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Old 12th Apr 2006, 1:32 PM DefaultThe Mc Fee's Family Curse (Legacy) #1
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The Mc Fee’s Family Curse

Background Information

This is Margaret Mc Fee; she is 20 years old and has lived here on Owens Island all her life. The Mc Fee’s were one of the original families who settled this little town 384 years ago. They prospered here and became very wealthy; however, some people around the village got jealous of that prosperity and began rumors about the Mc Fees being evil and witches. These rumors spread like wild fire and since then her family has suffered persecution and victimization at the hands of the town’s people. Margaret didn’t have a great time growing up she was scorned and feared by the other Children.

Margaret couldn’t remember her father; he died when she was very young from a freak lightning strike on a clear blue day. The town went wild with gossip. They said it was Sarah Mc Fee, Margaret’s mother who conjured up the lightning bolt and she had killed him, Sarah later told Margaret that it was the family curse.

“When a Mc Fee falls in love they would only have but a few years of happiness with that person then everything will go horribly wrong”. Sobbed Sarah

“Don’t fall in love Margaret, protect yourself” Sarah told her daughter before she died.

Margaret was then alone with no family, however, Margaret is a survivor and she goes on.

This is the Mc Fee family home; it has been in the family for 384 years. Even though it holds some painful memories, Margaret has not got the hart to sell it for it holds a lot of good memories too.

Part One

Margaret awoke like she would any other day, however, this morning had a scenes of excitement, there was a quite in the air like that before a storm. She went about her normal daily routine, had breakfast, got dressed, cleaned up the kitchen and got the morning paper. She then sat out the back near the garden and read the paper while sipping a coffee.

The doorbell rand and it was Toni Rayne, Margaret’s best friend, well her only friend, she was very excited about something.

“What’s got you so wound up?” Margaret asked with a little smile.

“Someone new has moved to Owens Island he is a real honey, his name is Trey Maxwell, he just moved here from Sim City, His house is on Oak Avenue, you know the big grey brick house, he’s single and he looks about 30, isn’t that great news.”

“I guess”, Margaret said a bit confused.
“Well, do you want to go downtown and watch him move in” Toni asked with a big smile, “There’s nothing much else that interesting to do in this town”.

“Ok, I’ll drive”. Margaret said trying not to laugh at the absurdity of their behavior.

Margaret and Toni drove down Oak Avenue in search of Trey but they couldn’t see if he was there. Toni insisted on driving all over town to catch a glimpse of this mysterious man, Margaret was just there for a laugh.
Toni spotted him at the Owens Island café; they got out of the car and went in for a closer look. Everyone was fascinated by the new arrival to this quaint little town, yet, when they spotted Margaret they glared at her and started whispering amongst themselves but Margaret was used to this and just ignored it.
She asked Toni to point out the guy she seemed fanatical about and when she spied him there talking to non-other than Brooke Sharpe the girl that made Margaret’s school day’s so traumatizing. Nevertheless, in her eyes Trey was tremendously gorgeous and she was instantly attracted to him.

That night, all Margaret could think about was Trey Maxwell but also, more disturbing, her mother’s voice was in the back of her mind repeating the same words over and over again:

“When a Mc Fee fell in love they would only have but a few years of happiness with that person then everything will go horribly wrong”,

“Don’t fall in love Margaret, protect yourself”.

After a rough night of sleep Margaret decided to do a bit of shopping which almost always made her feel better. She went to Chic Boutique and bought a few new outfits she has been wanting to get but this time it didn’t improve her mood so she went home.

She visited the statue of the first Mc Fee born to Owens Island; a great beauty who was desired by all the men yet hated by all the women of the village. Her name was Elizabeth Mc Fee.
Standing near this statue and remembering her mother telling her the story of Elizabeth made her feel stronger, because although Beth as she liked to be called was scorned by all the women she held her head high, she was even known to be a bit of a flirt until she meet the man of her dreams, Marcus Finnegan, a dashing handsome man that loved Beth like no other man had loved a woman in times past.
That was until his boat sank on his way home to his beloved after only 4 years with Beth. She was devastated, heartbroken. Still, she never let the rumor’s flying around town that she made the boat sink get her down. She continued to hold her head up high and raise her two daughter’s right, to be strong women of character and kind of heart.
Margaret has a lot of respect for Beth Mc Fee and she draws strength from Beth’s courage and confidence.

From that moment Margaret had made a decision, she was going to ask Trey over for dinner and just get to know him, maybe become friends with him, who knows, but she is not going to let superstition get in the way of her happiness.

