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Originally Posted by AliaD85
@lordtyger9 Sounds like they're quietly taking over the world! Maybe you should have a group of sims that don't want the aliens there. Under the sims 2 discussion board, they have a storyline help. Maybe everyone can help you with an exciting idea.

Oh they ARE taking over the world, slowly though. Strangetown and Bluewater village are well started, and now Riverblossom Hills, Pleasantview and Veronaville are in their sights. {I just recently added the other Neighborhoods to Strangetown}.

News: The Sim most likely to be chosen as the head of the Anti-Alien Alliance General Buzz Grunt has been found to have two Alien Lovers that he impregnated when it was revealed recently that Chloe and her sister Lola are both Pregnant by General Buzz Grunt head of the Strangetown Military.

I will ask in Story Dilemma Advice if anyone has any suggestions for some sims that might be inclined to be the head of the Anti-Alien Alliance, heh I have something like 4 Alien Clans plus the products of the Abductions in my game and all of the Aliens work on making matches with mostly non-Aliens. Not every Sim household has an Alien, but a lot of them do. LOL

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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but satisfaction brought it back.
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@AliaD85 - your school is very nice! I like the look of it and how the meeting was laid out with the Christmas Tree in the background. I also liked the narrative story style you told that went with it
How did you get a text character for the simoleon??

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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(Alia: My apologies for the late posting. Between work, the holiday season, and a recent death in the family... yeah... But here is the final part of the Sedona town hall! Then, it's time to jump into life in the town. It only gets more interesting from here. Btw, @Charmful Would you believe I googled simoleon and just copied and pasted?
For everyone who doesn't know, Sunni of Medieval Sims is currently very ill and in ICU. She's gifted us for many years with amazing projects and even more with her incredible mind and personality. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Sedona Town Hall (After the Meeting):

After many of the excited Sedona residents excited the meeting room, Ethan greeted and thanked Mrs. Suarez for her help. "There's no way we would have been able to get this off this ground without you!"

Remedios smiled. "Dear heart, I was more than happy to do it. Having these children in Sedona has been a blessing! They've brought life to the town! And with more little ones on the way, they need a school closer to home."

Ethan blinked. He glanced out of the meeting room door at a the ladies in the main hall before looking at a knowing and very amused Remedios. She pat his shoulder sweetly before walking off to speak to the old man that owned the local restaurant.

"Right..." Shaking his head, Ethan looked around for one woman in particular. He'd seen her shaking hands with everyone, including being waylaid by a very excited Hanuel. Now, Lexie was missing. Conflicted with himself, Ethan hesitantly entered the hallway, smiling and walking quickly in order not to be caught in a conversation. A quick glance over Dr. Beaker's shoulder revealed Lexie slowly putting away her presentation board and cleaning up her bag in the library.

Slipping past Beaker, Erik and Kirk, Ethan opened the door, closing it quickly behind him. Lexie looked up surprised to see him. "Oh! Ethan? Um... Do you have any questions about the build?"

Opening his mouth, Ethan suddenly felt like an idiot. He couldn't understand why he'd chased his wife especially after everything that happened. The last time he'd seen Lexie, she was standing of the door of the their condo begging him to stay. Not that it was going to happen at the time. He had been contemplating the dead end of his life when he'd come home to see his wife making out with some stranger on the couch. That had been the straw that broke the camel's back. That same night, he packed his bag, quit his job on the way out of town, and sold his car after arriving in Sedona to live his crazy idea of starting a vineyard.

Ethan had no regrets about it. He hated how his life was in SimCity. His job was horrible, his friends were horrible, his family was horrible, and, in all honesty, he'd been horrible too. Which was probably why he was in the one room library of a hamlet's renovated town hall trying to speak to his estranged wife.

Lexie had been the only good thing in SimCity. She was warm, kind, and supportive. Lexie was always willing to give her time, money, and attention to Ethan when he was buried in his work. She was the type of sim that gave freely. But that doesn't work in a marriage. It's give and take, not just give.

Ethan was standing in front of his wife because the failure of their marriage was half his fault. She may have cheated, but Ethan had been mentally absent from their marriage for years. "N-no. No, I don't have any questions. I... just wanted to thank you, Lexie, for today. We really appreciate it." He mentally yelled at himself for not saying what he meant. No wonder their marriage ended up the way it had. He was never able to communicate!

