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[Tutorial]How to edit my mod?
Date Posted: 8th Jun 2019 at 11:46 AM
Hi I'm c821118. Check out my MTS.
This article is a tutorial about editing my mods, in case I have no time for updating mods.

Tools for Modding
Sims 4 Studio: Most of my mods could easy editing by s4s.
PyCharm: I used PyCharm for creating those python mods, and the starter project from this article.

Optional Tools
TS4 Tuning Description Browser
XML Injector
Python Decompiler

Find those code I edited
I always mention which id of override file in my every mod post. Also you can check my mods with s4s to see which XML.
Those XML files I new-added were named c82_, it means those c82_ XML files didn't override Sims4 game files, and its id are genera by Hash Generator of s4s.

In XML I usually comment behind the specific code line with those following codes.
So you can search EDITED or c82_ in XML to easy find which specific code line I edited.

ts4script Files
*.ts4script are script mod of python, it could unzip by 7z or WinRAR.
After unzip you will get *.pyc files, you need python script or tool to decompile them.
Most of python mod may never need to update.
As you know, python mod is difficult than tunning mod. If you don't have related experience, I suggest you just leave it be.
But if you still want to improve or update them, I also commented authors of source code in the python file.

Contact Me
If you have any problem with my mod, message me or leave a comment on mod post.
I usually check MTS every two weeks or a month, so might be difficult to contact me immediately.
You could leave a comment on my blog or sent me a email, I'll try to reply them in 2 days.
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c821118's Mods
Date Posted: 6th May 2019 at 11:17 AM
Hi I'm c821118.
I usually making some Tuning mods to help Sims 4 better.
All of my mods are under the current BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license.

My MTS webpage

My Blog(in chinese)

News about Upcoming Mod
[email protected]

Buy me a Bubble Tea
Search 'c821118' on Patreon.

for Downloader:
You are free to edit my mods if its features isn't enough for you.

for Post to other community:
Give a link to my MTS and don't reupload my mod.
I post my mods to following community by myself:

for Modder:
[Tutorial]How to edit my mod?
You're free to mod my code into your mod, if you need the variant version as same as mine.
If my mod conflict your mods, I will try to find a way to make our mod compatible.

for Translator:
Check each download page of my mods on MTS, and download my mod or the package only with language files.
If you use STBL tool to translate, you also need s4pe to export the *.stbl files.
After you translated, please sent me the *.stbl or *.binary files.
Here are first 2 digits of language instance id, if you want to know.

If you have any question or problem with my mods, please let me know.
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