So Margaret got on the phone and called Trey to invite him for dinner and Margaret couldn’t believe it, he said yes.

“So I’ll see you about 8 o’clock tonight then” Margaret said with a little anxiety in her voice.

“Yeah I’m looking forward to it”. His voice was heavenly to Margaret’s ears before she forced herself back into reality.

“Ok then bye” she said rather hastily before she dropped the phone in a rush to hang it up, her hands were trembling with anticipation and trepidation.

She took a few beep breaths and called Toni to tell her the great news about Trey; Toni was so excited she couldn’t believe it.

“WOW, this is such good news, so are you just going to extend the hand of friendship” Toni said in a joking voice before bursting into laughter.

“Yes I am, if anything else’s develops so be it but I am not going to force anything to happen” Margaret said in a matter of fact tone, although here mind was racing with possibilities and most of them consisted of Margaret in Trey’s arms by the end of the evening in an intimate cuddle, kissing his sweet lips.

“Ok, good luck you better improve your cooking though or it could be a short friendship” Toni and Margaret both laughed heartily before hanging up. Margaret hurried to the study to choose a cook book.

Margaret kept thinking that this might be a night to remember.

Part 2 Comming soon...
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oooh, good!
nice start!
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Amen! i like this and the curse great idea!
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i love it vnice start!curse great idea
Old 14th Apr 2006, 2:57 AM DefaultThe Mc Fee Family Curse Part Two #5
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Margaret decided to cook an old family recipe, marinated red salmon in a creamy lemon and dill sauce. It’s delicious and perfect to make for tonight.

There was a knock at the door and Margaret’s heart leapt into her throat, she just stood there until a voice in her head screamed, answer the door.

She fussed around with her dress and checked her hair, Margaret was breathing quite heavily. She walked quickly to the door took a deep breath, smiled and opened the door.

Trey was standing there smiling, Margaret smiled back.

“Welcome, come on in, make yourself at home” Margaret said.
Trey walked in looking around he seemed to be in awe of the great room,
“Have you always lived here, in this house?” Trey said with genuine interest.

“Yes my family built this house back in 1620 when this town was founded” replied Margaret with a little pride.

Trey’s face was that of shock, “The house looks amazing for its age”, Trey said in awe.

Margaret showed him to the dinner table. “Take a seat and I’ll serve,” Margaret said trying to keep her voice steady and even, attempting to hide her nerves.

They sat down and Trey replied “This looks lovely; I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble”.

“No not at all I just hope you enjoy it, so tell me about yourself, you know you’re the most interesting thing that’s happened in this town for many years” Margaret said with a joking tone and a smile.

“Well, I was born and bread in Sim City, I am an only child, my father was a police man, and my mother owned a restaurant that was very popular called Heavenly Delights, I am a bit like my mother, I am into business, I’m currently in the market to buy a community lot and start my own electronic store. My father died when I was 16 and I have been caring for my mother for a few years because she has been ill and when she died seven months ago I felt I had never really done anything for myself, and because I have always wanted to live in a beautiful small town that is all green and open, I decided to do it, I bought a house here and am looking towards the future here in this lovely town”. Trey pauses to take a bite from his salmon her seems to be really enjoying his dinner, which was great.

“What about yourself, what’s your life story”? Trey asked with interest.

“Well like I said this house was built by my family when this town was settled, and we have lived here ever since. I was born and raised in this house, my father died by a lightning strike in the backyard when I was a toddler, and my mother died 2 years ago, I have no family, it’s just me.” Margaret said with a little bit of sadness in her eyes.

After Dinner they talked more about favorite movies, books and even their favorite colour. They were getting along really well and it seems they had a lot in common.
Now that they have gotten past the awkward stage they were getting a lot more comfortable with one another, relaxing and talking about upfront even personal things.

“I really like you Margaret; you’re very different from the other people in this town. I know I have only been here a couple of day’s, but the people I have spoken to are more interested in gossiping. Especially Brooke Sharpe, all she spoke about was herself or wanting to know my deepest darkest secrets. She also spoke about you, but I don’t believe a word of it.” Trey said honestly.

Margaret laughed partly because she really didn’t like Brooke Sharpe, but also the fact that Trey was so sweet and she felt herself falling in love with this man even though tonight was the only time she has spent with him.

They shared a toast with some champagne, and then managed to drink the whole bottle. Both Margaret and Trey, feeling a bit tipsy, faced at each other and Trey looked into Margaret’s beautiful eye’s…..

The next thing they new they were embracing each other, smiling, it all felt natural. Trey looked even deeper into her face like her was trying to find something.