Lexie's face fell even as she mustered up a smile. "Thank you. I'm happy to help." She looked out the door to see the two men in glasses holding hands. The fondness of the older man was painful to see. Still offering a professional smile, Lexie stepped forward and shook Ethan's hand. "If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact D & D Dreamer."

Shaking his wife's hand, Ethan felt his stomach drop. He knew the next time he saw Lexie, she would be asking for a divorce. Still, it was better this way. "Stay with me."

Lexie stared at her equally stunned husband. "What? D-did you just..."

Ethan had not meant to say that. He'd meant to say thank you and goodbye. But thankfully, someone was looking out for him. "Stay here in Sedona with me. I did it, Lexie. I actually have the vineyard going. It's going to be a bit of time before it's a winery, but it's possible to really start a business."

"Ethan," Lexie started to pull way. "This isn't a good idea. You can't just ask me that. After everything that happened? I'm happy for you, but..." She glanced out the door, hoping no one would see them. "Ethan, I-I'm not a good wife for you and,"

"And I wasn't a good husband. I love you, Lexie. I shouldn't have left when I did or the way that I did. I should have talked to you. I should have talked to you for years. I ignored you when it was your birthday and anniversary. I missed or left dates you spent so much time planning because of a job I hated. I even dismissed you when your last family member died and you needed someone to be there. I wasn't."

"Then why are you-," Lexie shook her head. She loved Ethan, but everything he said was true. It was the very reason she'd sought affection elsewhere. She'd reached a point of desperation.

"Because, I'll never forgive myself if I let you leave." He took her other hand. "Stay with me, Lexie. J-just to talk. Okay? I love you. No matter how stupid we were that hasn't changed."

Lexie looked up at her husband and was caught by his eyes. Ethan was a horrible liar for someone who was a mayor now. "We're just going to talk, okay?"

Ethan grinned as he gently held and swung his wife's gentle hands. Since his arrival to Sedona, his life was wonderful. If he could convince Lexie to try again, things would be even better.

Multiple screams just outside the library had Ethan turning and rushing from the room, his concerned wife right behind him. Ethan stood in the hall with Lexie as they watched Ronald Manning knell down beside old crazy Anna Chalmers, who was crumbled next to the entrance. Glancing over his shoulder, Ethan saw Dr. Beaker with his hands full of a catatonic Kirk Barrett.

Lexie walked over, worried, as the large man sighed and shook his head before standing. "Is she?"

"Dead as a damn door nail." He continued speaking as Ethan and Albert Baltimore joined them. "She walked in with her face white as snow. She tried to speak before collapsing. She looked terrified." Ronald walked toward to the doors to lock them temporarily.

Albert looked at Ethan. "You don't think this is that nonsense curse the old folks tell us do you?"

"Considering the look on Kirk's face? His mother died just like this right?" asked Ethan. Albert nodded.

Sighing, Ethan smiled at his worried wife before turning to address the frightened locals and frantic parents. He missed the dark stare Dr. Beaker gave the empty space over the recently deceased resident.

Oliver S. Beaker continued to coax Kirk back into reality even as he stared at the hooded figure no one else could see. Apparently, things weren't over just yet.

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@AliaD85 I am very sorry about the recent real life problems, I do hope that Sunni gets better, I don't really do much with Medieval Sims, but I know the site.

On to the Sims, I do hope that Ethan and Lexie try to make another go at it.

As always I really love your Story Line and your narrative style. I sort of wish I could do something like it, but I know it is not my style even though I really do admire it.

Good Pictures.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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Oooh, this is exciting! I can't wait to hear about the curse. And I do hope Lexie will give Ethan another chance.

I'll be giving Sunni my best thoughts. I don't play a medieval game, but a lot of her creations were good for rural life, too, and I like playing that. I'm sorry you've had a rough time lately, too.
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The Beaker Household:
(Updated the Warnings on page 1. Might want to check that...)

Though the desert outside his window remained dark and peaceful, Oliver Beaker was already awake and preparing to begin his day. Despite living in a town where the population was less than one hundred people, Oliver had a full list of patients to see during the day. His practice was usually busy with military officers from the neighboring base, but today, Dr. Beaker would be seeing a few worried Sedona patients.

Beginning his morning routine, Oliver thought back to the Town Hall Meeting a few days ago and it's horrific end. Old Anna had been very odd, but she was a kind woman that lived in Sedona all her life. It was awful to see her life end so horribly, but, sadly, her strange death was not the first in Sedona's history.

