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Old 11th Nov 2018, 2:52 PM DefaultLipstick looks flat ingame. #1
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I dedicated a lot of time and effort into creating cc makeup. There aren't many info about creating it and believe me, those who know great deal about this stuff and often are still active creators,refuse to explain or at least throw a hint or a few how to finally succeed after way too many failures. :\
The thingy is that when I make/draw/scavenge texture for LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS *particularly* it is nicely textured,sharp but not too sharp-pretty realistic.Specular layers never caused a problem,masking...it's trickier,but I make it work.However,in game final product looks like it was copy pasted-flat ,utter crap. No depth or definition whatsoever. I even gave a try to already done lipsticks,disected them and put back together as "mine" and again,in game they had nothing in common with their original versions.I can include images,if needed,question is pretty simplistic-how do I make lipsticks look more...3D and less like a 2D sticker. Thanksies.

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