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Genies are supernatural beings whose powers grant wishes or control. They are typically blue, with gaudy ancient arabian clothing. Genies are initially enslaved to their lamp, cursed to grant wishes, and can only become playable when a sim befriends and wishes to free them. As NPCs they grant lots of different wishes, but only three (unless you wish for more wishes). As free agents, they have several handy abilities, including the ability to summon food. Genies have much longer lives than non-supernatural sims. Instead of running, genies hover with a cloud of light around their legs.

Getting an NPC Genie

A chubby male genie, freshly summoned.

Genies are first unlocked as NPCs before the player can make them playable, so the first task is to find a Dusty Old Lamp. If you want to cheat then these are available in the buydebug menu, otherwise they can be found in one of the following places:

Lifetime Reward - 30,000 points will buy you the Dusty Old Lamp.

Explore the Mausoleum - Regularly during the Mausoleum text adventure, sims can find a Dusty Old Lamp.

Dance in the Gyroscopic Conductor - If a Plasmapunch Gyroscopic Conductor has the Dimensional Gate upgrade then sims can travel to another dimension, potentially picking up a Dusty Old Lamp along the way.

Vial of Bottled Genie - If you have Supernatural you can buy the Vial of Bottled Genie from the Elixer Consignment Store, or brew yourself using the Alchemy skill and an ingredient combo of Firefly pratinus, Firefly caeruleus & Firefly purpureus.

The genie is first accessed as an NPC by polishing the lamp, after this the sim who is the genie's master can summon and dismiss him or her as needed. While summoned the genie will act like a normal guest sim would, watching television, etc. The genie cannot get married or pregnant while in this state, but they can become friends and even lovers with other sims. The genie's master can ask the genie to grant three of the following wishes

Wish Effect
Beauty Makes the recipient much more successful with romantic interactions.
Fortune Instantly grants 100,000 simoleons.
Free the Genie Only available if friends. See next section.
Happiness Gives your sim a permanent Eternal Joy moodlet granting +25 mood.
Large Family Sim gets the Feeling Fertile moodlet for 24 hours. This boosts the chances of twins during the next Try for Baby interaction.
Long Life Adds an additional 30 days to your sim's current lifespan.
Love Allows your sim to select any non-genie sim and make them love them. Also grants the Enchanted Love moodlet for 24 hours.
More Wishes Usually this grants one more wish, and is useless, but there is a 5% chance it will give two more wishes.
Resurrect Sim Only works if you have an urn or grave on your sim's home lot. Resurrects the dead sim.
World Peace/Misery Grants a Peaceful moodlet and the ability to discuss the issue with other sims.

Genies can only grant one wish every 12 hours, and after the genie has granted its three wishes it can no longer be freed so if you wish to free it then make sure to save a wish for that purpose. With all the wishes used up, the lamp remains and the master can still summon and dismiss the genie.

Getting a Playable Genie

If the genie and his or her master have a great relationship, the master may then wish to free the genie. This unlocks a series of opportunities involving the lamp. First, the master must put it in the refrigerator. Second, put it in the oven. Third and finally, the master must explore the catacombs of the Mausoleum with the lamp. Upon completing these tasks the genie will become a playable member of the household when next summoned. A free genie has a whole new set of abilities to play with.



Removes an unwanted visitor from the lot. Great for paparazzi. This seems to ward off sims long-term, if not permanently, but does not delete the target.


For four sim hours an ensourcelled sim is part of the active household, free for the player to direct, and with complete access to their inventory. While a sim is ensourcelled the player cannot enter into Edit Town mode.

Magically Clean Sim

Quick easy spell to replenish the falling hygiene of a nearby sim.

Magically Clean House

Cleans up everything on the lot immediately. Very handy.

Summon Food

Summons a perfect quality group serving of any meal except Ambrosia.


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
World Misery if Evil.png Miserable +25 3 Days Genie Wish Finally, the world is as miserable as you are. Evil sim's wish for world misery.
World Misery if Evil.png Peaceful +25 3 Days Genie Wish Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the world feels like a wonderful and peaceful place. Sim's wish for world misery.
Eternal Joy.png Eternal Joy +25 Permanent Genie Wish Everlasting exuberance and boundless cheer that never fades. Sim's wish for happiness.
FeelingFertile.png Feeling Fertile Neutral Until next Try for Baby interaction Genie Wish There was just something magical about that Romantic Massage. (Sim Name)'s fertility has increased. Sim's wish for a large family.
Ensorcelled.png Ensourcelled Neutral 4 hours Genie Ability This Sim's will is not his/her own. This moodlet applies to sims that a player controlled genie has ensourcelled into the household temporarily.
Magically Spotless.png Magically Spotless +20 30 Minutes Genie Ability One can be simply clean, and one can be magically clean. Given to sims that are magically cleaned by a genie.

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Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues

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