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New project in the works
Date Posted: 14th Oct 2020 at 5:09 PM Views: 96
Well,¬* I've been gone for over a year due to personal issues, but I am BACK!¬* and this journal entry has turned into quite the ramble.¬*

This last month, I have been working on some sims.¬* If you've seen my earlier comments on this site,¬* (I've been around here for 14 years or so), You'd know I don't think of my self as a sim maker, mainly because the game won't let me adjust the vertices the way I need them to go - It doesn't allow me to¬* do the fine tuning I want.¬*

¬*I am very good at using Milkshape but I suck using blender which is why I haven't made anything for Sims 4.¬* ¬*I have not mastered blender YET! Shameful I know.¬*¬*I didn't have the time to master blender because my husband was ill for over 6 years and I had to take early retirement to take care of him. He passed last May, 2019.¬* So a year later, I am getting back to my hobbies.¬* I have a whole stockpile of samples I want to turn into Sims 4 stuff and not knowing¬* blender threw me off of meshing for too long.

I've been living on the backside of the rez for over 22 years. After my hubby passed I moved to town mainly because our house was way out there and my knees are too bad to be shoveling snow, much less try to walk over snow and ice using crutches.¬* Yea, my knees can't handle the shimmy-slide footwork anymore.¬* ¬*Also, the snow doesn't drift up in town like it does out there.¬* I used to HATE commuting in winter because I had to open at 7 am and leave home before the plows were out and that SUCKED!¬* On bad days, it took me about 1 1/2 hours to drive 25 miles over icy hills and drifted roads.¬* Couldn't even see the difference between the road or the ditch and in town, no drifted roads. Now that I am retired it's ironic that I live less than 2 miles from my old job at the university.¬* lol¬* I don't even have to leave home if the roads are iced up.¬* ¬* Yea, I LOVE retirement!¬* :D¬*I used to do IT support at the university and I really don't miss the stress of it at all.¬* I do miss all the smart student employees who used to work in tech support with me, now I have to go back Old-school and do my own research like we had to do¬* in the the EARLY days of the internet - 80's-90's,¬* instead of having a brain bank handy. lol¬* As my then skinny 10 year old kid back, in 1986 once exclaimed in astonishment, "You were BORN BEFORE COMPUTERS!?!"¬* He was ASTOUNDED and DUMBFOUNDED! like I was a DINOSAUR!!¬* ¬* said kid now works in Silicon Valley where I once worked before moving to Ida-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-ho (For the international reader, I moved from the most populated, diverse state of California to the mostly rural, potato and sugar beet farming state of Idaho.)

Huge Bonus!¬* In town I finally have REAL, HIGH-SPEED-INTERNET! (and cell service)¬* (Yea, I was not kidding that we lived on the backside of the reservation.) lol¬* and I can STREAM! and listen to MY KIND of MUSIC!¬* (Since I married my hubby and moved to Idaho, I've been living in head-banger, cowboy/country music land.¬* I don't hear the music I like around here.¬* I grew up listening to pop, R & B, and Latin music)¬* Since I moved to town,¬* I've been watching a lot of YouTube and KDRAMAS! Love Korean dramas! and KPOP!¬* all these talented 'kids' (They are younger than my son so that's why they are talented kids to me) - BTS!¬* TXT, EXO, SHINEE, Stray Kids, VIXX, ... I wish my knees weren't so bad. I LOVE to dance and I jump up to dance when I hear good songs but my knees just can't take it anymore.¬* ¬* *cry*¬*¬*. I really like BTS.¬* They are so entertaining and have a boatload of content on YouTube.¬*:D¬*¬*Dynamite has me up and trying to dance again just like the OLD disco days!¬*¬*lol¬* funny thing is I am not army, why? because I don't have a smart phone so I can't join. lol¬* Which really sucks because I wanted to watch that online concert they had.

