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Old 22nd Nov 2020, 4:36 PM Default[Resolved] Reduce chance of autonomously initiating romantic social interactions #1
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I'm trying to reduce the chance of sims who aren't attracted to each other autonomously initiating romantic socials (using LHS rules to prevent them from accepting seems to be working now).

I've found the tunable value kAttractedRomanticSocialChanceMultiplier, which is used by Autonomy.CalculateScoreForSocial when scoring romantic interactions - I'm assuming the scores from CalculateScoreForSocial are used to decide which interaction to autonomously do? It's a little hard to tell. But if I'm reading CalculateScoreForSocial correctly, the variable that kAttractedRomanticSocialChanceMultiplier and other tunable multipliers used by this method are multiplying is the base score for the interaction in question, which is calculated by Actor.SocialComponent.SocialScore. And SocialScore is doing something that involves checking the commodity types and encouraging traits associated with the interaction, so I think its scores are based on the interaction's advertising.

So I think what I need to do to get the effect I'm aiming for is increase kAttractedRomanticSocialChanceMultiplier while decreasing the base score, but it seems like decreasing the base score would require changing the advertising of every single romantic social. Which I actually could fold into some of the code I've already written with (probably) not too much trouble, but that seems a little...brute-force-y? Does anyone know of any existing mods with large-scale interaction advertising changes that might have done this in a cleaner way?

[EDIT: Actually, after testing a while longer, it seems like the only ones of my test sims that really have a problem with initiating autonomous romantic socials with sims they're not attracted to are the Flirty one and the Hopeless Romantic one - the two traits that I know encourage romantic socials, and would increase the scores SocialScore generates for those kinds of interactions. So I guess my impression that sims do too many autonomous romantic socials was based on what they do when the attraction system is out of control, and isn't a problem once it's toned down.]
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