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Old 12th Sep 2017, 4:20 AM DefaultHelp with Make a Date and Make a Celebrity #1
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I've recently started playing Sims 1 again, and I'm having great fun customising my lots with loads of custom content. I want to customise the Townies in Downtown and Studio Town as well, and I installed the Make a Date and Make a Celebrity programs. It lets me create a new townie, and then I go through the steps to replace a current townie. But when I play the game, nothing has changed. Even when I go through the program again, it lists the original townies and doesn't show any of my custom made ones that I've tried to replace. I'm definitely using the write UserData folder.

Would it make any difference that I'm playing on Windows 10? I had trouble with running the game until I started choosing "Run as Administrator" (and I think I had to download a new .exe file) and now it runs perfectly with all my custom content. Any ideas?
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If you have your game installed to the default location, then it is protected by UAC. So every program you use to mod the game files will need to be run as an administrator.

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