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zoe22 7th Feb 2020 6:00 PM

[updated 21/05/2020] Functioning Well - and Off-Grid Plumbing!
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Important Update 21/05/2020

UPDATE 23/02/2020:

What is this "Functioning Well" you speak of?
It's a well! That functions!
The idea of this mod is to basically make life more difficult for your sims - Instead of being able to just use objects like showers and sinks with their invisible plumbing, your sims must first collect buckets of water from the well in order to flush the toilet, take a bath, wash dishes etc...
It's great for off-grid/ living off the land/ old timey pre plumbing era gameplay.

How does it work?
The well object itself is the decor object "The Old Dried-Up Well" from The Sims 3 Store, that comes with the Brunch at the Old Mill set.
Except it's no longer a decor object, or dried-up! Your sims can and need to actually collect water from the well in the form of buckets.
Each bucket is like one unit of water, and different interactions require a different number of units (or buckets) of water to be used. (See the Interaction List below for details)

The interactions that involve some kind of "plumbing" are replaced with new versions, that check if your sims have enough water before letting your sims do the interaction. If your sims have enough water, they can use the object as normal, and the required buckets of water will be used up.

Sims can either use buckets of water that are in their own inventory, or buckets can be stored in the stack of barrels object to be accessible across the household. So if you don't want to have to keep collecting loads of buckets for each sim, you can just collect loads of buckets of water and store them in the barrels, and all your sims will be able to use plumbing objects as normal for as long as the buckets last.
Note about the barrels: The stack of barrels is the decor object from WA, but works as an inventory to store buckets of water instead. It requires WA for now, but hopefully soon I will try and make it base game compatible. If you don't have WA you can still use the mod, but each sim will have to have buckets in their own inventory to use plumbing objects.

The well can be found in Decor Misc/Sculptures for 200 simoleons. You can place it on a community lot instead of buying it with your own funds.
The barrels can be found in Decor Misc also for 200 simoleons. These need to be placed on your home lot.
The bucket can be found in buydebug for 0 simoleons too.

It's also only active sims that need buckets of water to use stuff, so the rest of town shouldn't be walking around with terrible stink clouds around them all the time.


Interactions that are replaced

The numbers of buckets required for each interaction are tunable - see Tunable Values below.

There are some plumbing objects that are not affected (sims will be able to use these without needing any buckets of water). Some I may add in the future, others likely not (see below for Future Plans)
Hot Tubs, Dishwashers, All-In-One Bathrooms I feel aren't so important because they probably wouldn't fit the playstyle anyway...maybe I'm just lazy?
The Outdoor Shower and Public Shower from the Store aren't affected because they don't count as regular showers, but I may add these in to also require buckets.

Tunable Values


To install, just put the package in your mods folder. Only one version at a time
If you want all plumbing objects in the world to be off-grid for your active household then use the ALL version.
If you only want plumbing objects on lots with a well/barrel stack to be off-grid, use the SPECIFIED version.
Please note that objects already in the game before this mod is installed won't be affected. You need to sell and buy new ones if you want sims to need buckets to use them.
I'd recommend starting an off-grid save after you have installed this mod, or if you have a save started, don't build your house until after the mod is installed. That way you won't have to replace all your sinks and showers etc to get them to function properly off-grid.
Not relevant anymore, the off-grid plumbing interactions should work straight away.

I would also recommend taking the mod out if you are playing a save that's not off-grid, so nothing strange happens

To Uninstall
Before you take out this mod, if you are planning on playing without the mod in save that has previously been affected by the mod (so you have been playing off-grid in), make sure your sims are not interacting with any plumbing objects when you save, otherwise the objects may become unusable. If this does happen, they should be okay if you sell and replace the objects, but I haven't tested this extensively so be warned!
It's a good idea to reset your town/reset all sims before uninstalling to make sure no sims are using objects affected by the new interactions.

This is a full script mod, and doesn't override any core files or resources. However, on load it does replace the interaction definitions of the interactions listed above. So if you have a mod that also does that (though I don't know any that do), either mine or the other mod likely won't work.

NRaas Shooless is an example of this. If you have both installed, the interactions affected by Shooless (Shower, Use Toilet, Spongebath) will no longer be "off-grid". The interaction names for Use Toilet and Spongebath show up blank too.

