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No problem. Glad it worked.
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I've never posted at BAS and have no problem logging in. Just checked it before posting this. (:

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The one post I made was questioning the policy of banning inactive users (rather than deleting the accounts or something) but their response kind of scared me.

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Originally Posted by Charity
Market Stalls that different families can run! http://www.backalleysims.com/adults...4-Market-Stalls

oh my
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Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
The one post I made was questioning the policy of banning inactive users (rather than deleting the accounts or something) but their response kind of scared me.

I did not know they banned inactive users. That's a bit extreme. I suppose their thought behind the ban is so people will be a site participator rather than just a site consumer.

While I appreciate many of Chris Hatch's mods -- he's so talented! -- I don't find BackAlleySims.com to be a place where I'm comfortable pulling up a chair and staying awhile. I'm a little afraid of what might I might catch from those chairs. ;-)

If one post will keep me from being banned, then I'm safe. I could not figure out how to get Chris' Walk to Sims mod to work in my game and had to ask. Silly me, I didn't realize that I needed that mod in addition to the Visit Other Sims mod. Thankfully, Chris' reply was very cordial. He didn't come close to making me feel like the Sim-dummy I am.

edited to add ...
I downloaded the set but have not tried to use it. The instructions say the only things that can be sold are community items, not residential. I'm not sure what is affected. Does this mean Sims can only sell what is available to them in the Business section? I was hoping for something that would allow one family to sell fruits, another to sell veggies, while another sold baskets or chickens or some other nifty thing that sunni at medievalsims.com has come up with.

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