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Old 29th Sep 2013, 5:28 AM DefaultSims 3 Machinima: Serendipity #1
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This is my machinima film that i made a while back. I wanted to share this to you guys.
I just wanted to know if you like the story behind this movie. Me and my sister directed this machinima. And i personally made this video.

The title of the song is: Rakuen by Do as infinity
This is my second sims 3 machinima
The song was requested by my codirector Choreaathetosis.
To further understand the story please read below.
This is a tragic love story between a princess and a lowborn musician.

Main Characters:

Ana Yeung (princess haruka)
Shane Hunter(Sotaro)


The first scene shows the present time.
Its raining, and ana yeung has been dreaming about a princess in the past for the past few days.

The dream shows princess haruka walking near the gate, wondering what its like
outside the palace. Finally she gathers all of her courage to see what lies beyong the walls.
Dressing up as a commoner,she sneak towards the gate and with luck by her side
she passed the palace guard unnoticed.
Everything seems so unreal because, she tasted freedom for the very first time.
Suddenly, she hears a beautiful guitar song that caught her attention. Princess haruka met a
musician and spends her time with him, showing her the world she have been longing for.
Not knowing she will fall inlove with the musican sotaro.

Ofcourse, as a princess she has a duty to their kingdom and sooner or later she has
to go back to the palace. The princess gave a final kiss to sotaro and waited for him to fall asleep
then she made her way back to the palace. The palace guard caught her but.....

On the way back, a prince from a the neighboring kingdom admires princess haruka's beauty for
a long time and ask for her hand in marriage. The king immediately approves because alliance
between the two kingdoms is good for the people. Princess haruka knows this is her duty to her
people but felt halfhearted since she met sotaro.

The king ask for a celebration of his daughters engagement, he sent a female messenger for the
greatest musician available within the kingdom. The musician sotaro was shock to see the
woman he loves is the princess, and knowing that they cant be together.

Princess haruka was full of regret and pain, she didnt want to see sotaro anymore because it
might change her mind about the marriage. Her loyal palace maid felt sorry for the princess
and decided to help her escape the fate she was born to do.
The prince caught a glimpse of her escaping the palace and decided to follow the princess.
Princess haruka goes to her beloved sotaro and they both decided to escape the kingdom, but
the prince caught up with the princess and felt anger and jelousy towards the musician.

The prince loves princess haruka for a long time and loses control of his anger.He slashed
the musician but sotaro manages to kick the prince away so that they could escape.
The princess guides sotaro away from the prince, but since sotaro was injured they couldnt
run far away. The princess and the musician arrived at a dead end and the prince finally
caught up with them. The prince wanted to end the sotaro's life, but the princess run towards
sotaro and was hit by the prince. Once the prince realized the princess is the one who got hurt
by his blade he ran off scared. Sotaro crawled towards his beloved and they died together.

Ana yeung woke up from the dream, she felt that everything that happened in the dream feels so
familiar to her, like she was the princess. But knowing a tragic ending and never ever to be
together. But if their feelings for each other were strong, then maybe they will meet again.
And maybe this time their love story will grow for eternity.

Song choice:

Intro: 1000 words (yuna) final fantasy X-2
Main song: Do as Infinity (rakuen) Inuyasha movie 2
Credit song: Yuna's Ballad Final fantasy X-2

Thanks for watching!!
Old 6th Nov 2013, 9:48 AM #2
Test Subject

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love it
Old 8th Nov 2013, 11:26 AM #3
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Test Subject

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Originally Posted by Zornlux
love it

Thank you im glad you liked it
Old 11th Feb 2014, 2:35 PM #4
Test Subject

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Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

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