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Old 8th Oct 2013, 3:50 PM DefaultBlack block appear under sim whenever Shadow Settings is set to high #1
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I just recently bought a new computer and had to downgrade it from windows 8 to Windows 7 since my game kept on crashing whenever i tried to play it longer than 10 minutes.

After the downgrade, the games works great so far with almost no crash.The first was from bad CC. What I noticed is that whenever I enable the high setting for Shadows in the Graphic Configureation, all the sims (playables or not) will have this black block appear under them and trail them whenever they're inside of a building. I'll post pics as soon as I get home.

Right now however, I set my Shadow to medium as it made the block disappeared.

Is there a way I can fix this?

I have a HP pavilion 500 with AMD A8. It has an integrated Radeon HD 7560D and 16GB of RAMs.

Thanks in advance!
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Get yourself a proper graphics card?

Your symptoms sound like your computer is trying to tell you that you are overworking it. We don't usually recommend that people play with integrated graphics chips. Here's an article with suggestions:

This article explains why it's really a bad idea to overwork your computer:
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Hi, Mootilda. Thank you for helping me again.

Well, that's the problem. Before I moved to this new computer, I had the game installed on another computer with a external GeForce 650Ti Boost. It still gave me the same problem with the shadow. Even with the same settings, it did the same thing. Because the older computer is own by brother, I hadn't got time to get a new one yet. (That GeForce 650Ti was my present to him last month. lol. along with a spanking new powerbox for it.) So I', a little tight on budget right now, especially since I just bought my present computer not long after that graphic card purchase for my brother.

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