Over the years of Sedona's existence, more than two dozens strange deaths occurred just like old Anna's. One of the last known deaths was Kirk Barrett's mother, who died when Kirk was just a toddler. Her death was like every other mysterious Sedona death. Mr. Barrett had walked out of the front of his home to see his wife, face pale as death, collapse in front of him and her son. There'd been nothing Barrett could do. Both travelers and residents died without cause.

The older residents of Sedona claimed that something lived out in the desert. Something that couldn't be seen, heard, or felt. Something so horrific that it terrified residents to death. Something that wanted to reclaim Sedona...

Of course, Oliver didn't believe that, but he wasn't one to dismiss it either. Over the course of his life, Oliver saw many of the world's oddities, both before and after Dr. Oliver Turnbull had taken him in to his care. Considering his bloodline, it wasn't surprising.

A scream from outside his home earned a sigh from the doctor. He really wished his normal day didn't include Patient C. He had to wonder what set her off this time.

Leaping to her feet, the redhead screamed again, knowing how frightening it was for the blond man sneaking around her jail cell. "GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU TRAITOR!" Patient C balled up her paper plate and threw it as hard as she could at the cowering man. The man that was suppose to support and care for her. The man that was strong, fierce, and intelligent.

But because of that little monster, her other half, her husband, was nothing more than a weak-willed fool bent on crawling behind his master like a beaten pet. It sickened her how easily he broke under a bit of pain and electricity. Who knew she'd married a coward?

"I-I was just cleaning, C! It's not healthy to leave such a mess around-," Patient L flinched as she flung a pillow at him.


"Dear, please!" Watery eyes looked at her desperately. "I'm just trying to help! Let me! Dr. Oliver helped so-," he ducked as his former wife swung at him, smacking in the head, chest, and arms.


In tears, Patient L rushed out of the clinic's recovery room.
Shaking his head, Dr. Oliver Beaker decided to begin his day.

After comforting a tearful Patient L and encouraging him to concentrate on his own recovery, Dr. Beaker sent Erik, as Patient L was becoming known to other residents, off to deliver a message while Oliver prepared for his day.

Oliver began his day by sedating Patient C, who once again became violent when he spoke about her continued treatment. If he took a bit more joy or was a little extra vicious administering the sedation... Well, she did make Erik cry.

As the morning picked up, Peter-Paul van Groeningen and Anitra Bennemo entered the clinic, arguing yet again about their relationship. Oliver was quick to take Peter-Paul into his examination room before the arguing couple woke his difficult patient in the back of the clinic.

"It's just crazy, Doc! It's the dumbest reason not to get married! There's nothing wrong with my last name."

"Of course not."

"My name is strong and respectable! It's full of my family heritage!"

"Lift your right arm, please."

"But she thinks I should take her last name! I'm the guy! She should take my last name! Her name sounds like it's straight from the mafia! Do I look like a mafia don?"

"Does it hurt if I press here?"


After completing the exam and informing Peter-Paul of his results, Oliver exited the exam room and smiled entering his small lobby. Kirk Barrett nervously stood next to the door talking to Anitra and Albert Baltimore.

"Good morning, everyone. Ms. Anitra, Peter-Paul will be out in just a moment."

"Is my hypochondriac alright, Dr. Oliver?" She said with a grin.

"I assure you. He's perfectly healthy. Be sure to remind him of that."

"Will do!"

"Mr. Baltimore, I'll be with you in just a minute," Beaker said as he walked over to greet a blushing Kirk. "But, did Erik make it to work alright?"

Albert chuckled. "You worry to much, Dr. Beaker. Erik's doing a great job at the General Store. I'd go crazy without him."

"He's interacting with the customers without any issue?" It sounded overprotective to everyone, but the question was for a completely different purpose.

"Nope. No problems at all. He's a little shy, but he's fine. I heard a rumor that SimCity is finally going to give him documentation?"

"That's a surprise," Kirk mumbled. Anitra nodded as he continued, "They usually drag their feet when it comes to anyone outside of the main city."

Smiling, Oliver gently took Kirk's elbow. "They'll be giving him a small amount of money for an apartment and a grant for schooling should he accept it. Erik's still considering his options. Now, if you'll excuse us." Kirk squirmed as he tried to ignore the mischievous smiles of Anitra and Albert as Dr. Beaker gently pulled him aside.

