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Reed (Ripp's grandson) is now wondering if marrying Monique was such a great idea. He is 18 days away from elderhood and she is 26 days away. Yes, she is young and beautiful. The grand-daughter of the infamous beauty Bella Goth. He was living alone with his alien hybrid daughter and needed a wife, not just for help, but because he was lonely. He met her at a friend's house and was surprised she agreed to go out with him. They were both charismatic and into fitness among other common interests. He is working his way to be a hall of famer and she is a dancer. It didn't take long for them to fall in love and get married. She moved into his (really nice) house and that's when the headaches started. She did the bare minimum to take care of his baby, but hey she was pregnant and tired he reasoned. She hadn't done much to skill as a teen or at college, preferring to socialize instead. She did try to make breakfast before he left for work and make dinner for him afterwards. However, the best she could do was toaster pastries and spaghetti. Lunch meat sandwiches were a common lunch. How many times had he had said, 'Don't worry, honey, I'll make dinner tonight'? And the same for breakfast and lunch on the days he was off. They didn't have much money (he spent it all on the house) so he also had to do all the yard work. If something needed repairing, he did it. She didn't know anything about mechanical issues. Hell, she could barely plunge the toilet. She didn't have enough logic to be smart about money either. He nearly hit the roof when she spent a ton of money on redecorating the nursery and buying a very expensive tv. Her response was 'How am I going to learn to cook without a tv?' He bit back the remark on the tip of his tongue 'Um, read a book like a normal person?' She spent her maternity leave barely taking care of his child, now a toddler. Still, most nights by 7:30, she was dead tired and went to bed. And forget woohooing. So he spent his evenings feeding, playing with, bathing, and teaching skills to his daughter because she sure wasn't getting that done. He was patient, though. After all, she was pregnant. Finally she gave birth - to twins! Now she was tired from getting up at night to care of the babies and making time to do skilling related to her job. So, the burden of raising his toddler still fell mostly on him. He's not losing hope yet, though. He keeps telling himself that once his toddler is a child, she can help around the house and take care of herself more. He is trying not to think about how trying it will be to take care of two toddlers. And the fact that she works at night and he works in the day. And the fact that, if she is taking care of twins all day and working at night, she'll never learn to cook and never have energy to woohoo. The upside that at least she won't get pregnant again is little comfort. Perhaps, he muses sometimes, he really should have married a woman his own age with a little more life experience...but only sometimes. Because in his heart, he is still madly in love with her and she with him. It's not Monique's fault that she is young and inexperienced. She's trying her best and he recognizes and admires her for that. In fact, he thinks his own dissatisfaction is petty compared to what she is going through. She wants to reach the top of her own career to bring in more money. She wants to be a good mother to all three children. She wants to be a good wife. It's all just a little overwhelming for someone so young and inexperienced. In the end, I think these two will make it. They just need time, love, and patience with one another to get through the current though times.
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Springtime continues in Pleasantview - Part 1

After tremendous effort by Dustin Broke to reconcile Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer, the happy couple is finally married and expecting their first child. When Lilith almost died in a Crepe Suzette accident, she and Dirk were truly able to reexamine their priorities.

Dustin has now moved in with Lindsay Mamuyac. He's not ready for anything official, but after years of casual dating, living together will be nice and give him an opportunity to get to know his daughter, Tamara. She's a plucky teen trying hard to earn the money to go to college.

Angela Phoenix is delighted for Lilith and Dirk, and maybe even for Dustin. She can't imagine that Lilith will have a marriage as perfect as hers - Jimmy is the best husband: handsome; a lawyer; a loving father, etc. Their eldest son Robbie is marring their image just a little bit by trying to sneak out at night, and some people think that little Jaenelle dressing as a dragon every day is weird, but her twin Henry is perfectly normal and always there to support his sister.

Just up the street, Lucy Westenra (formerly Burb and Zaide) is hoping her second marriage is more successful than her first. Beth is a much more understanding partner than Jay was. They have adopted a daughter, Claire, who gets on well with her older brother Jason.

