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Old 21st Feb 2019, 10:52 PM DefaultChange my sims everyday outfit? #1
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It's been a long time since i played The Sims 1 and i recently started playing it again, and i was wondering, how do i change my sims everyday outfit? Is that a thing i can do in the game? If not, is there any mods out there that will let me do this? I had one of my sims where a dress that i liked at the time but now i think it's kinda ugly and I'd like to change it. Any and all help is much appreciated!
Old 21st Feb 2019, 11:21 PM #2
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Good to know there's people still interested in the first game! Yeah, if I recall correctly, you can change the 'Everyday' outfit of every sim using any wardrobe. There should be a 'Change clothes' option available, even in the base game; though, if you have a version of the game previous to Hot Date, your sim will simply turn around and change their clothes. Through every single clothe. So, you will have to do the interaction multiple times in order to search for a specific outfit.

If you have Hot Date or a newer expansion pack, a window will pop up where you can see every outfit one by one and select (thus requiring a single interaction, although you will have to search for any specific outfit too).

Hope I didn't get too confusing!

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