"I'm surprised you dropped by. You're not fond of this place." Oliver was not exaggerating. Kirk hated hospitals, and by extension, any other medical facility. It had something to do with his time away from Sedona during his later teen years.

"I wanted to ask you something, and you only accept medical related calls during clinic hours." Kirk fidgeted and leaned close to whisper to Oliver. "I um... I wanted to know if you'd like to come by for dinner tonight?"

It would be another one of their home dates. Both Oliver and Kirk were, to many Sedona residents, ridiculously private. They didn't like the idea of going out to the only restaurant in town or to Bill Rose's little burger spot. Both men preferred the privacy of their own homes to be as intimate as they please. Which in reality wasn't much. Other than the occasional kiss, the couple were taking their relationships very slowly. While it was frustrating, the two had an understanding. Kirk didn't want to get bitten twice and Oliver had never entered a romantic relationship. This was easier for both of them.

There was a slight issue though. Kirk thought Oliver was oblivious, but the doctor knew Kirk wasn't always comfortable in his home. He understood. Dr. Beaker's home was cold, modern, and staged. Kirk's home was quite different. Warm, lived in, and clean. The only problem was that Kirk didn't think Oliver was comfortable in his home which was in a junk yard above the family garage.

Considering Oliver's past, any 'home' was a wonderful place to live and visit.

"Of course, should I bring anything?"

"NO! I-I mean... No. I've got it all." Kirk blushed at the snickers coming from behind them.

Peter-Paul walked out with a look of complete confusion. "Did I miss something?"

Later that night, Patient C sat on her bed with a book of classic art in her hands. It was one of the few books that BOY masquerading as a doctor would let her have. Her hands shook as she held the book close, desperately trying to focus her eyes on the colors the pages held. She'd just had another 'treatment'. Apparently, the pet had cried to it's master, who was more than happy to extend her 'treatments' longer than usual.

The electric shocks still ran through her body, making her tremble in pain and rage. She had never liked that useless test subject and now he was ruining her.

Well it wouldn't happen. It would NOT happen to her. She wouldn't be weak like her husband. She'd find a way to escape this crappy little canyon hole and return to Strangetown with the boy's head in her hands. C would need to be patient though. Perhaps if she used sweet 'Erik', she could find a way out of the clinic.

It didn't matter how long it took, but Circe Beaker knew she would outsmart them all.

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@AliaD85 Oh I liked the The Beaker Household post of yours.

It didn't matter how long it took, but Circe Beaker knew she would outsmart them all.

I really love your story line and I always read it carefully. I look forward to more of your continuing story like always.

I like Circe Beaker, in my game I have her get Married to Arlo Specter {formerly Nervous Subject} after the death of her first husband.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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Lots of intrigue at the Beaker house! I believe Circe when she says she'll outsmart them all, and it will be fun to see how she does it.
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This is certainly a very unique approach to telling the story of some of the most famous (infamous?) folks in Strangetown. Can I ask where you got the hair for the one girl with the pink dress and boots?

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@bbostic8 As soon as I get to my computer, I can check for you! I'll send you a PM when I have the info ready!

I hope no one gets too attached to Circe though. Unknown to her, Lo-- uh... Erik won't be staying in the household much longer, which will ruin her current plans. Doesn't mean that she doesn't plan to make things very difficult for Dr. Oliver Beaker. Also, there's even MORE background as to how Circe, Erik (Loki) and Dr. Beaker (formerly Nervous Subject) reached this point in their lives. All THREE of them were at fault in this, but most of them may come out of it alive....I guess.

Nevertheless, things got REALLY ugly back in Strangetown. I may have to put up more warnings when that information comes out...

Honestly, I need to put up more warnings for this entire town!

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I just caught up with the story! I was thinking about it this morning.

HOLY COW THE BEAKER TWIST :O I'm so curious! I wonder if the mysterious deaths have anything to do with the town's alien past... Hmm! I also really liked Dr. Beaker's interactions with his patients, too, haha. Really enjoyed catching up with this story. I also saw your personal updates, I'm so sorry about your loss, I hope you and your family are doing well.

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Alia: Thank you to everyone that left their thoughts and condolences. It's been a tough time for my family, but we're pulling through. Also, sadly, Sunni was lost, but she'll always be remembered.

