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Old 26th Apr 2020, 5:12 PM DefaultChange camera parameters in "Change appearance" window ? #1
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Hi everyone !

A friend and I just got stuck upon a question that came to our mind.
When you're in the game, on a lot, and you go to a mirror to "change appearance", you get a new window opening where you can change hair, eyeglasses, makeup, etc...
And you can check the changes on your sim on the left.
The thing is, you can only rotate the sim horizontally. Looks like the camera is locked or something.

Would there be a way to unlock that camera so you could zoom in or out ?
(Would be useful for custom accessories that don't have custom thumbnails, like guns in hands or anything). Unless there isn't any camera controller and it's just a sim controller like the one used in CAS to rotate the sim... But still, if you change appearance of a child, it will be showing on child size. If you change an adult appearance, it will be adult sized. So there must be a camera setting somewhere ??

EDIT : If you do plastic surgery on a sim, the window than opens ALLOW you to zoom in and out a little bit....

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