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Old 14th Oct 2013, 1:56 AM DefaultHard Drive / Solid State Drive question #1
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I've always had my PCs set up with two hard drives. One hard drive has the OS and all the programs on it and the other drive has my personal files on it. I'd like for my next computer to have a SSD for the drive that has the OS on it, but would having a traditional hard drive for all my personal files slow the computer down a lot? My personal files are currently 284GB, so it's not financially feasible right now to get a SSD for my personal files.

I was thinking of getting a SSD that would be big enough for my OS/programs plus all my Sims 3 files. Would that work?
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It depends on what you mean by "personal files". The Sims 3 writes files (such as save games) to your My Documents folder. If you get a 128GB SSD for like $100, that's big enough to hold your OS, all your Sims 3 expansions and base game and all the game saves from your My Documents folder. Probably all your CC too if you don't have too much. Downloads, Pictures, Movies and programs that don't need speed etc. can go on the second traditional hard drive.

That's the setup I have. SSD for games I play often + their savegames and then a traditional 2TB hard drive for downloads, videos, music and programs I don't use often.

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