@bbostic8 Let me know if the link for the hair is working!
@lilyeverlasting So, not long after I started Sedona I wanted a few more sims in the hood. I stumbled over a clean template of Nervous Subject, spruced him up, and he became my Dr. Oliver Beaker. Of course, he has a lot of history left from Strangetown so Loki and Circe popped up. They likely won't be the last ones to appear either.

As of now, I'm considering creating a copy of this thread over on the Sims 2 story board. I didn't realize that I was doing more than just reporting on Sedona in a fun way. I'm literally writing a story for them (that will admittedly get a little crazy further down the road). *shrugs* Who knows. I'll figure it out.

Good news though: No new warnings!

Baltimore Residence:

"So Fletcher said that everything is ready?" asked Albert Baltimore as he slowly stocked the shelves of their second-hand general store. Shop days were more productive than ever after Sedonians discovered they no longer had to road-trip for toilet paper. The gas station barely provided everyone with decent clothing and basic food goods after all.

"Yeah. I spoke to him this afternoon. All the decorations are up and ready. The cake should be dropped off in the morning." The green skinned man nudged his glasses and returned to counting receipts at the register. The day was busy as the store would be closed for the next three days. Corvus glanced up at Albert with a little smile. He figured they deserved a few days off for their wedding.

Corvus and Albert had been friends for years, even before they'd come to Sedona.

Albert, an orphan who had fought through the large SimCity adoption system, found work in the intelligence field after becoming friends with a local SCBI agent. After a surprise promotion to surveillance communicator, Albert met Corvus during a stakeout gone wrong at one of the SimCity Medical Laboratories.

Albert was nearly asleep of boredom when enraged shouting startled him awake from his post on the first floor of a nearby warehouse. An oddly green skinned man was running from the facility Albert was watching while dodging gunshots with a briefcase clutched to his chest. A shocking sixty seconds later, Albert was smacking himself while a stunned Corvus watched his pursuers run past Albert's hiding spot. The two men, one newly promoted rookie agent and an aspiring mad scientist became quick friends.

They remained friends after moving to Sedona on a secret mission to observe and report the happenings on the local population. And after some issues concerning Corvus's heritage, the two became more than friends.

"Great. I called everyone that could come. Doc Oliver said he'd make sure Erik would be there too!"

"Erik needs to get out more often and away from that banshee. Beaker needs to ship her off to SimCity."

"You know how Doc Oliver is." Albert shrugged. "He wants to help everyone."

"You can't help her type of crazy." Corvus worked with various categories of madness on a weekly basis. Patient C was a damn menace. Corvus never forgot her eating his breakfast, harassing his friends and customers, checking out his fiance, and stealing his morning newspaper.

"You just don't like her."

"She reminds me of someone I met in the medical field. She was about to be promoted from intern. Her morals were very...loose." Corvus would never consider himself a saint. He'd done questionable things in the name of science, but the rumors he'd heard of that one were disgusting and horrific. "I was on the committee to determine her promotion. It was denied for a good reason."

Corvus couldn't understand why the thought of her remained and still sent a chill up his spine.

Albert put aside his clipboard and pen before walking over and wrapping an arm around his grumpy alien. "Okay... I think that's enough for one day. Let's lock the door, I'll make my report and we can get some sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day right?"

Corvus rolled his eyes.

SIMMER'S NOTE: So, in case of any confusion, I very rarely have weddings on a sim's lot anymore. Most people don't have weddings in their homes. So, I had Corvus send money to Ethan, so that Ethan could buy the needed wedding decorations with the exact amount of money Corvus transferred to him. I really enjoy working on a budget with my sims

Despite popped balloons, a late arriving wedding cake, even later guests, and an irritated mayor, Albert and Corvus found themselves in Sedona's Town Hall Meeting Room smiling brightly at each other and taking vows.

More than one person rolled their eyes, but others cried tearfully at how sincere the couple were during their happy moment. Hanuel sweetly handed a sobbing Erik a tissue as they watched their friends promise love and fidelity to each other.

"Albert, I promise to be loyal, faithful, and loving. I also promise not to blow up our storage room with my experiments."

"Corvus, I promise to love, honor you, and never report anything odd or strange about our relationship to my superiors."

