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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Keallow_0754352 Courtyard Lane (Wisteria Lane Sims Parody Project) (NO CC) (Residential)
dlbakewellFarmhouse Style House Plan 51-1149 (unfurnished) (Residential)
DinocraftNCNo More Bills (Overrides)
nnieBe mean to your loved ones! (Global Mods)
TheSimAlexAdam style crown moulding (Walls and Floors)
murderialFelicity Wells (Other)
ebflover777The Ultra-Luxe: A (Loose) Fallout: New Vegas Recreation! (Community)
SashikuColorful Clothing for the Journey to Batuu game pack (Everyday)
RuneMasterBlooming Oasis (No CC) (Residential)
Kat_AmiltNo More Nature's Revenge (Overrides)
SimKing119Ultimate Corsets (Sleepwear)
extraayogurt100 Coach Rd (Residential)
SokisimsJeans Shaker Oasis (New improved version!! V2.1!!) (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
kitty40089The Lunchroom (Restaurant)-No CC! (Community)
boseknowsAmy Adams (Celebrities & Real People)
CherrysamaWhite children Voidcritters T-shirts (Mixed Sets)
windermeresimblrHistorical Home: Iron Age Roundhouse (Residential)
osmo95Ojos Kyle Default (Eyes)
Zoles21Zoles21 Vegan trait (Traits)
NebuloosWho Passed Away ? (Script & Core Mods)
simsbyalyneSnowy Escape Holiday Traditions (Miscellaneous)
TenorDischarge Cooldown Reduction (Overrides)
LitheriumWheel of the Year - Default Holiday Replacements (Overrides)
KittyTheMouse3x1 Glass House Shell - No CC (Residential)
IsaiahTSEMoth to Light Hoodie (Everyday)
SimmergeticBespoke Starter - Farmhouse in Teal (Residential)
QuietPriestessObstetrics and Gynecology Career (Careers)
Naomiking3Gymnastics Coaching Career (Careers)
DaniZayaNamine's Doll (Decorative)
shiningmoonmodsABO Blood Grouping System: Blood Type MOD V1.0 (Careers)

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