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Nysha 1st Nov 2017 10:00 AM

Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
Simsbunny19Neko Trait (Miscellaneous)
zoid5Empty World (Miscellaneous)
endermbindLot Trait Outfits (Miscellaneous)
PepeLover69Willow Creek Starter 1 (No CC) (Residential)
SimrokuNo Autonomous Clay Molding (Overrides)
Duncan Disorderly* Get To Work * Hasty Retreat Exit Sign * UPDATE with recolours. MIRROR IMAGE OBJECT (Decorative)
AstonneilBon Voyage Appetit (Community)
WolfdudeSims Use the Toilet Standing Up More Often (Overrides)
GoldenEchoRed Vs. Blue team flags (Decorative)
Maggie_CreelToddler knickers (Sleepwear)
LucyxMCR10Templar -and Mage- Trait (Miscellaneous)
SimplySimlishLost Willow (Residential)
meharieNo Auto Snacks! (Overrides)
sonofgray1Red Manor (Residential)
evilfierceSpells with increased chances of freezing and blazing (Overrides)
Zena-Dew-DropMaxis Missing Genie Eyes For All (Eyes)
Purpleninja7520 Simlish Retro Travel Posters (Multiple Rooms)
foreveragandmoreBrack's Brick Apartments (Apartments)
bubuthejediLong coat for girls (medieval/fantasy) 2 versions (Outerwear)
PygsmyemmThe All-In-One Store (No Custom Content) (Community)

simsample 1st Nov 2017 10:59 AM

Lovely creations! I've already downloaded several of these.

Thanks everyibe, keep on creating!

Pygsmyemm 2nd Nov 2017 2:18 AM

Thank you! i had fun making it, i already know what i'm going to upload next and you'll love it

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