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Old 9th Sep 2020, 9:13 PM DefaultCan I fix this skin? (SOLVED) #1
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I've never created something for the Sims and I am totally new to skintones so I hope to get some pointers for this, where to look at and which program to use. Also links to tutorials are appreciated.

I've downloaded this fantasy skintone for my aliens and I love it It has a beautiful scale pattern around the eyes. But unfortunately, this scale pattern turns into a blurred mess, when the alien turns into an adult. It looks as if water was spilled over the image and has run down on the face. Young adult and elder look just fine. Interestingly enough also the upper quater of the color ramp is not affected by this bug.

My idea is to somehow open the skintone package, remove the image file (dds?) for adult and just replace it by a copy of the young adult file. Sounds possible. But is it? Hpow could I do that? Or is it a bad idea? Perhaps someone knows what could cause such a problem and it is not fixable like this?

Any hint is appreciated! Thank you very much

Edit (Sept 11, 2020): I've downloaded the Skininator and found out that there is a wrong file included in the adult female face light base slot. When I click on "View" there is a body picture shown instead of a face. So the question is how to export the face file from the package... I have no idea, there is an "Import" and a "Delete" button, so I'm confident that I can remove the faulty part but how do I extract the face file from the young adult section to import it to the adult section?

Edit (Sept 12, 2020): Ok, it was easier than expected. Used S3PE to extract the dds file and used the import function in Skininator to replace the faulty file. Skin is repaired, I've learned something, thread can be closed.
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