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Old 6th Jul 2017, 11:14 PM DefaultSubscription question #1
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Hello, I have a question about upgrading my supporter subscription. If I go to the next level up, will it auto-cancel the first level subscription or do I have to go to paypal to cancel the current subscription and then add the next level subscription?

Also I just noticed this but in the table you have on the donation page you have 'Fan Club' level listed as $5.00 and 'Supporter' as $10.00 tier but then on the subscription page those titles are switched. It caused me a bit of confusion because I am listed as a supporter but then reviewing the amount deducted it is $5.00 so it is correctly labeled on the second page but not in the table.

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@Charmful you have to cancel the first one and re-subscribe, it wont automatically change. Thanks for the note about the table, I'll go in and fix that!

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