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Old 11th Apr 2020, 11:53 AM DefaultFunction to distinguish witch from nonwitch? #1
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Hi, newbie modder, trying to make C&K's Magic Charms more magical. I got as far as enabling one to max the selected sim's motives (thanks Echo !). I'd like to get more specific, and either enable that interaction only for witches, or make it so witches have a 100% success rate and nonwitches have a chance of failure. However, I can't seem to properly distinguish witches from nonwitches yet. I've been fiddling with the BHAVs, and looking at other packages for guidance. Seems like something with "0x0002 Expression" or "0x0624 Witch - Is Witch?" might be relevant? Not sure if that's right or how to use those exactly. Hoping someone might be able to provide some insight? Thanks for your help!
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There's a list of supernatural checking globals made by MidgeTheTree. I hope it will be helpful for you.

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