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Old 8th May 2005, 10:11 PM DefaultSite Rules And Guidelines #1
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Warrior Gryphon

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Hi All,

We have recently been seeing a lot of both new and old members posting in contradiction to the overall site rules here. Let me take this opportunity to remind everybody of some key guidelines here:

1. If you are under 13, you WILL be banned
There is a specific clause in the registration agreement when you sign up that states that you have to be 13 or over. If you are found to be less than this, then you have lied about your age when registering and will be banned immediately and put in the Hall of Shame.

2. We do NOT and can NOT help with downloaded or cracked copies of the game
We've been seeing a lot of posts like "I downloaded the game" or "Where can I get a CD crack?". If you post like this you WILL be banned. This is a fansite for the Sims 2 game - we do not and will not give support to ANY illegal copies of the game.

3. Asking for serials or copyrighted files or original Maxis objects is not allowed
No we can't download anything from the Sims 2 site for you. No we can't send you Maxis objects by email. No we can't send you that mp3 you lost. No we can't send you a file off the sims 2 disk.

4. Type in PROPER english
It doesn't matter where you grew up, or whether English is your first, second or tenth language - it makes it lot easier for people to understand you if you DONT type "cuz I said u sux0rs" and that kind of thing.

Finally, this last one isn't a specific rule, but should be stated nonetheless:

5. Don't pester the creators!
The people in the community put in a lot of effort to bring you the best quality downloads. It is your responsibility to learn how to install downloads, custom content and how to extract files before posting on a download thread asking to do that. The creators may not have the time or the inclination to answer such basic questions. We have an entire section of the site dedicated to this, so please take a moment to read up prior to hitting that reply button.

If you have a valid concern about a particular object or suggestion for improvements, by all means reply.

All of the rules above are covered in the Site Rules and Guidelines forums. You are reminded of this forum when you sign up by PM. Let me remind everybody to go and read it and let's try and stop this kind of post from ruining the site experience for everybody else.

MTS2 exists as a service to help fans of the game in many different areas and we aim to do our best to provide a good environment for players. We hope you understand the need to remind everybody of the rules here.


Story books are full of fairy tales, of Kings and Queens, and the bluest skies.
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Old 8th May 2005, 10:16 PM #2
Lab Assistant

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thats all Ive got to say
Old 8th May 2005, 10:27 PM #3
Forum Resident

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Thanks Delphy! :howdy: If people would just take the time to read the rules and follow them this would be a lot nicer place to hang out in.
Old 8th May 2005, 10:49 PM #4
Administrator of Loverat's Tea and Underpants

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Amen Hallelujah, Bruthuh!

Er, I mean, brother.
Old 9th May 2005, 12:54 AM #5
Field Researcher

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Good.....nothing to add, but wondering how many people are actually going to read that Rules reminder.....

....now, how about a new poll? :nana:

Its fun to be a Sadist.
*The Pain & Pleasure Principle*

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Old 9th May 2005, 1:37 AM #6
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Originally Posted by Darkmoon
Good.....nothing to add, but wondering how many people are actually going to read that Rules reminder.....

Maybe we should hand out free MTS2 sausages to people who make comments in this thread?


At the moment we are trying to put our lives in order. But this is not an end in itself. Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us. -- The Big Book

I will be inactive indefinitely.
Old 9th May 2005, 2:14 AM #7
Lab Assistant

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I don't know....give it a religious title or put TSR in the title and everyone will read it.

Old 9th May 2005, 2:32 AM #8
Slacker of Immense Slackness

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Heheeh Gigge nice one =)

Second the motion - especially that people stop being so bloody lazy and expecting everyone to do everything for them. I am seriously waiting for someone to post:

"Hey! Thats a really kewl <insertobjectnamehere> I dun know about these rar files my puter doesn't like them can you come to my house and install it for me in my game coz I dun know where.Oh and it would be real good if you can make it in fluro orange with green stripes like the one I had when I was a kid (last year)"

<:3))~~ Loverat
"In some cultures what I do is considered normal"

www.loverat.net Check it out for other recolours & lot uploads =D
Old 9th May 2005, 3:46 AM #9
Field Researcher

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Delphy, the rules of MTS2 are simple good rules. They are easy to understand and simple for any educated person to implement. Unfortunately, I think that many people have some serious mis-understandings of the concepts underlying rules and the need for rules - the most common being that a rule is an onerous impostition held in place by means of threat and fear - something to be resisted and sabotaged at every turn.
The fact that a rule is a simple guideline that will enhance the overall enjoyment of the game(be it Sims2, Doom3, or real life) never occurs to most of the players. I don't know how one can encourage the members of any group to read and understand the rules - maybe you should give pop quizzes in the middle of downloads, -- or make the availability of Brasstex's next "Wowza" dependent on being able to answer the questions cleverly hidden in the rules thread. Maybe the next person who mentions TSR in a thread should be stuck in a wickerman and used to celebrate Bel's Tuinne? Anyway, I just finished reading your blog, and I have a great empathy for you. And by the way, how did you get my Kitten Mamzel to pose for that shot. Usually, all I get is a tail swishing by the lense.
Old 9th May 2005, 7:48 AM #10
Test Subject

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The sad thing is, all the people reading this are the people who are already following the rules. That makes me sad.
Old 9th May 2005, 8:33 AM #11
Test Subject

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actually most of the people repling are the ones who already follow the rules, however that doesn't mean the ones who needed to be remind of the rules aren't reading this but choose not to reply.
Old 9th May 2005, 9:07 AM #12
Retired Duck

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Nice to see this general reminder. Even the best of us can use a reminder of the rules now and then. And thanks for the little bits and pieces I've seen added recently; the "How do I install this .zip/.rar custom content?" lines and the site-wide announcement amongst others. 3 cheers for Delphy! Hiphip? Hooray!
Old 9th May 2005, 9:11 AM #13
The ModFather

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Originally Posted by tabbysgranhag
Delphy, the rules of MTS2 are simple good rules. They are easy to understand and simple for any educated person to implement.

