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Originally Posted by gummilutt
Coat markings on baby animals + OMSPs = adorableness overload.

1 kitten + another kitten = cuteness coma.
Yeesh, are you trying to murder us all?

WARNING: Professional Lurker Alert!

"This is necrophilia redefined."
-- Jull_GC, on "i saw her standing there"
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I should have set the date format in IrfanView as year/month/day, not day/month/year. Now I've got 57 stubborn screencaps that are in the wrong damn place in my folder.
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Originally Posted by G-Mon
Yeesh, are you trying to murder us all?

Curses, my plot has been revealed

Over the years I've seen multiple people wish that cats in Sims would lie on top of books/pcs/whatever Sims are trying to use, and so when I had the idea to use OMSP to simulate I figured I'd share in case others hadn't thought of doing that. Doesn't hinder the Sim unlike real life, but the visual is pleasing. Makes owning cats in game feel more fun

If you have questions on how to use SimPE or WW, you're welcome to PM me.

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