Jay Zaide is trying to do the best he can by his son. Jason doesn't believe in love since his parents' marriage dissolved, but he does believe in romance. He's romancing a few too many girls at once, by Jay's standards. Jay misses Lucy. He was serious considering remarrying, but Karen Cai just lacked something and reconciliation was never really an option. He's single and looking.
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From the Magnolia Park Gazette:

There were 3 births in Magnolia Park this week. Congratulations to Ashley and Orlando Centowski with the birth of their twins, Anina and Darius. We understand Mayor Doyle is very happy with his first grandchildren.

Barbara and Juan Harris just had their third child, a day after the twins grew up. Welcome to the world to young Janina. Barbara was the first baby born in Magnolia Park and her father said it still felt like yesterday to him.

Xander and Iris Moore had a Golden Anniversary party and are now going to start their business for young and upcoming musicians.

Aiden and Lucille Sullivan also celebrated their Golden Anniversay. Lucille, our big boss here at the newspaper, told us she had no intention to stop working and she expected us to keep raising our standards. Aiden also seems happy to carry on working and write his novel in his free time. The couple still likes to go fishing, and enjoy it even more when their grown-up twins, Louis and Louise, can go with them.
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Cassandra realized she was pregnant after a night out ghost hunting with her father (having experienced no morning sickness or other symptoms, she was taken by surprise) and reacted as any sim who'd just realized their baby is probably not their spouse's would: with excessive worrying.

Meanwhile, her great aunt, Agnes, is determined to build a coven in Pleasantview, and leave the Crumplebottom name with a legacy more important than simoleons. But with Cassandra having married Don after all, and her decision to take all things paranormal "slow" (Don does not like the paranormal. The thought of magic lurking just beneath his wife nearly put an end to their engagement. A bad sign for the longevity of the relationship but *shrugs*), Agnes has no choice but to face the truth-the Crumplebottom line ends with her. Alexander must be initiated. He's taken enough interest in the paranormal that she's not worried about him declining the inheritance. But there is one thing Alexander can't inherit: her name. She's too old now to have biological children, but she can take a spouse, and ensure they carry on the Crumplebottom name. Perhaps they'll even take in wards to accept into the coven-not adopt, but take in. So that maybe, when Alexander comes of age, he might have suitable suitors of magical lineage. The thought gives Agnes some comfort, at least. And so Agnes began her hunt for a spouse.

Dirk Dreamer continues a fumbling foray into romance following his break up with Lilith Pleasant, who chose to listen to her mother and focus on her studies (and perhaps the fact that Mary-Sue has taken the time to bond with her daughter had a lot to do with that decision. Lilith finally got what she was craving: her mother's attention, and not even her relationship with Dirk was able to win out over that). Dirk is eager, and enthusiastic, but has a habit of coming on too strong too quick, or choosing a terrible time to act on his romantic impulses (he almost ruined his and Dustin's friendship when, after Angela broke up with him and Dustin was a mess and crying, Dirk chose that moment to try and romantically hug him. Of course he got pushed away and Dustin asked him to go home after that. Thankfully things didn't remain awkward for very long and the two were back at tinkering together and fixing up the the old car in Dirk's driveway soon enough). and while a handful of rejections might have put a dent in any other teen's confidence, Dirk's hadn't wavered. Until recently.

Woody Weiss isn't one to go unnoticed by his peers. And one night, Dirk determined to talk to him. After a drink. I think this is maybe from the custom beer keg (I'm not sure what else could cause a teen to propose?), but I wasn't even playing Dirk, I was playing David Ottomas, when a cut scene suddenly ripped my attention away from David.

It was Dirk. Down on one knee! I guess Dirk got a little TOO nervous, drank a little too much, and then, instead of flirting, proposed.

Woody, of course, said no. I knew, from playing Dirk last time, that he was becoming increasingly interested in knowing Woody, and was attracted to him.

But now Dirk might never be able to look Woody in the eye again.

I, on the other hand, am very much amused. Dirk is officially one of my favorite sims in Pleasantspot.

You can spy on my sims on tumblr @ejsims
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This last rotation has been wack. For some reason my game ate Cornwall and Reagan's baby, so I had to go fix that issue.

Hal Capp resurrected his uncle Caliban, so I moved him in with his children. He slept on the couch for a while until Tybalt got into a fight with Mercutio that ended in Tybalt's death! I know, much different than in the original. I roll a d20 after every fight, and if it's a critical fail, the loser dies. Needless to say, despite some strides on my part, the feud is going strong. Juliet and Romeo are even on the fritz

At one point, Puck, who was engaged to Hermia, found her on a community lot date with Sebastian (originally Benedict). That... Didn't go well.

