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Sims 3 :DBPF | File Types | RCOL(Scene) | Catalog Resource | String Table | Key Table | TS3 Programmer's Reference 



Format used by various resources in the Scenegraph.


DWORD - Version
DWORD - Count of Internal Public Chunks (see References)
DWORD - Index3 (unused)
DWORD - ExternalCount
DWORD - InternalCount

//Internal Chunks: These are the TGIs that identify each chunk
-Repeat InternalCount Times

//External Resources: These are TGIs of referenced items (e.g. DDS Image)
-Repeat ExternalCount times 

-Repeat InternalCount times
DWORD - Position of the Chunk (absolute)
DWORD - Size of the Chunk


Block references are 1 based (0 is reserved for null references), with a flag for the type of reference.

Flag Type Table Comments
0x0xxxxxxx Public Internal Chunks
0x1xxxxxxx Private Internal Chunks Add on the "Count of Internal Public Chunks" to get the actual index
0x2xxxxxxx External Appears to be unused
0x3xxxxxxx Delayed External Resources


The Type ID will also be the first chunk after the header(with the exception GEOM).

Resource Types

These are the possible resource types, they are named by their first chunk.

Type ID Name Description
0x015A1849 GEOM Body Geometry
0x01661233 MODL Object Geometry
0x01D0E75D MATD Material Definition
0x01D10F34 MLOD Object Geometry LOD
0x02019972 MTST Material Sets
0x021D7E8C TREE Speed Tree Data
0x02D5DF13 S_SM Jazz State Machine
0x033260E3 TkMk Track Mask
0x0355E0A6 BOND Slot Adjusts
0x03B4C61D LITE Lighting Data
0x63A33EA7 ANIM Animated Texture
0x736884F1 VPXY Model Links
0xD3044521 RSLT Slot Definition
0xD382BF57 FTPT Model Footprint

Model Chunks

Possible chunks embedded in MODL and MLOD resources.

Type ID Name Description
0x01661233 MODL Object Geometry
0x01D0E6FB VBUF Vertex Buffer
0x0229684B VBUF Vertex Buffer(Used in shadow meshes, no associated VRTF)
0x00000000 Vertex Buffer SwizzleInfo
0x01D0E70F IBUF Index Buffer
0x0229684F IBUF Index Buffer(Used in shadow meshes)
0x01D0E723 VRTF Vertex Format
0x01D0E75D MATD Material Definition
0x01D0E76B SKIN Joint Definitions
0x01D10F34 MLOD Object Geometry LODs
0x02019972 MTST Material Sets

Jazz Chunks

Possible chunks embedded in jazz S_SM resources

Type ID Name Description
0x02D5DF13 S_SM State Machine
0x02EEDAFE S_St State
0x02EEDB18 S_DG Decision Graph
0x02EEDB2F S_AD Actor Definition
0x02EEDB46 S_PD Parameter Definition
0x02EEDB5F Play Play Animation Node
0x02EEDB70 Rand Random Node
0x02EEDB92 SoPn Select on Parameter Node
0x02EEDBA5 SoDn Select on Destination Node (Unused)
0x02EEEBDC SNSN Next State Node
0x02EEEBDD Prop Create Prop Node
0x02EEEBDE AcOp Actor Operation Node
0x0344D438 Stop Stop Animation Node
Modding Reference by Category

Sims 3 :DBPF | File Types | RCOL(Scene) | Catalog Resource | String Table | Key Table | TS3 Programmer's Reference 

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