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Old 26th Jun 2019, 4:18 AM DefaultHow do I prepare a lot for upload? #1
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I'm considering making a lot for my contribution to the Business theme. I've never uploaded a lot before, and I don't think there's a dedicated out-of-game creation program for it (like BodyShop or Homecrafter). How do I build it and package it while making sure it's "clean" and doesn't have any stray data in it from my neighborhoods, Sims, downloaded mods, etc.?

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Building in a completely new neighborhood on a flat lot could be a good idea. Making the lot in a "fresh install" might be even better (as in renaming the TS2 folder and letting the game generate a new one just for the sake of creating lots).

Use minimal CC, preferably just the pieces you're planning to upload with the lot, plus essential mods and fixes. Make sure to not put in any NPC-generating items (if you're using a "fresh install" method).

Don't let sims or pets even come near the lot (always package an unplayed copy of the lot).

Package the lot ingame.

Check the lot in Sims2 Clean Installer to see if there are any mods or unwanted recolors in the file, and that all needed meshes are included (if you only use slaved files, the master mesh may not be included. Snd some items will pull all related recolors of an item even if you just use one. Buyable Mailbox and Trashcan files for residential lots pull all available recolors even if you don't use a single recolor in the lot).

Remember to zip the file for upload, because some lots take up a lot of space if uncompressed, particularly ones with a lot of CC. I think MTS prefers minimal-CC lots.

If you use CC, you need to keep track of it, and post links to all the items (there's more on this in the upload guidelines).

Not sure if there are any other ways to do it. You can do lot cleaning on installed lots in the lot bin and on used lots, but I don't think you can on S2Pack files.
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Yes, there is a dedicated out of program for it, Clean Installer. Open in CI untick all the stuff not used then do Save as a new name. Got to be slightly different it. A gap is enough of a difference.

A residensial lot won't have sims unless you yourself have placed them into it. When building a lot for upload do not move a sim in. You always test with a copy.
if the lot is a community lot and you see no NPC spawn, no fountains are running, it is okay to assume it's clean enough.
If an NPC spawns or the fountain runs due to it going live/or you believe it went live, please clean. http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=609188

As it's your first lot upload you might want to use Creator feedback.

Make sure pictures are large and clear showing all the floorplan.

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