Exactly. But seems that you, me, and the other users reading these notes are a bit over the average (just like all the users that apply these rules even not having read them). But, sadly to say, the average education is quite low, sometimes.

a rule is an onerous impostition held in place by means of threat and fear

The Latins used to say "Nullum crimen sine poena" (No crime can exist if there isn't an associated punishment). But we should add "Nulla poena sine militia": no punishment can be committed without a Police corp... Unless we can find a Cerberus that go around banning and scolding and editing posts, there's no hope to "educate" anyone. My personal countermeasure is to ignore the help requests that are improperly asked (sometimes I use the sarcasm, but that's the bad part of me that comes out ).

I've finally started my Journal. Information only, no questions.

My latest activity: CEP 9.2.0! - AnyGameStarter 2.1.1 (UPD) - Scriptorium v.2.2f - Photo & Plaques hide with walls - Magazine Rack (UPD) - Animated Windows Hack (UPD) - Custom Instrument Hack (UPD) - Drivable Cars Without Nightlife (UPD) - Courtesy Lights (FIX) - Custom Fence-Arches - Painting-TV - Smarter Lights (UPD)

I *DON'T* accept requests, sorry.
Old 9th May 2005, 10:17 AM #14
Retired Duck

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Unless we can find a Cerberus that go around banning and scolding and editing posts, there's no hope to "educate" anyone.
Well now there's an idea...

Old 9th May 2005, 10:38 AM #15
Top Secret Researcher

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Originally Posted by Numenor
Unless we can find a Cerberus that go around banning and scolding and editing posts, there's no hope to "educate" anyone.

I can lend you my dog if you want. Or Darkie may want to take this up as a job on the side. Anyone who ignores him will deserve what they get.

I would like to clear up the little matter of my sanity as it has come into question. I am not in any way, shape, or form, sane. Insane? Hell yes!

People keep calling me 'evil.' I must be doing something right.

SilentPsycho - The Official MTS2 Psycho
Old 9th May 2005, 10:55 AM #16
Lab Assistant

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Good points all
Old 9th May 2005, 11:01 AM #17
Test Subject

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Ave delphy!!
nose kisss
Old 9th May 2005, 11:20 AM #18
Inge Jones
One horse disagreer of the Apocalypse

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Well I read this thread. Members of any system *should* take personal responsibility for keeping up to date with admin announcements.
Old 9th May 2005, 1:07 PM #19

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While I am in your house, I abide by your rules.

Old 9th May 2005, 1:26 PM #20
The Quiet One

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Originally Posted by teresa7159
While I am in your house, I abide by your rules.


Words of wisdom, Teresa! This should be something everyone should practice wherever you are.

Old 9th May 2005, 1:30 PM #21
Field Researcher

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Thats the problem "should" but they are "not"
I have already seen threads where they are asking for
this or that even after the new system pieces have been implemented

Those people should get a first warning saying
"not to do it again"

Second warning that doesnt allow them to download and third say bye bye with a review to come back in a month..

I personaly dont believe in permanent banning "unless" that person continues to be annoying!

oh and upon being annoying i mean constantly being a jerk or more than once asking to have something made in a thread that you posted a creation in.. like "can i have milk made with that pie"? rolls eyes
Old 9th May 2005, 4:58 PM #22
Field Researcher

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Originally Posted by RGiles
Amen Hallelujah, Bruthuh!

Er, I mean, brother.

:werd: testify brother, to the truth
Old 9th May 2005, 5:33 PM #23
Test Subject

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Very good rules and ones that make this site a very enjoyable one when they are followed. I personally love the rule MTS2 has against that miserable Internet phenomenon of "l33t speak". If you spend as much time at a keyboard as most of the people do that use the Internet you should have basic typing skills that allow you to type quickly AND in proper English.

Paragraphs and punctuation are our friends.
Old 9th May 2005, 9:04 PM #24
Lab Assistant

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Thank you to all the site staff for jumping on this matter quickly.... I might add most diplomatically. I'm not patient with disrespect.
Maybe someone can make an object that would make the over average person feel better. Music works for me but my sims seem to be a little down from all this.

I also thank all you wonderful creators for making me want to live in my game, more and more, everytime I download.
Old 9th May 2005, 11:35 PM #25
Forum Resident

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I have to agree with those that say those that need to follow the rules are, in general, those that don't read the rules.

Gosh--maybe everyone should ahve to pass some sort of test covering the rules to get into the rest of the site..... and bring forth free sausage and pies, of course :P
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