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Old 3rd Jul 2007, 7:11 PM DefaultAlice #1
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Alice Through the Looking Glass for a new generation.

9 months of creative effort went into making this machinima piece with the Sims 2. I'm sure I could have made it quicker, but, I lost my creative edge about 1/4th the way thru and had to wait on its return lol.

Anyway, I'd noticed that this was obviously a theme people wanted to see and have tried time and time again but its rarely successful, so, I thought I'd give it a turn myself.

I focused more on creating a new version of Wonderland with the characters and didn't stick with the "story" at all, hoping that maybe it would give the story itself a bit of a new foundation. It's still a bit cliche'd in my opinion, but, its a timeless classic of sorts so I think there isn't much way to avoid that entirely, but I gave it an honest attempt at least.


*soundtrack includes music by Marilyn Manson, and soundbytes from Freesound.org, and Disney*

YouTube:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZtuBibn8yA

HiRes Download:: www.simspremiere.com/onejovialsim.htm
Old 3rd Jul 2007, 9:45 PM #2
Lab Assistant

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that is the most creepy but awesome sim video i have ever seen!! I loved it, it was so good. Your extremely talented!

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Old 8th Jul 2007, 1:51 PM #3

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That was stunning!
Which video editor did you use?
Old 8th Jul 2007, 6:59 PM #4
Lab Assistant

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That was a wonderful film. Great use of chroma keying! Wish I could come out with results like that. :P

I loved the dark tone, the lighting was pretty damn good, it was all just great.
Old 9th Jul 2007, 3:16 PM #5
Original Poster

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Wow! Thanks for watching!

NotACrime, I use Adobe Premiere for movie editing.
Old 9th Jul 2007, 8:51 PM #6
Test Subject

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It was amazing!! I loved the sets,lighting, story, characters... everything!!

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Old 11th Jul 2007, 1:44 AM #7

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Whoa! That was...creepy and awesome at the same time! I loved the music and everything about it! Awesome job!!
Old 11th Jul 2007, 9:18 PM #8

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holy crap, that was well done
I'm not sure if I got the whole plot thing, but damn, that was well done.
Great work
Old 16th Jul 2007, 8:03 AM #9
Lab Assistant

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OMG, I love this video... Don't remember Alice in Wonderland being so, well...Creepy. Wonderful Job

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You can call me bs, bs624, or just Becky :)

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Old 16th Jul 2007, 12:54 PM #10

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wow, that was great! Just..um..not so sure I should've watched it at 4am. *turns the lights on* Great job
Old 16th Jul 2007, 2:40 PM #11

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Hot, real hot.

Totally reminds of that creepy Alice in Wonderland PC game from a few years back...
Old 17th Jul 2007, 2:19 AM #12
Egyptian Shinobi
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Finally, a Manson video.

EDIT: A good Manson video.
Old 17th Jul 2007, 3:44 PM #13
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Originally Posted by Egyptian Shinobi
Finally, a Manson video.

EDIT: A good Manson video.

Thank you! That's something I've wanted for a long while too, and after seeing way too many Alice/Manson machinima failures, I decided it was something I'd just have to take into my own hands and get the job done.

Thanks so much for watching all
Old 19th Jul 2007, 5:15 PM #14
Lady D
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Holy moo cows batman! That was terrific! It was creepy, yet compelling and I couldn't look away though at some parts seemed so twisted, but in a good way twisted. I'm just in awe.
Old 19th Jul 2007, 6:01 PM #15
Lab Assistant

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WOW! amazing work
Old 20th Jul 2007, 7:14 AM #16

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Omg. That is so awesome!
Old 22nd Jul 2007, 11:12 AM #17

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That was the most amazing video I've ever seen made with The Sims 2!
Old 24th Jul 2007, 4:16 AM #18
Test Subject

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Brilliant. o____________________o
Old 25th Jul 2007, 11:02 PM #19
Lab Assistant

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great work!!!
Old 12th Sep 2007, 2:09 PM #20
Test Subject

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:elephant: I have ever seen a vidéos sims like that!!I love your style !!it's great.
Old 12th Sep 2007, 5:21 PM #21
Test Subject

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THAT WAS SO GREAT!!! pretty creepy aswell. What movie editing programme did you use?

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Old 12th Sep 2007, 9:08 PM #22

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definitely a work of art. I have so much to learn still I'm taking notes!
Old 6th Oct 2007, 11:16 AM #23
Test Subject

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That was sooo good. My two favourite Marilyn songs and my all time favourite story.
It was wicked

Love Heidi xx
Old 10th Nov 2007, 10:19 PM #24

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Nice video, kinda creepy though.
Old 10th Nov 2007, 10:22 PM
This message has been deleted by particularly.
Old 10th Nov 2007, 11:47 PM #25
Test Subject

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I love the Alice video and it's sequal so much. They are definatly some of the best sim movies I have ever seen!

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