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Old 14th Apr 2020, 5:56 AM DefaultList of memory effects? #1
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I'm trying to find the effect of a memory, specifically the 'Had an Accident' (Bladder Failure) memory - not to add the memory to a sim, but to make it look like an object is having the memory. I was able to find some scattered memory effects in objects.package, but it doesn't seem to include all the possible memories.

After cloning the Memory Manager I found memoryBladderFailureNeg1, memoryBladderFailureGold, and memoryBladderFailureGoldFailed, but they don't seem to show up in game. Maybe the effect was renamed in newer expansions?

Can anyone help me track down the name of the effect, or where to find it? Or is this specific memory something different from others where the effect is much more complicated than just using "prim 0x0070 Effect Stop/Start..." If it's impossible, I would try doing a thought bubble next, though I'm not sure how to make specific icons appear in the thought bubble.

Any help would be appreciated!
Old 18th Apr 2020, 6:19 PM #2
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Test Subject

Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 47
Thanks: 1047 in 22 Posts
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Just an update in case anyone else runs into this question, or (more likely) I need to return to this issue in the future. I couldn't find the memories, and instead started playing with the effects of Thought Bubbles. I learned two things:
1. [global 0x01EF] Balloon - Display Thought Balloon of GUID - I could NOT get this to work on an object. I'm guessing it only works for sims. But good news is I learned you can make any object's or memory's GUID show up in a sim's thought bubble - I'll post how to do that at the end.
2. [prim 0x0070] Effect Stop/Start, Temp 0x000, "uiHeadlineGroup_thoughtRuntimeThumb" - The object CAN have objects show up in a thought bubble over their head using this, but it has to match a thought bubble over a person's head first. Otherwise the thought bubble shows up as the zigzag lines.

The only solution I found to have the motives show up as icons in the thought bubble (hunger, energy, bladder, etc.) was to make a new BHAV as such:
Node 0: [prim 0x0002] Expression (Temp 0x000 := Stack Object ID) Loads the object that's clicked to have the thought bubble as Temp 0
Node 1: [prim 0x0070] Effect Stop/Start (Soft start effect, Temp 0x000, "uiHeadlineGroup_Thought Runtime") The Target: Temp 0x000, default 3/4 height, "uiHeadlineGroup_ThoughtRuntime" [Effect:0DC (Global)], icon: Literal 0x0002 (Conversation), sheet: "uieffects-headlines-motives-scream-02", [IconTexture:0x01 (Global)], Priority: True, model: default) -----> 00080000DC0000500000A10007020001

What changes the icon is the 14th operand, icon: Literal. Here's what each does, up to 15 (after that it starts repeating):
00 = Hot Beverage (used when a sim is about to freeze from being too cold)
01 = Energy
02 = Bladder
03 = Hygiene
04 = Environment
05 = Entertainment
06 = Comfort
07 = Hunger
08 = Social
09 = Baby bottle (used for hunger as a toddler)
0A = Claws (used for chew/scratch, I believe)
0B = Water drop (for plantsims)
0C = Sun (for plantsims)
0D = Cold beverage (used when a sim is about to overheat from being too hot)
0F = Hot beverage, and from here it starts repeating

It doesn't seem to display the correct icon if you do one after the other, or if you try to put the effect directly into an existing BHAV - it has to be called as a sub to work correctly. That's what I've learned! Hopefully someone else finds this useful, and if there is an easier way that someone knows about, please let me know! I spent hours hitting my head against this to get to this point, haha.

If anyone wants to know how to get any object to show up in a sim's thought bubble, here's how (using the lawn gnome, GUID 0x8C3E5500):
First make a new BHAV, and call this BHAV when you want it to appear.

0x0: [prim 0x0002] Expression (Local 0x0000 := Stack Object ID) 000000000005190A0000000000000000 True->0x1 False-Error
0x1: [prim 0x0020] Test Object Type (Stack Object ID, is instance of: 0x8C3E5500) 00553E8C00000A040000000000000000 True->0x2 False-False
0x2: [prim 0x0002] Expression (Stack Object ID := Local 0x0000) 0000000000050A190000000000000000 True->0x3 False-Error
0x3: [global 0x01EF] Balloon - Display Thought Balloon of GUID (My object id, Temp 0x0000, Temp 0x0001) 030B0008000008010007000001040000 True->True False->Error

This also works with memories - just use the GUID of the memory you want to use. Hope this helps someone!

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