“Margaret this may sound odd considering we just met but I think I’m falling in love with you, does that sound odd or what”? Trey said smiling.

“Well a little but I think I am falling in love with you too”, Margaret said a little breathless and excited.

Their lips touched as their passion for each other took hold and the kiss seemed to last hours, Margaret’s mind was racing, her body yearned for him and Trey’s did as well, however, Margaret stopped, she took a deep breath to steady herself, Trey looked slightly confused.

“I can’t do this; it’s too quick, please let’s call it a night.” Margaret couldn’t believe what she was saying, but she felt it was right.

“I don’t understand” Trey stammered confused.

“I care for you, but I don’t want to rush into things without thinking things through I would hate to rush things and ruin everything, please understand”. Margaret pleaded.

“I understand. I care for you to Margaret”. Trey confessed.

They parted company with a little peck on the lips; Margaret was thrilled the night went wonderfully. She cleaned up and went to bed with Trey on her mind.

When Margaret awoke, she did so with a smile on her face and as she was coming down the stairs she noticed a familiar face at the door, Trey was ringing the door bell.
Her smile widened, she opened the door and kissed him gently,

“How are you? Did you sleep well?” Margaret asked.

“I slept dreaming of you, Margaret, so yes I slept well” Trey said with a dreamy kind of tone. “What about yourself?”

“I did the same, dreamt about you all night, so yes, I too had a great sleep.” Margaret said moving closer to Trey, he placed his hands around her waist and they kissed more deeply.

Their passion and love for each other seemed to be growing deeper with every passing second they spent together.

Margaret and Trey saw each other quite a lot over the next few weeks. Margaret felt that every moment of everyday, even when she slept, her mind was consumed by thoughts of Trey and he felt the same.

In the mean time, Toni had been demanding details, so Margaret obliged.

“Trey is thoughtful, handsome and a total gentleman, he is everything I love in a man. I think we are in love; he is coming over tonight to watch some TV. I think tonight’s the night”. Margaret told Toni trying to keep her excitement in check.

“OH MY GOD!” Toni couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “this is great news! I’m so happy for you, I knew he was the guy for you when I first saw him, tomorrow I’m gonna call you and I want to hear everything, ok?” declared Toni with a burst of excitement.

Margaret rushed around the house setting up the house for tonight, she was very excited.

They watched a little TV but one thing led to another, they jut couldn’t keep our hands off one another.

He just smelled so good and tasted sweet.

It truly was a night to remember, they kissed and made love, Trey was Margaret’s first; however, she thought that Trey has a little more experience.

That night after they made love Trey laid back and stared at Margaret and asked a question she would never forget…

“what would you say, hypothetically, if I asked you to marry me, I Know we have only known each other a few weeks, but I love you so deeply the though of being without you hurts me deeply. So what do you say?”
Margaret couldn’t believe what she was hearing;” I don’t know, I would have to think about it”. After a few seconds of awkward silence Margaret replied “yes! I think I would say yes”.

So Trey got out of bed and got down on one knee. Margaret was shocked; she just sat there unable to do much of anything.

“Margaret Mc Fee, will you marry me?” Trey asked.

“YES!” Margaret screamed with joy, and jumped out of bed into Treys arms,

“Does that mean you’re going to move in? I know you have only lived in your house for a few weeks but I would love you to live here with me.”

“OK, I would love to. How about tomorrow?” With a kiss he got dressed and left. Margaret was too excited to sleep; she stayed up all night getting the house ready for her ‘fiancé’ to come tomorrow morning.
Life for Margaret is looking great.

Part 3 Comming soon

Note: Please Leave some feedback, It's the only way i'll know if you'r enjoying my story or not.
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first to post hahaha great update
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Oooh, I like. Keep it up
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I love it! Great story. Keep updating! :D
Old 14th Apr 2006, 2:42 PM DefaultMc Fee Family Curse Part 3 #9
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Three years have gone by after that wonderful night and a lot of wonderful things have happened.

They finally got married in a little private ceremony, which was just what Margaret and Trey wanted.

Trey is doing great in his career; he is president of the largest company in Sim City, which has a large presence here on Owens Island.

Trey has never been happier; He has the world’s best wife, a successful career and a family on the way.

Margaret found out a few weeks ago she was pregnant and expecting their first child, she is looking forward to becoming a mother and Trey couldn’t hold his excitement. They are very happy.

The day is coming near when their baby will be born and both parents couldn’t be happier.

The rest of Owens Island was shocked to discover that Trey and Margaret were seeing each other. They were more shocked when they got married, and now that they are expecting their first child, the town’s people seem to be avoiding Margaret altogether.