Patricio's wife Isabella became his husband Antonio, and Antonio bought another testosterone potion (wonderful mod, I love the memory for it) for his grandchild Olivia (Beatrice), who took it and transitioned into Cesario. He's very dapper, he wore a suit and tie after his transition!

I'm thinking about having Bianca and Kent raise a child together in a platonic way, since through ACR Bianca is gay and Kent came with a slight preference for men. As for the teens, there's just so much drama there I can't even begin to tackle! The only relationship that looks like it's going well is Hal and Bottom.

Miranda is infertile. She's a romance sim though, so it doesn't bother her too much. Her sister Desmonda is asexual. I'm having a lot of fun with this neighborhood!

I recommend playing by dice to anyone who feels their game is going stale. When Tybalt rolled to die, I gasped! Having so many sims outside the traditional cishet norms is so wonderful! Heck, even rolling for different genie wishes is enjoyable - I never would have resurrected an ancestor sim, I let them stay dead typically, and I certainly wouldn't have had Hal choose his uncle he barely knows!

I know this post is all over the place, but one last thing - I've been incorporating supernatural families into my neighborhood. An Alien/Plantsim family, a Zombie/Werewolf family, and a Vampire/Witch family. It's made things more interesting, too! Of course, i do understand the supernatural lifestates aren't for everyone

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~Theodore Geisel
"If what you are is just what you own, what have you become when they take from you almost everything?" ~Destroya, My Chemical Romance
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Springtime in Pleasantview continues - Part 2

Gretchen Asimov sold the house she and Mary-Sue (formerly Oldie and Pleasant) had shared, giving most of the windfall to their adopted daughter Elysse. She then moved into a condo and is enjoying her retirement. When her lover, Joe Carr died, Gretchen decided she didn't need another commitment, although dating is nice.

Elysse bought a beautiful townhouse and has decorated it to perfection. She may be spending just a bit too much time with her bubble blower, but she does have her priorities in order. She married her high school sweetheart, Beau Broke, now that his little sister Lori Carr is off to University. They had parted when he went to University, then she went, but quickly fell in love once they reconnected.

Beau's other younger sister, Skipper Broke, finished University and moved in with her best friend and sorority sister, Imogen Dreamer. The two had a lot of fun, delaying a start in any career path, although Skipper is particularly interested in launching her career as a politician. When she realized that she was pregnant by Cyd Roseland, she was a bit stunned, but thanks to some friendly advice (via my Vote on my game thread), she decided she’ll marry him. She’ll be sad not to live with Imogen anymore, however.

Cyd will be thrilled when Skipper proposes; however, his dedication to her over the last few years seems to be waning. People would be shocked to know that he is also sleeping with the elderly and recently widowed Jennifer Burb. In fact, Skipper would be devastated and her career over before it began if anyone were to find out.

Jennifer Burb is reeling from the death of her husband. Enjoying the attentions of a much younger man does help a bit. She’s also looking forward to the engagement and marriage of her son Ian to Morganna Goth, a fashion student still currently at university. She adores her eldest child, Lucy, and her two grandchildren, but she can only hope that Ian’s marriage and life will be less tumultuous - no Burb had ever been divorced before! Jennifer doesn’t even want to consider the future of her youngest, Willa, whose aspirations seem to be romance and pleasure and who is currently the head of Tri-Var sorority.
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My sims are dropping like flies in m apocalypse challenge. The founder and two of his heirs have been killed by ghosts (thankfully after producing offspring) and now the one spare I had left died of illness (i assume. I didnt see a pop up) right after she lifted the athletic restriction... I hate ghosts
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From the Magnolia Park Gazette

"Sometimes, a man has to have a plan," General Evans told us with a mischievous smile. The General and his wife are on the verge of retirement, but none of his 5 children have even found a steady partner. So where will the grandchildren come form that he so desperately wants? The General has not been in the military for so long without learning a lot about tactics. He went to visit a couple of community lots, met two young women, befriended them and invited them over for dinner, where he introduced them to Wade and Wendell. It worked - both Wade and Wendell are engaged now, and Wade will get married first.

