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Old 2nd Oct 2013, 6:44 AM DefaultWill TS2 run on an integrated comp with NL, Celebration, and OFB? #1
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Because I'll hopefully be getting OFB whenever, sometime soon, I was wondering if this would work: TS2 with Double Deluxe (w/o) Store Edition and Open For Business. The Intel integrated chip in question is an Intel 2000 HD chip, which I know CAN play the game, just isn't intended and will probably strain it. I play on medium-ish settings - reflections and shadows are turned off completely. Will it work.. well? Enough?
Old 2nd Oct 2013, 9:22 AM #2
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It's a bad idea. It'll probably run, but just because it -will- doesn't mean you -should- do it. OfB especially adds a lot of strain. It's your computer, and if you want to take the risk of destroying it, that's your choice - but I wouldn't risk it myself. I -did- destroy the Intel graphics in my own computer by running TS2 when I shouldn't have been, so I say this with experience.

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