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Old 28th Jun 2020, 1:56 AM DefaultIs there a problem with killing off visiting playables? #1
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I noticed I was unable to get visiting playables et by the cowplant, so I looked into the code and it seems that between Seasons and BV the Kill - Can Sim Die? global was changed so that, instead of being able to kill any playable as long as their family wasn't saved on a community lot, a) visiting playables saved on a residential lot or a hotel(???) can only be killed if they are selectable, and b) visiting playables saved on an apartment (or any other type of lot other than residential and hotel) can't be killed at all (although it looks like there is a line that, if it was actually reachable, would treat apartment residents the same way as house residents). Additionally, vacation locals and tourists cannot be killed, but this was probably just an oversight. I plan to mod the logic of this function back to more or less what it was in Seasons (but keep the extra vacation-related logic that was added for BV later in the function), and add the ability to kill vacation locals and tourists, and then test out various forms of sim-murder in my test hood, but I'm curious, does anyone know of a reason why it might be bad to kill visiting playables? I know this used to happen all the time, especially with the cowplant, in sim stories and the like, presumably those were all made before BV was released.
Old 2nd Jul 2020, 8:03 PM #2
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My first thought is that they stopped killing playables because people can get mad about it, rather than it causing any particular problems. Maybe it's worth running a test world for a bit - kill off a bunch of playables in various lots and leave it running, check back up with the Hoodchecker.

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