (Overrides)
JulesJumbleV-Neck Shirt 70's Punk Bands Recolor (Everyday)
Sims2BuilderNoCCBella Vista (Residential)
George.English01Nightlife inspired CAS room (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
creepy_paperKrampus the holiday devil (Horror / Gothic)
MiraiMayonakaWinnie Pooh Children Bedroom (Bedroom)
chokoladySimple 3 channel seamless strawberry pattern (Patterns)
BellaDovahMore Sensible Career Tracks for University Majors (Global Mods)

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