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Old 28th Jan 2019, 2:44 PM DefaultHiding Sims on my neighborhood #1
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Hi! I'm creating a custom neighborhood and for storytelling (and genetic) purposes I need to create a Sim that I will use only one time and his presence after this will bork the hood storytelling. Considering that this Sim was create in-game, has no memories and no relations with no one, is it safe to hide him, like Maxis made to Bella Goth in Pleasantview? And if it is, how should I do it in a safe, non-corrupting way?
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There are a couple options here.

Obviously you can kill the sim once you don't need him any longer. I'm pretty sure this has occured to you before though, and there's a good reason why you don't choose that option.

I have a sim like that in one of my neighborhoods - I wanted reaper children with a more skeletal look, so I created a sim, put him in Grim's clothes and named him so for the family tree and then just left him in the family bin. He'll never walk by on lots, I have to summon him if I want to do anything. If you want to keep your sim alive for future plots, that works.

Then there's the Prisoner Token and Visitor Controller option.

The Visitor Controller http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=17.0 by itself allows you to ban any specific sim from any lot. The downside being that you can only ban sims when they appear on your lot, and it has to be set for every lot in the neighborhood. You can work around it with banning certain groups of sims, but again this has to be repeated for every lot.

Combined with the Prisoner Token http://www.simlogical.com/sl/Sims2P...ims2_Prison.htm , this is made a lot easier. Just download the token, put it in your sim's inventory and the Visitor Controller will automatically ban this sim from any lot in your neighborhood. This is useful if you want your sim to live on a lot somewhere.
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I have a few like this. If I have a hood that does not have a downtown attached, I make the sim a downtownie. This will likely work if you don't have some other type of subhood, like a vacation or uni, you can change the family instance to put him in one of those, but I haven't tested. Making him a downtownie is easy with Inge's cat.
Then he's safely out of the way but won't show in your game. You can bring him back later if you want to.

I have also had a sim go on vacation, then I just never go get them to bring them home. I don't think they walkby, in that case, but you might try that if you don't have a hood without a downtown, etc. And, of course, a YA can be sent to uni and never played.

Btw, I have had sims walkby that are in the bin.
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Originally Posted by Sunrader
Btw, I have had sims walkby that are in the bin.

So have I, in my UNI hood.

OP if you don't want to kill him the prisoner tag works really well. It looks like a CD that you toss in his inventory and he should not show up on any lot and if he tries to he will be whisked away in a puff of blue lighting type smoke.

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I wonder if putting the Sim in a special family group would effectively hide them? Would there be any harm in changing them to be in the family group that NPCs are in? I'm thinking of the ones that you wouldn't see wandering the streets.

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I'm not sure if this works 100% for everyone, but I've had bin sims that never appeared on any lots as long as they don't have a job. Bin sims will show up after work or on community and residential lots if employed. I've removed or not given phones to sims being left in the bin either, since I'm not sure if the phone could cause calls.
If you make a sim into a townie, I think they do end up in a townie family. If there is no downtown and you change them to a downtownie, they will never show up, not sure if you can even teleport them without creating a downtown.

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