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Old 15th Feb 2019, 4:21 PM TSRW LOD Fade Types? #1
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So what does the fade type do? I wonder if there might be better ways of switching between different LODs without the pop-in. Would overlapping the maximum Z and minimum Z between different LOD levels help?

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Old 7th Apr 2019, 9:03 AM #2
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I realize it might be necro posting at this point and im sorry but this was really helpful to me!
But first of all thank you for posting this because i was looking for a way to make the trees from Sandy (ats3) fade out when zoom in and this worked..
I dont know the technicalities of what exactly does it do but i can give you an example of an object using the fade type set to 3..
Basically all ceiling lights have the fade set to 3 and that makes them disappear when u zoom in.
I was trying to found out how lights disappear and i was hoping it wasn't based on their script and tada you posted this!My hero!!!
I tried set the fade to 3 in to another object and yes the same thing happens, so my guess is that setting fade to 0 on ceiling lights will make them stop disappearing.
Hope i make sense and didn't give an info that was already obvious..
But hey thank again for posting this!
Btw if anyone knows how to do apply this with only S3PE and skipping the tsrw process let me know!
Im assuming it has to do something with public chucks in MODL but so far i have failed miserably.
Have a nice day!
Edit :
To answer my own question that nobody else asked.. to apply fade out to objects using S3PE use this :
MODL/Grid/ChuckEntries/[0]ChuckEntries/RCOLBlock/FadeTyde 0x00000003 usually all objects have 0x00000000 so just change it to 3 if u want the object to fade when zoom in or to 0 for the opposite effect! ^^
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