"I am just so happy that they both fell in love with these two lovely young women," the General said. "My eldest son, Breyton, has no plans to get married, although he would probably be a great dad. My twin daughters are still at university, and while Charmaine may get married one day, Charlene is like Breyton, seeing no need to settle in a relationship.

So who will follow in the General's footsteps?
"of course, Wendell joined the military, but I am not sure he will actually choose to stay a soldier for the rest of his life. At this stage, young Orlando Centowski seems to fit the bill. He works hard and is dedicated, and he is a pleasant fellow too."

So what is next for the General and his wife? "Well, we have the two weddings coming up as well as our Golden Anniversary, but we plan on doing some farming and go hiking and fishing after that."
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Springtime in Pleasantview continues - Part 3

Alexander Goth has a headache that will not go away. He and his husband Jerry are really happy at the moment. They are running a small restaurant with success and their son Diego just started school and is smart and handsome. The three of them would be in excellent shape - but the rest of the family is not.

His half-sister, Viviane Goth disappeared from Miss Zoe’s School for Girls at about the same time as Arthur Goth, the family heir, ran away from home. Despite Alex’s efforts, neither of the two have been located and he can only hope they are alright. He forced Miss Zoe’s School to shut down - imagine losing a student! - but that means his other half-sisters, Elaine and Nimuae, are now underfoot. Now they, and Lance, Elaine’s twin, are teens and their behaviour is troublesome. Lance has started picking fights with everyone. Especially Alex and Jerry.

Alex has tried to ask his step-mother, Dina, if she has a clue what’s going on. She hasn’t said a thing because she isn’t prepared to tell him that Arthur is not actually a Goth (she paid Lindsay Mamuyac for a son), or that Viviane has married him in the hopes of giving him a son who will then become the heir to the Goth Estate, or that in the length of time the two have been gone, Viviane has already given birth to two girls, Diane and Hera.

If all of that weren’t enough, his beloved older sister Cassandra recently passed. Her three youngest children, Ilana, Derek and Bella Dreamer, all became his wards. With Miss Zoe’s School gone and the house basically full, Alex hired a butler to help out around their house and tried to keep an eye on them. It wasn’t enough, and Ilana got pregnant, got married to Matty Picaso, and had quadruplets. Alex is not happy that she won’t be going to University like Bella and Derek. Clearly, she’s an adult now, so she and her new husband will just have to manage!

Matty’s parents, Matthew and Jessica Picaso, aren’t sure how to take the news of Matty’s marriage and new fatherhood either. Definitely they are proud of him for stepping up, but he was supposed to set a better example for his triplet younger brothers, Mark, Richard and Vincent. Without him at home, it’s even more likely those three will cause problems - the least of which might be that both Mark and Vincent are interested in Elaine Goth, and her choice seems to be both!

Hopefully that won’t lead to another headache for Alexander.

**If you would like a say in what happens in my Pleasantview, please vote in my thread. Currently, you can vote on what Dina Goth should do next**
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Well, currently uninstalling the game after years of using the "taboo" version of the game and because it's so old, I don't think I'll bother looking for UC or vintage versions of the game (have no disc driver anyways). My installation files borked when installed AGS (which I was curious to try out) and even though it said you don't need re-install, I still did that as I lost impatient (uninstall, reboot, install, reboot etc for several hours), but now can't get the game work on my laptop..

On the bright side, after overpopulated the premade hoods over and over and got bored of creating my own sims, it might not THAT bad idea to do. Got my old habit of starting the game, play a sim-day and then exit the game --- rinse and repeat... which means I've lack of motivation in playing anyways.Perhaps will go back in the future, but for now, I plan to get a break from TS2 and maybe try out the other Sims games.

So I won't be on TS2 for probably a long time, but who knows, I might re-try installing it the future.

/Byebye, The overpopulating Sim Breeder ( )

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The Reyes family did something a little extreme.... They quit their jobs, sold everything and bought a farm. The 'house' on the property is really just a glorified bedroom with a stove. They have two hammocks inside and a kitchen table. The outhouse is in the back of the property and the shower is right outside the kitchen! (for convenience ;P) They have a small pond for fishing, a vegetable garden, some citrus trees and a little flower garden. They currently have a tent outside until the second section of the home is built. It'll serve as another bedroom for more hammocks lol.

