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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
FieldsofFandomsHazbin Hotel Outfits (Mixed Sets)
DarkiplierCamp Unus Annus Tee(s) (Everyday)
LostInRiverview160 Latham Street - No CC (Residential)
LumikelloPastel Daydream Eyes (Eyes)
EgorBlagovSims Mod Assistant (Programs and Utilities)
SY_89The Sims 3 Medieval Loading Screen! (Overrides)
GurluasHistorical Galactic Banners (Decorative)
BeckyRATBarking Mad Skin Mod (Tattoos)
ShuSanREveryone can Spar!Teen can spar too! (Overrides)
EtheriaERO: Etheria's Romance Overhaul 2.3 (Script & Core Mods)
SimplyAnjutaCat Whisperer Career (Careers)
BastLoading screen and CAS (Object Mods)
oniJapanese beverage vending machine (Electronics)
jessmodssometimes"Poorly decorated" Moodlet remover (Overrides)
therranCozy round rug in 33 various texture and colors. (Decorative)
DollyLlama108Dolly Llama's Sarcastic Ghost Mod (Script & Core Mods)
KaynarahBlack Diamond Gown (KC1) (Formal)
IJustWantModsPleaseOKEvoker accessory gun from Persona 3 (Glasses & Other Accessories)
ruby7844sims 4 figure painting override (Overrides)
MarVlachouOak Alcove - Family Home (NO CC) (Residential)
LazyDuchessSims2RPC - First-born Syndrome fix Rich Presence & Borderless (Programs and Utilities)
ClaudetteCorleone5 Retro Recolours of Sims-of-Steel Sofa II and Chair by You Got Muscle (Comfort)
FancylotzThe Fancy House (Residential)
Myawn2 Birchfield Road - 4BR 2.5BA - NO CC (Residential)
jessienebulousArticulate Bewildered & Piggie Traits (Traits)
ky-eLifetime Aspirations (Miscellaneous)
roundgrassBuyable Cars for Mapless Travel (Object Mods)
rosydearWoodshore: A lovely little oceanside town in a nature rich environment (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
Dana653Ava Nowak - A true cosmopolitan! (Other)
LebbionStar Wars Clubs (Miscellaneous)
orkahmHarborview [no cc] (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
misophorismNo Autonomous "Discuss Local Fishing Spots" (Overrides)
MonochromeReflectionsSukkah (Requires CC) (Residential)
mobichiroFive Hargreeves from Umbrella Academy (Celebrities & Real People)
Black-ShadowNo Backsplash Counters Add-On Overrides (Overrides)
TM3305Base Game Mesh Panel Top Recolours (Everyday)
Tahkyn8800 Blue Lick Rd. (Residential)
EllawesePlain Interactive (WooHoo) Bushes (Outdoor)

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