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Old 30th Jun 2017, 2:59 AM DefaultCan I run The Sims 2 + Expansions ? #1
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My pc requirements:

Windows 7, Intel Atom N455, 1.66 GHz 1.67 GHz, 256 MB graphics, 2GB RAM.

Thank you!
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I wouldn't recommend running sims 2 on a notebook not unless you don't mind wearing it out quickly.

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That one doesn't meet the recommended minimum requirements by any standards. You need at least a 1.8 GhZ processor for Windows XP (2.4 GhZ for Windows Vista, probably also above), and 2GB of memory probably means the game will be very slow if you're planning to have all the expansions (4 GB is barely enough, since Windows usually needs 1-2 GB to run depending on the version, particularly if there's other background programs running). The Intel Atom N455 CPU looks like it's meant for basic tasks like web surfing, so throwing a heavy game at it would be stupid if you're planning to keep the laptop for more than a couple of years.

Yes, you can probably play the game on it - but the game will be slow, probably even without CC, and you'll tire out the computer parts much faster than on one that's actually meant for heavier tasks like gaming. So why waste your money? Get a good laptop while you're at it.

I used to have a laptop with somehwat lower specs (bought it in 2006, and it was fairly good for a laptop at that time, but I had almost no computer knowledge back then, so I honestly don't know). It did run the game, but slow, and the more EPs and CC I installed, the slower the game was. When FT came around, it took me 3-4 hours to load the game with roughly 10 GB of CC. I didn't install anything more, because FT slowed the game to a crawl, and my laptop didn't (by far) meet the later requirements. Eventually, the laptop died a slow, painful death. Already after roughly 4 years the screen randomly started going black, and the last time I played the game, it took 5 minutes to put down floor tiles (from a shift-click to the tiles appeared). The next time I tried to start up the laptop, it didn't even react. At least I learned the importance of taking a full computer backup now and then... I also learned that the game won't run properly on any old typewriter. The two next computers I got were far better, and the graphics were great compared to the old one. Dedicated graphics cards, a better processor and more memory can do wonders. Just don't go overboard (unless you're also playing heavier games). You can only do so much for a game made in 2004-2009.
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