They surprisingly still manage to have a lot of free time even while trying to maintain all that lol. I'm sure it'll increase as they earn their badges


Miranda Harris moved into the Plaza Dormitory at SSU this weekend. They are officially booked to the max, luckily I don't think anyone else will be joining the campus. We have two students at Traok, six at Plaza and two at the Landgraab Dormitory.
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Idiots don't survive in the desert - and Sophia Picaso, who was raised in the desert and reached the rank of Flight Officer before she even went to college, is certainly no idiot. So when she saw a speaker somehow adrift from its tethers and hanging dangerously over the lead guitarist, Sophia didn't hesitate. With all her military training, she probably could have scrambled up and secured the speaker without interrupting the concert, but that same military training told her that risks like that were heroic only when no simpler solution presented itself, and this case there was an alternative that was not only safer for her, but also presented the least risk to civilians (Sophia still thinks of herself as a Flight Officer sometimes, even if she is a civilian now). Sophia ran onto the stage and herded the band out of the way before the speaker fell. The lead guitarist was so grateful, he gave her $8600 on top of her regular pay.

Amidst all the publicity surrounding the event, Sophia finally got her big break and was offered work as a studio musician. Too much work, in fact. Having agreed to work with one band, she was offered a contract by another, better known artist. But Sophia was taught that her word should be her bond, and she regretfully turned down the second offer. It turned out to be a good decision, though, as the band she was working with got its break, too - and Sophia raked in another big bonus of $15,000.

Between the two rewards, the promotion, and working a second shift due to the different hours in her new job, Sophia raked in $30,000 in one Sim day. Not bad going! I think she can safely afford that wedding party she and Almeric Davis have been wanting now, as well as a bigger house in which to start a family.
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The Ottomas family can't catch a break in Pleasantspot.

The week started out well. The family moved into Widespot's trailer park, and immediately got settled into the swing of things! Rhett Hart wandered by, trying to casually take a peek at who Widespot's newest lady was, but Sam was quick to shoo him off, and wasn't impressed in the slightest.

Then Dora brought back the flu, infecting Sam right before she gave birth to the twins, Wally and Eddie.

Now, the entire house save for David and little Tommy is sick. Thankfully, I don't use the realistic sickness mod, or I'd be a little scared at this point, but I still don't want the entire neighborhood to be coughing before long. Don really needs to start up a clinic, or the Goths should start up an apothecary, since Mortimer has the recipe for the elixir of life and all... Hmmm...

Meanwhile, Lilith and David are really hitting it off, and David's made quick friends with the popular Woody Weiss. So Woody tagged along when David came home from school, with plans of hanging out around town (read: the makeout spot, with its hidden keg of beer Sam and Peter would NOT approve of), but with all the sickness in the house David had a hard time cornering busy, not-feeling-too-well Sam to ask her to go out-every second it seems one of the twins are crying, she can't talk now she has to change Eddie, or Tommy needs to eat, or Sharla is trying to tell Mom she doesn't feel well.

Peter, meanwhile, is stretched a little thin. He recently got promoted after leaking a good story, but the flu is kicking his butt, Sam needs help, it's hard to get some uninterrupted shut-eye at home right now, and with the bills needing to be paid, he can't ask for time off yet. He dragged himself to work, late, and got an earful.

When the family ran out of groceries, he made the walk down the street at midnight to the General Store so the kids could have breakfast in the morning. He was expecting to grab what he needed, lug himself back home, and drop like a stone into bed.

Instead, he ran into Sandy Bruty in the checkout line.

Going off their conversation bubbles, I've decided Sandy and Peter knew each other from college! It was definitely a surprise being greeted by Sandy, who couldn't believe who she was seeing! They talked far longer than they should have, laughing and reminiscing, and it was two in the morning by the time Peter walked back home, still tired, but rejuvenated.

He and Sandy are three bolters.

I won't orchestrate anything, that'll count on whether or not Peter rolls wants for Sandy. He does seem to genuinely love Sam, and I am not eager to break them up.

You can spy on my sims on tumblr @ejsims
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