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Old 15th Aug 2016, 11:50 AM DefaultTSR says I'm using an ad-blocker -- but I'm not! #1
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This is worrying me. I just went to TSR. In the past I've been inundated with adverts there. But today I get no adverts at all. Instead I have several messages asking me to turn my ad-blocker off or adjust its settings to allow ads when visiting TSR. The worrying thing is that I don't actually have an ad-blocker. I see ads on other sites including here on MTS. I'm just not seeing them on TSR, where I previously, if anything, saw far too many. So why on earth does TSR think I'm using an ad-blocker? Three possibilities come to my mind:
1) TSR isn't really testing for ad-blockers at all; it's just accusing everyone who doesn't have a paid VIP account of using an ad-blocker to try to persuade them to pay up for VIP. This seems unlikely; it's a bit Machiavellian even for TSR -- it would mean that no one saw the adverts at all, which would seem just a little unfair in the advertisers. Also TSR aren't pushing VIP at me; instead they're begging me to turn of my ad-blocker or change its settings to allow ads on TSR. Which of course, not having an ad-blocker in the first place, I can't do.
2) An ad-blocker has installed itself on my PC without my knowledge or permission. I think I must be a bit paranoid to even think of that one! Again I think it's unlikely: I'm still seeing ads on other sites.
3) TSR is mistaking some other piece of software on my computer for an ad-blocker. Could it be that my anti-virus software (F-Safe) blocked a potentially harmful ad, and TSR took this to mean I had an ad-blocker?

In any case I find being asked to turn off a non-existent ad-blocker far more concerning than having to endure all the ads I used to see there. I never thought I'd actually want to see all the ads on TSR! Of course I suppose I could post on TSR and ask what's going on, but that would mean registering there, and, like a lot of people here, I'm very wary of registering on TSR. Has anyone any idea what's going on? Or what I should do?

(This matter arose from a thread yesterday on the Sims 2 forum, which has since been deleted by the original poster.)

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Old 15th Aug 2016, 12:04 PM #2
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Actually given that T$R has stolen content and hacked people, them accusing everyone of using an ad blocker is very them.

If it was the second you would have noticed a difference everywhere.

So I think the third is more likely. I will also say you should get yourself an ad blocker pronto since having adds everywhere opens you to malware, browser hijackers and viruses not having one.

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Old 26th Sep 2018, 10:57 PM Option for problem! #3
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This is super late but this is for people looking for a different answer.

Okay, so this exact thing just happened to me after the newest Chrome update, that installed an ad blocker. I followed TSR's steps and turned it off for the site, refreshed, and reopened the page but it still said the ad blocker was on.

I'm not sure how to fix this BUT if you really want something on TSR go to thesimscatalog and search for the creator and such (you can still get the info on TSR) and then when you press download it takes you to TSR and the error is gone! I just did this and the cc downloaded.

Im not sure why this is happening but it works so maybe try that. :p
Old 26th Sep 2018, 11:31 PM #4
Mad Poster

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I refuse to turn off adblock on TSR, but still manage to download. I (close down first, then) open the browser with one tab, open the TSR download page, and as long as the red "you have an adblocker" banner isn't there, I can download. To download more, I have to close down the browser and open it again - but I rarely download more than 1-3 things at a time, so it's no big deal.

On Firefox I've got a TSR adblock warning blocker that lets me download as much as I want from there (but Firefox is a bit slow for me, so I don't use it unless I have to).

By the way, there's already a (more recent) topic about TSR and adblock, but I had some troubles finding it just now.

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