Ronald Manning shook his head. He couldn't believe these two idiots. Thankfully everyone else was too busy crying and cooing over the couple to realize what they said. (Alia: It's my sims game, okay! It certainly felt like they were saying this!)

Finally, the two exchanged rings becoming legal partners as their friends clapped excitedly around them. The newly married couple were so focused on each other that they missed a few wistful looks aimed their way.

The reception quickly followed and everyone was more than happy to dig into the delicious wedding cake. But first, the group gathered around the couple, encouraging the two to shove cake in each other's faces. Unfortunately for their guests, the two sims were smart enough to discuss their behavior during arrangements and gently fed each other a bite.

Dakota smiled at his friends' over his shoulder before shyly turning back to Ronald. Dakota and the military man had a 'thing' going. It was starting to get serious. They hadn't done anything yet - not for lack of trying on Dakota's part - but the daycare owner started spending more time, and even a few nights, at Ronald's tiny house trailer. "Nice wedding, right?"

Ronald shrugged with a small smile. "They're a couple of saps, but yeah. It was nice."

Dakota struggled to find something else to say and flustered. This was one of his main problems around Ronald. He didn't know what to say without sounding stupid.

Of course, Ronald noticed and rolled his eyes. He took Dakota's hand and guided him toward the lunch table. "I heard you had good news."

Dakota beamed as the rest of the group laughed and joked around the newlyweds. "Well, there aren't any babies in Sedona anymore. Most of the babies are ready for preschool. I was going out of business and you know uh..." Dakota fidgeted, "My nephews can't leave the house just yet. I mean they're so much better than before-,"

"And the good news is?" Ronald asked bluntly, cutting Dakota off.

He smiled, "I was hired as the new elementary school teacher at the school! I'll be teaching alongside Adam! Isn't that great?"

Ronald glanced over at the alien in question who was secretly watching Hanuel. The alien dressed in white smiled back and forth at the married couple and Ronald and Dakota. There was a bit of longing in Hanuel's happy smile, but the look on Adam's face caused a frown to cross Ronald's.

The redhead would be the first to admit that he didn't like Adam though it had more to do with his uptight behavior and the snide remarks thrown his way when Ronald flirted with Phil. Ronald had a type. He couldn't help that. As for the kiss he laid on Phil? It was well before Adam staked his claim and started a relationship with the author.

But, Adam's expression over Hanuel was contemplative and calculating enough to disturb Ronald.

The last time Ronald saw a man with that expression his best friend was sent on a kamikaze mission.

Ronald took a deep breath before nudging Dakota into a chair. He glanced over at Erik standing off to the side. Perhaps Ronald should see how he was doing. "I think you will make an amazing teacher, Dakota."

The new teacher smiled brightly as he took his seat. Ronald, however, was not in the mood to share a table with Adam and decided to speak to an anxious Erik instead.

The rest of the group gathered around the table including the town mayor, Ethan, and Dakota's brother, Goker. Dr. Beaker was observing the twins for a couple of hours. Since he was only down the road, Goker dropped in to give well-wishes to the newlyweds. Goker took a seat next to his brother, earning a worried smile from Dakota and an amused look from Ronald. Most of the town believed that Dakota had taken in Goker and 'adopted' him as a sibling.

Truth was that the two men were related by blood through their mother. They had grown up together for a long while before factions back home earned Dakota a one way trip to a new planet.

Goker didn't care whether people realized the truth or not. He only kept quiet around Ronald because he knew his brother was quite serious about the relationship. Ronald Manning was only fond of one alien in the town, Goker's best friend, Hanuel. Neither Goker or Dakota knew how Ronald would react knowing that his lover was half-alien.

Still, conversation ran through the room smoothly and happily. The celebrators talked and laughed about the various happenings in their little community as well as SimCity. There was even an interesting conversation about the end of Phil's book series.

"So he's already planning a new series?" asked Albert.

Adam nodded. "It's been in the works for some time. As of now, he's outlining and researching for the novel."

"Is it another series?" Dakota asked eagerly.

"I am unsure. It appears that he's keeping it a surprise for now."

Ethan smiled. "Hopefully, he'll still allow me to add his name to our new website."

Hanuel patted Ethan on the shoulder in congratulations as Corvus chuckled. "I can't believe this little place has a website."

"It's not exactly small anymore," laughed Ethan.

By the end of the party, the cake was gone and everyone was saying their goodbyes in the lobby of the town hall. Corvus decided to personally thank Hanuel for arriving.

