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Day 6: Urban

Urban wear... hm, like a white shirt and tie for going to the office? Or a blue overall for the factory? That was what people did in that barely aware afterlife that followed college, right?

Wolfgang Munch sighed.

His mother was still reserving that job in the catering firm for him and the real scary thing was that Rikku actually WANTED it.

"Let's hit town and pretend!" he said, while pulling his girlfriend off the couch.
"Pretend what?"
Wolfgang shrugged.
"Nothing in particular. Just general pretending."

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Day 7: Retro

"Retro, that's... um.. well, see, women wore trousers already, but jeans were a big no-no. Everyone wore buttoned shirts and woolen cardigans and aprons with flower patterns. Because of the Little Ice Age, I think. When that was exactly? Um, sometime between the second world war and the fall of the iron curtain. Yes, that's about right."

Something retro-ish for my sims. No cardigans or flowery aprons, though, those scarred me for life.

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