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Old 31st Oct 2018, 5:24 PM DefaultBest Method For Creating This Kind of Accessory? #1
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Test Subject

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I found this pearl snood/hairnet/foncy headwear thing on my tumblr dash and I'm in love.



I want to recreate it for Sims 3, since there is a dearth of pretty shiny things to put in one's Sims' hair, but the problem is that I want it to be 3D. What is the best way to go about creating such an accessory? I know that keeping it see-through, and additionally keeping the pearls reasonably realistic looking (as opposed to a bunch of circles over whatever hair mesh I use for a base) is going to be...difficult.
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Puffin McMuffin

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Hrm if you're super new to Meshing, I would say, choosing a 3D program to begin with is always a good first step! Then just see how the basics works and you're good to go!

if we were looking at this from a blender perspective (Or probably maya and such as well) What I would do is:

- get ts3's head mesh in
- Create a net-alike mesh that has all the pearls and such but not the bottom fringes and stuff
- Use the cloth simulation
- pause and apply the modifier whenever you're happy with whatever result
- Tweak it, add the fringes as shown on the picture and tada!

one thing that could go wrong here, especially if you're thinking of sharing it with other people, is that you don't want to make it high poly. IF the body mesh without the head is already 4K~ then you want for an accessory like that at least aim for something half of that or if you really have to, 3k. Reason why is that if you are thinking of sharing it with people, there's bound to be low-end PC users that just will have their PC's fried because of high polycounts.

There's a lot of tutorials but eikeeful that you could check out regarding making accessories though when it comes to making actual in-game content! https://youtu.be/oXgC67WVMlE?t=115

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