So, "What project is in the works?" you ask.... Well...¬*¬*I've decided to make my 'kids' into sims but I want GOOD sims that look as much like my models as possible. The game presets were frustrating to use because, while better than Sims 2 or Sims 3,¬* Sims 4 is still Cr4p at making ethnic faces.¬* The game's face controls don't allow for much 'fine tuning'. It is especially bad when trying to craft eyes and noses. Most people resort to makeup and skin textures to resolve the game's shortcomings but I want a better face sculpt options.

After spending the last month trying to use the game's presets and fiddling with them to make my sims and not getting the results I want.¬* Can't get the nose close enough to the face with the correct nose end... Can't get the right eye shapes.. I was thinking, 'What I really need to do is model the mesh!¬* I am very good at that, if only I could use Milkshape again!¬*.......¬* ¬*¬*However!¬* I have been inspired by CmarNYC's Morphmaker!¬*¬*I found that CmarNYC's¬*Morphmaker allows me to export a .m3sd format so I can use Milkshape again!¬*¬* Instead of doing a 'close enough' face sculpt with the game's presets then applying makeup (which still doesn't make my sim the way I want), I can MASH THE MESH to get exactly what I want by making sliders. I LIKE mashing meshes!

Oops!¬* I overran the character allowance.¬* Continued in Comments!

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New project in the works
By porkypine (14th Oct 2020 at 6:10 PM)
Oh! the 'eye candy' sim model guys were Gong Yoo and Lee Min Ho. and maybe I might try to make Onew into a sim because I love his voice. He's SHINee.
New project in the works
By porkypine (14th Oct 2020 at 6:06 PM)
lol Can't edit the comments - they are now in reverse order!

ok. I'll paste in English since the journal can't understand Korean. lol

Kim Namjoon!, Kim Seokjin!, Min Yoongi!, Jung Hoseok!, Park Jimin!, Kim Taehyung!, Jeon Jungkook!, BTS! :D
New project in the works
By porkypine (14th Oct 2020 at 5:37 PM)
What! This site doesn't recognize Hangul? Sims 4 does! What is going to happen when I publish these guys if I can't write their names correctly? (If the sliders are successful.)

???! ???! ???! ???! ???! ???! ???! BTS! :D
New project in the works
By porkypine (14th Oct 2020 at 5:09 PM)
Part 2!

You might guess during this ramble that I've been working on BTS, all 7 of them... I finished J-Hope and Jimin and started on Jin but was not satisfied with the game's eye and nose options - not enough fine tuning available. I've been trying to avoid using a ton of CC to pretty up my sims. The makeup and skins that I found really do not work so well for my sims. I only got a 'kinda vaguely looks like them if you squint right' result. Unsatisfactory! lol I then tried to do some 3D photoshopping by pasting an image of my models onto a 3d form, intending to use that as a skin face detail on a close enough sim sculpt. Then I found out that my laptop's video display won't support photoshops 3D functions (My old desktop died a couple of months ago so and Upgrade is due when I get some cash) *sigh*

I was hapily bumping along with Morphmaker making full face sliders - I had thought I was able to do a full face sculpt but the package never appeared in game - it kept failing until I found out that Morphmaker doesn't allow for full face morphs. CmarNYC suggested I try setting the BGEO using the forehead rather than full face. The sample male head that I used is a generic sims which is totally different in looks from my models but I managed to model a pretty good likeness of J-Hope and believe me! HIS IS A VERY UNIQUE FACE to try to model! I made slider sample using the Morphmaker's nose option but in game the face looked terrible! lol Don't know why the model distorted so terribly in game. Tossed that monstrosity! YIKES! Back to the drawing board. lol

I am going to try to make individual slider presets for eyes and noses and see if those will render better in the game's engine. I have a LOT of sliders to make to get their noses and eyes done properly... If I ever get anywhere with these sim face sliders look for BTS! If I manage to 'crack' the slider creation task, then I plan on making some of my favorite 'eye candy' guys. lol. You'll have to learn Korean if you want to know who is in the queue.

??, ???, I may try to make ?? into a sim because I love his voice and he's SHINee.

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