Hanuel was Corvus' closest friend of his species. Corvus hadn't wanted the town to find out that he wasn't exactly human, but when Adam, Hanuel, and Goker arrived, it seemed a bit silly to keep hiding his alien features. Of the three men, Hanuel and Corvus hit it off the easiest. Goker was too busy adjusting to fatherhood and trying to mentally stabilize his twins to pay attention to Corvus, and Adam reminded Corvus too much of his fellow scientists to be overly fond of.

Hanuel was, as always, friendly, kind, and helpful. He was the one that honestly answered every one of Corvus's questions about their species and their alien culture. Hanuel even answered questions that obviously upset him. He didn't want Corvus to interact with his fellow or future aliens ignorantly.

The two men talked excitedly about the wedding, exchanging warm congratulations. "It's wonderful seeing so many families begin and grow." Hanuel looked pleased at the idea. "I've found so much joy in my sons! Hopefully, you and Albert won't wait too long before you have your own little one."

Corvus chuckled. "I think that will be a long time in the future, Hanuel. Albert and I haven't even talked about children."

Hanuel nodded. "I suppose. You'll need to be careful then. As a mated Source, you'll have to prevent your body from reproducing. Your instincts will-,"

"Wait what?" Corvus cut through Hanuel's words. "What are you talking about?" Corvus knew what a Source was. It was an alien like Hanuel. A creator. A bearer. A life-creater. A Source in their alien culture was a male mother. They had the ability to sire children, as Hanuel unwillingly did, but were built to naturally carry and birth a child themselves.

Corvus felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. He remembered how serious Hanuel was when talking about Sources and the difficulties of living as a Source. Corvus suddenly realized why Hanuel was so emphatic when speaking to Corvus about it. "I'm not a Source, Hanuel."

"Of course you are." Hanuel stated as matter of fact.

"I don't have any of the characteristics! That's impossible!" Corvus whispered.

Despite seeing the panic begin to build in his friend, Hanuel knew Corvus had to face facts. "You hate disorder. Sudden loud noises put you on the defensive, but that didn't stop you from a career built on creating new things."

"Yes, I'm a scientist, but Adam is a scientist, too! You said he wasn't a Source."

"Neither Adam nor Goker are Sources, but Corvus, Adam was an observationist. He didn't create with his hands like you do. He watched things react around him." Hanuel continued, "You've never felt comfortable in open spaces. I bet you preferred smaller laboratories despite your successful work providing you with larger labs and assistants."

Corvus glanced at Albert out of the corner of his eye. Thankfully, the man was distracted by their joyful friends. "It's not... Hanuel..."

"You've never felt comfortable around Adam or Goker without a crowd nearby," Corvus flinched at the spot on observation, "And for one week, every three months, your body seems to change. Your strength increases, your fight or flight instincts are hyperactive, and you are constantly starving no matter how much food you eat. Your stomach also feels empty despite your change in diet. Most of all, your need for intimacy increases exponentially. By the time the week is over, you feel depressed for a few days before you continue on with your life. Corvus..."

The newly married alien looked horrified and lost. Hanuel placed a warm hand on Corvus' shoulder. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you on such a special day. I wasn't thinking before, but you have to know the truth. You need to prepare."

While Corvus was annoyed with his friend, he also understood why Hanuel was so persistent. Still, Corvus was horrified for a completely different reason.

His week had already begun.


Alia: So, I didn't know how to put these pics into the story but like all my other pictures, they happened pretty naturally. I just didn't know what to do or say!

My town hall is owned by the current mayor, Ethan, but it's more of an open meeting space for other sims. No money is made from the town hall. So, despite the wedding, other sims will often pop up. One of those sims that wasn't invited to the wedding was Tarek.

He and Hanuel are friends and co-parenting their twins. I left them be for a while, but neither man is particularly attracted to the other. They never even kissed. I hoped, but nothing worked.

So imagine my surprise when Tarek stands under the wedding arch and Hanuel goes over to talk to him. WTF YOU GUYS! I GAVE YOU THAT CHANCE!

I wasn't any more amused when they both ended up standing under it. Sometimes, I wonder if the Sim Universe is just screwing with me.


"Um....." Albert blinked watching his new husband feign sleep. He'd known Corvus was a little upset after the reception, but he hadn't expected this behavior.