One thing to note is that because this mod changes the interaction definitions, if you have mods that adjust the ITUN files of one of the interactions that are replaced, it won't have an effect. You can edit my custom ITUN files to your liking though, they are in the package file
If you do find a conflict, let me know.
The only other thing I have found is that if you have nraas WooHooer installed, the shower WooHoo won't work even if your sims have enough water. They do the social interaction and just stop. It does work if one sim is already in the shower though, so nothing too disastrous

Resources Used

Future Plans/Ideas
I've been working on this for quite a while now, and so I really wanted to get what I've done out before it drives me insane, but even though it's pretty much done, there are a few things I feel could function in a better way. I'd also be happy to hear any ideas/preferences that you have for how this could work. Here are just some things I have thought about:

Anyway, sorry for the huge description
If you have any problems, or feedback, please let me know, and I'll try to fix it.

I hope you like it

Additional Credits:
A big thank you to Battery for all the help with my many struggles. I also used S3PE, Buzzler's STBLize tool, and Visual Studio 2017.

AGuyCalledPi 7th Feb 2020 7:15 PM

That's cool as hell. I can totally see myself using this.

Enjoji 7th Feb 2020 8:20 PM

This is so very awesome! Sun&Moon (I think) at The Plumbob Keep have had a mod like this for TS2 for a while, and I'd always wished there was something similar for TS3 - and now there is! Will definitely be using this for my medieval game save! Many thanks!!

KittyTheSnowcat 7th Feb 2020 8:38 PM

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Awesome While I playing a modern game and will not currently use this, I always love Mods that add a new challenge to the game. Here is the German Translation:
(If you need this as textdocuments instead of already packaged STBLs just sent me the raw textfiles and I will do it again)


suziblue 7th Feb 2020 8:43 PM

This is brilliant! Not only great for the scenarios of off-grid, old times, etc., it'd also be great for post-apocalypse/dystopian!

zoe22 7th Feb 2020 9:14 PM

Thank you SecretX and KittyTheSnowcat for your translations!
[edit] Actually @SecretX, if you wouldn't mind please could you translate the strings in the STBL file called zoeoe_WaterMod_strings_FRE? Those are the ones with the interaction names and messages. Sorry I should have explained that - I'll add it now

SonyaYU 7th Feb 2020 9:46 PM

This is really creative, I love it!

jje1000 7th Feb 2020 10:14 PM

Very cool- thank you!

windermeresimblr 7th Feb 2020 10:17 PM

I really needed this for my historical saves, thank you very much for making this mod!

Simsdestroyer 7th Feb 2020 11:33 PM

This is going to be so fun.. I can't wait to use for my medieval saves.. Thank you!!!!

SecretX 8th Feb 2020 1:03 AM

French Translation Updated
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I'm sorry !
I didn't pay attention to other strings, here is the correct FRENCH Translation.

ATS Sandy 8th Feb 2020 1:34 AM

How absolutely amazing is that!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

aqte 8th Feb 2020 2:03 AM

This is so awesome! I’ve been playing desert island and apocalypse challenge and this really make it more interesting! Going to restart my gameplay! Thanks so much! Now I’ll just wait for mod that convert fish or wild animals into food/dry food.

gamefreak130 8th Feb 2020 3:36 AM

Very cool stuff! I think it would be even cooler if there were an option to collect water from ponds, rivers, or other sources of water. There are terrain type tests used in the FishTestTerrain method of the "Fish Here" interaction that could facilitate this.

Knight 8th Feb 2020 9:00 AM

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Wow, this mechanics should looks cool in worlds like Dragon Valley. Thanks!
Russian translation in attachment.

Danjaley 8th Feb 2020 9:56 AM

I've been dreaming of such a mod for years! Thank You!!!

kfroguar 8th Feb 2020 10:53 AM

WOW! I'm in the middle of a Midnight sun Challenge and this is so perfect!

FloTheory 8th Feb 2020 12:34 PM

You just made my dream come true love love love. Thank you sooooo much!!!

FloTheory 8th Feb 2020 12:39 PM

Also, you just added a great functionality to mediaval gameplay!

Freya5 8th Feb 2020 12:53 PM

Just perfect for my rural environments - thank you so much for creating and sharing this!

rosarugosa 8th Feb 2020 1:14 PM

Thank you so much! It's a great mod for my game, though it better fits Medieval world. You could use ATS water tank for a most realistic modern game, apocalypse or Midnight sun challenges for example. You made a huge work, thank you again!

Lilithmae1231 8th Feb 2020 3:21 PM

Oooo, this'll be great for my sims living in uncharted islands! Can't wait to try it!

dinadine 8th Feb 2020 3:40 PM

I am making a farm lot that this will be perfect for!

dinadine 8th Feb 2020 3:44 PM

one question though, if i have this installed i know it only affects the active sim but, does this also means if i play multiple families then each family i move to will need buckets of water?

TadOlson 8th Feb 2020 4:37 PM

Thanks!I could use this in my 100 baby challenge and apocalypse challenge in 1526.

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