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Old 14th Jun 2009, 2:22 AM DefaultBuilding an Aquarium pool in S3 #1
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Test Subject

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Hello! This is my first contribution on this site, i hope you like it...

So this is what i try to explain:
There was a tutorial for S2 (http://www.geocities.jp/invisiblesi...um01/index.html to build an Aquarium.

What i did is to convert this to S3.

Since i wanted the pool to be on ground-level, i started like this:

11x6 pool

I flat the ground (3 stairs) +one square wide.
This is different to the S2 tutorials because i didn't get it to work on ground level! However this seems to look even better - Aquarium-Pool with 4-steps over ground...

constrainfloorelevation false

constrainfloorelevation true
Now build the walls on the edges of the pool.
One square over the edge that is...

Now you can see how it looks like from ground-level:

There is still a slope on the edge of the pool:

constrainfloorelevation false
Use the flat tool from the edge of the pool to a 2x2 area

Then cut the half wall with the flat tool starting from the top of the wall

The problem with the above is that the waterline gets somehow distroyed!
If you mind forget about the flat tool and skip the last section.

Now you can fill the slopes with foundations.
(See the difference left vs right edge)

I hope this was somehow usefull for you...

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Old 14th Jun 2009, 2:31 AM
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Old 14th Jun 2009, 6:14 AM #2
Test Subject

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This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
Old 14th Jun 2009, 11:22 PM DefaultThis is how the lot looks like now... #3
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Test Subject

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Okay, the rocks on the roof look a bit unusual, but they do look good at night with the spots! I'd like to have some kind of garden there, but it seems to be impossible...

The chimney doesn't look good. This is because i used half-walls for the roof.
I don't see a way to cut it, yet.

I tried to use standard objects for the household. Most of them are recolored to match each other.

I decided not to flatten the pools edges to keep the nice waterline.
Instead i changed the wallpapers. Now the triangular shape look like shadows, as you can see below.

From here you have a good view on the pool!
Old 18th Jun 2009, 1:45 PM #4
Test Subject

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Thanks for the guide. After some mistakes I use to have a nice pool with a nice small fitness room.

After finishing all that stuff I was shocked about my pond. Ok, i can use it as a skatepark. ^^

Old 19th Jun 2009, 4:47 PM #5
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the difference between sims 2 instructions and sims3 instructions: none. i am not surprised. i do not have the game, but from this it is looking like the build tools in ts3 are mostly just the same as in ts2.
Old 19th Jun 2009, 5:48 PM #6
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I believe that this is why TS2 and TS3 building stuff share a forum.
Old 20th Jun 2009, 7:27 PM #7
Test Subject

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thanks, that's so beautiful~~~
Old 23rd Jun 2009, 11:17 PM #8
Test Subject

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how do i get rid of the empty space in the middle where windows are standing??
i keep getting the space
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Old 26th Jun 2009, 2:02 AM #9
Test Subject

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I want your lot! It's so pretty, and I can never manage to make stuff like that in my game!
Old 26th Jun 2009, 10:24 AM #10
Test Subject

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Sweet! Thanks for sharing the tip, I'll have to give it a try!
Old 28th Jun 2009, 8:49 AM #11
Test Subject

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this is fantastic! thank you for showing us how to do this!

Slowly creating TS3 patterns!
Old 28th Jun 2009, 9:47 PM #12
Test Subject

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wowww awesome!!! thanks for sharing it

Old 29th Jun 2009, 1:57 AM #13
Test Subject

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Wow, now that is something I would have never thought of! Great job!

Where do people come up with ideas like this?!
Old 29th Jun 2009, 7:15 AM #14
Test Subject

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i built an aquarium pool today... succeeded... but, after i saved the building and try to play, the edge of pool changed like the picthure below

Old 29th Jun 2009, 10:28 AM #15
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Flatten out the pool base. Fixes your problem Xiaohuan, aswell as the water falling down near the windows.
Old 30th Jun 2009, 1:41 PM Defaultthanks! #16
Test Subject

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thank you very much for this tutorial! It rules! :D
Old 1st Jul 2009, 4:10 PM #17
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thanks for this tutorial! i had a blast with the constrain cheat the other night. i had my sim living in his pool. a table, chairs,fridge. i couldnt get the microwave to lower in the water.

thanks again
Old 2nd Jul 2009, 12:59 PM #18
Test Subject

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Originally Posted by Darim
Flatten out the pool base. Fixes your problem Xiaohuan, aswell as the water falling down near the windows.

I don't think it does fix the problem. I had a perfect looking swimming pool while building the house, and I had flattened the pool bottom. Saved it, came back later and the waterline is all mucked up like in the above picture. Tried it a few times now, and end up with the same problem each time, some times during the build process, some times after saving and returning to it.
Old 2nd Jul 2009, 1:41 PM #19
Test Subject

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Thanks for the great tutorial! However, I was hoping you could help. When I tried this I was able to get as far as cutting the wall in half but I can't seem to get further. Do you know how I can cut the wall in half? The flat too won't let me start at the top of the wall. Thanks for your help!
Old 2nd Jul 2009, 7:30 PM #20
Test Subject

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I've been trying to do this and I thought everything was going perfectly until:

1: I tried to eliminate the sloped gap between the terrain and my basement wall - this causes the wall to go flying up.

So I gave up on that and figured it wasn't that big of a deal.

2: I then tried to set up the foundation around it, which I did, along with the walls of the main floor. When I went to do the floor tiles for the main floor, I couldn't. Only some of them were placeable and they were all skewed as if not properly levelled (and the lower level IS levelled....)

Old 4th Jul 2009, 10:46 AM #21
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Your lot looks good. I see you mentioned that you were not satisfied with the chimney. With "moveobjects on" you can remove parts of the chimney, making them the height you want. You all may know this, already. :D

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Old 7th Jul 2009, 1:42 AM #22
Test Subject

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can u do this with a lake in ts2?
Old 7th Jul 2009, 8:00 PM #23
Test Subject

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I'm not understanding how you did certain things.... First of all how you made the wall go over the pool, second of all how you did the windows...

Edit: Nevermind I got that part...


Then cut the half wall with the flat tool starting from the top of the wall

Whenever I do this it just makes the half wall bigger/longer.
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Old 11th Jul 2009, 3:19 AM #24
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Thank you so much for this incredible tutorial! I've been wanting to do this and didn't think it was possible. Now I can finally build my dream home!
Old 15th Jul 2009, 1:13 PM #25
Test Subject

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I don't understand how to get
constrainfloorelevation false
Use the flat tool from the edge of the pool to a 2x2 area

Then cut the half wall with the flat tool starting from the top of the wall

My walls stay just like this:

Someone, please, help.

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