Toni however is ecstatic. She is looking forward to becoming a godmother.

Then something happened that turned this joyful time into a nightmare.

Trey having the day off, decided to relax outside in the sun and contemplate his wonderful future when something looked rather odd in the sky…..

He sat up and shaded his eyes from the glare of the sun just in time to see what it was. But it was too late…. he didn’t have enough time to get out of its way….

All Margaret heard was a giant bang and an explosion that blew in a lot of the windows facing the driveway; she screamed and ducked for cover. Dazed and confused she raced outside to see what had caused it, however what she saw was a pile of twisted metal that resembled a satellite. Margaret looked around franticly, screaming Trey’s name, but she new deep down that Trey was under that rubble. She felt cold and broke down into hysterical sobs…

Then out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw Trey, She moved her hands away from her face and slowly lifted her head and there standing before her was Trey, waving to her smiling.

“I love you Margaret I always will, don’t blame yourself it was not your fault”. Trey’s voice seemed distant.

As Trey went to turn he looked at her and said

“Raise our child well my love.”

Then he vanished, the police arrived followed by the fire brigade and there was a crowd forming outside the fence. But all this didn’t matter to Margaret. She had lost the one person in this world who loved her and who she loved in return, and with Trey’s child growing in her belly she new she would always have some part of him here with her.
The Curse seems to have struck again……

Part 4 is comming soon

Note: Please Leave Feedback so i know if your enjoying the story or not.
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This is a really good story!! Cant wait for moreee

Just a tip, to make your pics better, in the game you can go to camera options and there is something you can choose to make the pic quality better

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Great story! Keep updating! I can't wait to see what heppens next!
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This is a great story, keep up the great work
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The curse strikes again! Cool, you know its nice when people give their legacy families proper stories good work.

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I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!!

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Old 17th Apr 2006, 2:04 AM DefaultThe Mc Fee Family Curse Part Four #16
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When Toni heard about what happened she rushed to be at her best friend’s side. She was shocked she couldn’t believe this happened. Toni comforted Margaret and let her cry on her shoulder; Toni even took care of all the funeral arrangements

Later that night Margaret went into labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Dylan Mc Fee that’s the name that Trey wanted if it was a boy and she felt it was right to honor his wish.

Margaret looked into her baby’s face and saw Trey looking back at her. Dylan had Margaret’s eyes and Trey’s nose. This was a comfort, Margaret has always been a survivor and she will continue on especially now that she has a baby to care for and love like a mother should.

She took Dylan to see his father’s grave and to show Trey that he has a fine-looking son.

“Trey, you have a son, I called him Dylan just as you wanted. I love you and miss you. It’s my fault your dead, because of my family and it’s that curse, you always laughed every time I used to talk to you about it and called it superstition. I guess a part of me believed that too until now. I’m frightened for our son, is he going to be lonely and miserable for the rest of his life because he is a Mc Fee? I need your guidance. Margaret confessed to Trey’s grave, trying to keep the tears from flowing.

However time went on and two months have past. The pain of losing Trey still weighs heavily on Margaret’s heart, but, Toni is always there to make her laugh.

Toni is also very close to Dylan. She absolutely adores the little tyke.

Today is a special day, it’s Dylan’s first Birthday. He has grown up into such a beautify boy, he is going well in his toddler days learning to walk, talk and go to the potty. Margaret is loving this time teaching him these things, it’s quality mummy and son time.

Life in the Mc Fee home is becoming very routine. Dylan has learned very quickly to walk and use the potty, but teaching him to talk is proving to be difficult but he is getting there.

He is growing up so fast and he is looking more like his father every day.

His birthdays come and go, Margaret is proud of her son and Toni can’t believe

He is now ready to start school, Dylan and Margaret have a very close relationship.

Dylan is looking forward to going to school as he loves to read and is very creative.

When Dylan got home from his first day he wanted to do his homework straight away, so Margaret gave him a hand to get him started. All the little cutie could talk about was school, but, Margaret could see there was something bothering him. She tried asking him directly what was wrong but he just acted like there was nothing wrong, so Margaret decided to let it be until he comes to her about it.

“Mum why don’t I have a father like the other kid’s from school”? Dylan asked Margaret finally.

This question took Margaret by surprise. She was going to sit Dylan down and tell him all about his father when he was a little bit older, but I guess now she has to tell him so she explained…”Your father was the most sweet, gentle, kind man you would ever know, and we fell in love almost straight away. We got married and then I fell pregnant with you, Then…” Margaret’s voice started failing her, her throat clenched and she had to stop to take a deep breath. “Then one day he died” Margaret couldn’t think of a way to tell Dylan that his father was killed by a falling satellite.

