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Old 26th Jul 2020, 6:39 PM DefaultDarker streak on fat morphs? #1
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I've noticed it happen on another top I made as well and I'm wondering what's causing it. It's not present on the other morphs so I'm not entirely sure it's a texture problem, so maybe it's the mesh? The normals don't look funny in milkshape on the verts where it's happening so I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with it and how to fix it.
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Old 13th Oct 2020, 4:15 AM #2
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Sometimes, choosing "Yes" in the TSRW option of fixing vertices, right after you import the mesh, can fix the issue. Sometimes, choosing "No" can keep the mesh intact while "Yes" messes the normals. It's a case-to-case basis, so try both (and don't delete your intact, pre-import WSO if anything goes wrong!)

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