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Old 16th Mar 2017, 3:27 AM DefaultCannot Access Modthesims.info #1
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Hey guys, I've been having a strange issue for some time now.

I cannot access http://modthesims.info no matter how I approach it. My only successful attempt was to go to https://modthesims.info, leading me here.

If on the off-chance I let the page load for long enough (roughly 5 minutes) I just get a half-assed website that only displays a sidebar and then nothing on the main page.

I've tried to access the site on a fresh harddrive with no antivirus/adblock and still have had no luck. Could this be an internet issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Old 16th Mar 2017, 1:02 PM #2
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This is probably a browser thing - if the only difference is whether or not you're connecting securely, then your browser is probably blocking certain content on insecure connections.

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