“Mum, the kids at school say that our family is cursed, and that the Mc Fee’s are bad, is that true”?

“No, there is a family legend about a curse but it’s not true” Margaret felt like she was lying to her son, she tried to ease her mind by telling herself that she didn’t want to frighten Dylan.

Margaret took Dylan inside and showed him photo’s of his father and told him more about Trey and his family. Dylan was happy to hear about his father which made Margaret happy, but, deep inside the painful memories still stung.

Part 5 Comming Soon

Note: Please Leave some feedback, it helps me know if your enjoying my story.
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i am enjoying the story he is such a cutie
Old 17th Apr 2006, 2:15 AM DefaultThe Mc Fee Family Curse Part Five #18
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One rainy cold Sunday before Dylan’s birthday Margaret decided it would be fun to curl up on the couch watching movies with Dylan. And that’s what they did, they lit the fireplace and relaxed on the couch eating chips and watched some comedies.

Dylan as you can see is in his teenage years and he is a very smart teenager.

“Hey mum, is it possible for me to go to a private school. There is this great one called St John’s College over the other side of the island”. Dylan asked Margaret with hope in his eyes.

“OK honey let me look into it for you” Margaret said with pride on her face and in her voice. She new her son was going to do great things.

So Margaret got on the phone and called St Johns College and spoke with the headmaster BJ Campbell,

“Hello my son is interested in attending your college and I was wondering if there is a possibility of him getting in”?

“Well we don’t just admit anyone so how about I come for dinner tonight at 5PM and we will begin the interview process”? As Margaret hung up the phone she was thinking that private school headmasters are very arrogant.

That night everything went wonderful the headmaster seemed extra keen to see our house and Dylan’s A+ grades helped a lot with him getting in, yes he got accepted. Dylan was stoked and I was a very proud mother. I thought of Trey and how this would have been a proud moment for him too.
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another update you are on the go ohh its not over okay I will wait
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I love, love, love it! Keep updating. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Old 21st Apr 2006, 12:28 AM #21

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Hello? I haven't seen any updates in awhile. I'm enjoying your story. Please, please, please update soon!
Old 21st Apr 2006, 1:13 AM #22

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Amazing story! I can't wait to see the next update!
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Aww where are his pyjamas from with the cute little hat, that is so cute!

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Old 22nd Apr 2006, 2:15 AM DefaultThe Mc Fee's Family Curse Part Six #24
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It’s Dylan’s first day at his new private school, and he is very happy he plans on studying hard and be very successful for his future career.

Dylan has decided to join the military, Margaret isn’t too happy about that but she wants to support Dylan in all that he does.

While Dylan works hard at school Margaret toils in her garden which gives her a lot of pleasure watching her plants grow and flourish.

After school Dylan decided to go up on the net and get a part-time job for the military after searching a while he finally found one and got it. Margaret is very proud but slightly worried.

Dylan is also having his first crush with Melody Tinker, a girl he met at school. They get along great and feel very deeply for one another. It wasn’t long before they were going steady.

Dylan worked so hard and It didn’t take too long before he got promoted to the top of his Military job and with his school grades being at A+ he was an overachiever and happy about it..

The day before Dylan’s 19th birthday Melody came over very upset,

“Oh Dylan my parents are moving overseas, my father got fired last month from his job and he finally found one but it’s in France. We have to stop seeing one another; I couldn’t stand a long distance relationship.” Melody pleaded, her emotion boiling to the surface.

Dylan couldn’t believe what he was hearing; everything was going great with Melody.

“How could your parents do that to us, why can’t he get a job here so we can stay together”? Dylan demanded very angry.

“Dylan it’s not my parent’s fault these things happen, I mean we can still keep in contact and be friends. Melody explained.

“ I don’t care about friends I want you, I thought you wanted me but you don’t seem to be fighting to be with me at all, I bet you’re just looking forward to going to France. You have always wanted to travel; you probably don’t give a stuff about me. Just leave.

Dylan was furious and stormed into the house leaving Melody sobbing in shock. He instantly felt guilty; he shouldn’t have yelled at her like that, it’s not her or her parents fault. He didn’t want her to leave on such bad terms so he swung the door open but she had already left. He got on the phone to call her but she wouldn’t take any of his calls. The next day her family left and this left Dylan broken hearted.

Was it the Cures or just bad luck???????

Part Seven comming very soon
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Keep updating! I love it! :D

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