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Old 18th Nov 2020, 8:28 PM DefaultHas someone ever created underbead storage? #1
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Hi there,

not sure whether anyone is still playing the Sims 2, but I was wondering whether someone had ever created some underbed storage? I have downloaded a wooden bunk bed (single one) that can be arranged at different heights on the wall. I was always trying have the bed higher like a high bed to put chest of drawers underneath, but all the storage units, presses, shelves etc do not have the right depth and halfway disappear under the bed. If this was real situation you could not user the top drawer our you would have to halfway creep under the bed to use it.
The only items I can use is the Big square-y shelf units with the rounded corners, but they are too big to be a real underbed shelf

Is there anyone who could would have joy in designing a storage unit (maybe 2 squares long) where the storage unit sits on the edge of a square with the front side, not with the backside -as you would have when you put it against a wall-.

This seems to be one item that does not yet exist. Unfortunately I have neither the knowledge nor the skill on how to create items myself.

Any advice?

Thanks a mill in advance

Old 18th Nov 2020, 11:30 PM #2
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I don't know of any items (and if you're looking for any, the WCIF area would be a better place to look: https://modthesims.info/f/557/ )

As for requests, MTS doesn't really allow for them.

If you want to make items, it depends on whether you want them usable or decorative, and whether you want them to work alongside a particular set of beds or be more versatile.

The first step would be to have a look at how to make object meshes. Not sure which tutorial is best these days, and which program to recommend. If you're completely new to meshing, you might as well struggle through some Blender tutorials and get it over with. It has better tools for meshing and UVmapping, plus inbuilt tools for simple texturing. There aren't a lot of tutorials spesifically for TS2 in relation to Blender, but a lot of the meshing parts in the Milkshape-based tutorials usually have skippable meshing parts if you use a different program to mesh in. Milkshape is not a good program to mesh from scratch in (for editing meshes it's usually fine), but has uses in regards to body meshing and working with skeletons and animations. Might be useful if you want to make something with drawers or animations (but that's probably a bit advanced if you're very new to this).
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