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I must be insane. lol
Date Posted: 30th Nov 2020 at 8:34 AM Views: 101
?????¬*¬*!¬* ¬*Well darn! This wisiwg won't print Korean so I'll have to give an image instead.
¬* Hello !

A journal update!¬* Nov. 2020¬* (about time¬* lol )
I've been making stuff for sims since Sims2 and have been a member here since 2006.¬* I sure miss all the old modders from Sims 2 days.¬* I am still here though even though I was mostly gone for the last few years. My hubby was terminal and required a lot of care. Taking care of him and working full time didn't give me any free time. I had to take early retirement from my job and also retire as a moderator here to take care of him. He's been gone now for a year and a half. I'm finally getting back to making stuff.¬* I really like that I'm retired and have a LOT of free time. :D¬*
I ended up moving from the middle of nowhere to town and guess what!¬* I can STREAM! At our old house, we always had poor internet speeds and no arial tv or cell phone service out there. Could not stream anything -- buffering... buffering... buffering...¬* It took HOURS to download anything and that only worked if the internet didn't hiccup and kill that download. I know things were available but I couldn't take advantage of it while working.¬* (Ya see, they have this thing where you Actually have to work at work to get paid.¬* They won't pay you to surf. Isn't that rather mean of them? lol)¬* So, since January, I've been watching a TON of Kdramas.¬* Lots of them have missing subtitles so I decided to learn Korean. And... I can get the gist of a lot of conversations now. Of course, I am not fluent but I am getting the hang of it.¬* I've also accrued a whole folder of pictures of actors and singers I want to make into Sims.¬* (They may object to being turned into a sim so I may just have to make a fac-SIM-ile of them instead.¬* {yea, I know, BOOOOO} lol.)¬*

I actually love to model meshes and have the patience for it. I am still not all that great at art work textures though so finger painting is still a struggle for me. My first love was architecture which is why I've played this game so many years. In truth, I only play the game long enough to see how everything works and when I see that they need something then I go off to build houses and make stuff for the game.¬*

One of the biggest frustrations for me when making sims has always been the game's lack of sufficient sliders to make good faces.¬* Yes, Sims are rather cartoonish but at least Sims 4 features are better than Sims 1. I want to put my family and friends in the game (and a famous person or two) but making them has always been difficult. Being a somewhat perfectionist, I want a good face sculpt, not just makeup. So, without even realizing it, I became a plastic surgeon and have a badge to prove it!¬* lol¬* I should have object and clothing badges but my published stuff is in team sets so I don't get an individual badge for clothing, shoe or hair meshes.

I've been working on a set, maybe it's even a theme now since September.¬* Who knows when it will be ready.¬* I just hope I can publish it before the sun goes nova or I kick the bucket. Whichever comes first.¬* lol

So what is in the works?¬* Well, since I hate traveling all over the internet to find required CC, I decided to make my own:
1: A set of famous sims whose faces are sculpted as close as possible in a sims game.
2: A whole bunch of face sliders. nose, ears, forehead, mouth, etc. (I just got my plastic surgeon badge!¬* :D)
3: KPOP Clothes.¬*
4: Shoes.¬* Waiting for my 'Stereotype' badge.¬* lol
5: Hair styles - My future Simmies need some good hairstyles.
6: Accessories - Jewelry - Simmies need some bling.
7:¬* I may dabble in makeup - but that's fingerpainting and I flunked fingerpaints in kinniegarden.¬* But if I am successful. I can earn the makeup artist badge. lol
8:¬* Not sure what category eyebrows are in, but those too.
9: A CAR - I WANT the Hyundai Ioniq EV. That is¬* PRETTY car! Or else my Bugatti.¬* I was thinking about using the bicycle to animate the car but then my sims would get a ticket for driving on the sidewalk.¬* lol¬* I'll just have to make an object then.¬* (Where's Fresh-Prince, Dr. Pixel or Hexameter when you need them!¬* Darn! they're not creating for Sims4!)¬* https://www.hyundai.news/fileadmin/...ong-01-1610.jpg
Now, the question is.¬* Can I finish this project?¬* I could easily if it was Sims 2 but I am still learning Blender.¬* meh.¬* (I've been cheating becuase I learned how to mesh in Milkshape long ago and recently been dabbling in converting those to Sims 4.)¬* We'll see.¬*¬*
I have mostly finished the sculpting on 5 sims of my set. Two more to go.. But they'll need makeup, hair, clothing, bling etc...¬* hmmm.
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