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Old 15th Jan 2019, 10:47 PM DefaultExtracting from 3DIR? #1
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I'm using SimPE and I wanted to extract a Sim's meshes. I was wondering if I could extract out all of the files that come up when I click the 3DIR. Thank you!
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Mad Poster

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The 3DIR just links the mesh and the recolor file to each other.

For the mesh, you'll want the GMDC resource. For objects you can get away with extracting the mesh as an OBJ file, but for clothes and anythign with animations you need to extract the GMDC by right-clicking the resource and choosing "extract", because you'll most likely need the skeleton and the bone assignments, depending on the project.

I do suggest you look up a tutorial for this, because making clothing meshes without a tutorial is quite hard the first few times, and SimPE is pretty hard to figure out on your own without tutorials.

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