The alien was bundled deep under the covers on his back, audibly snoring loud enough to be heard outside of their bedroom. He seemed to be deep in slumber, but Albert shared a bed long enough to know that Corvus never slept that way. The scientist was a quiet sleeper that curled up tightly on his side to sleep, usually with Albert wrapped around his back.

The field agent shook his head and wondered if Corvus's conversation with Hanuel was so bad the scientist was no longer interested in their wedding night. He'd noticed how the mood between the two men changed suddenly during their conversation but tried his best to give the two their privacy.

Sighing in exasperation, Albert walked to the bed. He was too tired to freak out now.

Ignoring Corvus's body going stiff at his approach, Albert crawled in the bed behind his new husband. The redhead rolled onto to his side and stared at his nervous husband. "I don't know what Hanuel said." Corvus stiffened and turned his back to Albert, who continued, "I'm not going to ask, but I will say this much. I don't care."

"I don't care what it is about your heritage - and I don't doubt for a moment that has something to do with it - that upset you. I don't care if you think you or your people are weird. I don't care if you THINK that I'll leave you because of it."

"What I do want you to remember is that I am very serious about the vows we took this morning, Corvus. I love you, you idiot. I loved you when you lied about your origins. I loved you when we received an assignment to Sedona and opened this store. I loved you when you nearly burned down the kitchen, and I loved you even when I was pissed about all the lying," Albert sighed. "I'm not going anywhere, Corvus. You don't get to throw abandonment issues at me."

"I-it's not abandonment issues!" Corvus's face was tinged purple even as he reluctantly turned to face his partner. "I may have been adopted, but the scientists always treated me like their own child!"

Albert stared at his husband. "Then what has you so terrified? What did Hanuel say?"

Corvus cringed before slowly pushing away the covers and sitting up against the headboard. Albert quickly followed suit, pulling his wary spouse into his arms. Corvus relaxed a little into the hug. "As you know, I've been learning about my heritage through Hanuel. Adam is a historical source, but Hanuel is brutally honest."

"I know that, Corvus. You told me all of that so we could inform the base, but what has you so upset?"

Corvus took a deep breath. "You know what a Source is right?"

Albert opened his mouth to respond when his brain froze in disbelief. "You're a Source?!"

Corvus didn't respond, only sagged down under his own weight.

"B-but, we've been active for a while!" Albert blushed, his face as red as Corvus' was purple. "Are you... um..."

"No." Corvus snapped in embarrassment, "But, it's something that neither of us ever expected to deal with. I didn't want to tell you because this is horrifically embarrassing, especially as m-my week has already begun. We might have considered adopting in the distant future, but because of my odd anatomy, we have to set certain time when we should probably avoid each other."

"Avoid each other?" Albert's mind raced as he spoke.

"Every three months, I'm...fertile for one week."

"Wait. You mean those weeks that you get really, really-,"

"Yes," Corvus groaned. He hated having that brought up. "Those times. The time won't pass easy, but it'll prevent any accidents from happening."

"Is that so bad?" Corvus blinked at Albert in surprise. The other man smiled. "I think we'd make pretty good dads. Sedona's a good place to raise children and we even have a school on the way."

"A child from us-," Corvus began.

"Would be pretty damn impressive! They would grow with peers that shared a half-alien heritage. They wouldn't be shunned for growing up with green skin or dark eyes. And if our child is as half as intelligent as you, he'll be a top scientist in no time."

Corvus was stunned silent. He could only smile and slump down into Albert's warm hug.

"Still," Corvus muttered, "Let's at least wait until I'm...used to this information."

Albert laughed and hugged Corvus closer, doing his best to ignore the painful question that popped into his brain.

If Corvus was a Source for all these years, and the two were in an intimate relationship for the past two years....

Albert shook his head and closed his eyes.

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That was an eventful wedding. I'm glad to see Corvus appears to be working hard to always be honest with Albert, even when it's embarrassing. Like so many things, the anticipation is always the worst part. So we are left to wonder, as Albert does, if a Source can actually be infertile, or if it's the combination of the two of them. It will be interesting to find out.
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@AliaD85 I am back to posting as my Partner is out of the Hospital and she is home now.

Oh My the whole "Source" thing is an interesting twist and my there were a lot of Aliens together at the wedding too. Of course one of the questions is, are Corvus and Albert going to have a baby and why haven't they had one earlier?

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