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Old 30th Dec 2010, 8:37 AM Child of Death #1
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Alight, so I'm not exactly sure if this is what you meant, but I had fun and gave it a go, so here you are enjoy. ( I turned it into a story with my creative juices)

Alithia Watson had everything she could ever dream of.

A Beautiful Home

A Model’s Wardrobe including her favorite coat made out of fake , but very realistic looking and feeling puppy fur.

Dream Vacations, and a body to die for!

She never knew that in a matter of minutes everything she ever loved or held true would be gone. It started out a night like any other night, she had gone out clubbing, and returned home, only this time something was different. Her maid Maria was sitting on the front porch, wearing her 9,0000 dollar dress and her favorite shoes. This was the moment that something clicked in her head. Her past that she had tried so carefully to make disappear was about to be released back into the future. Before she knew what was happening she had beaten Maria to a bloody pulp, and was holding a knife threateningly at the horrid woman.

“Please….I mean no harm.” Maria stumbled holding her hands up in her defense.

“You are out of line…I must kill you. Nobody touches the Alithia Watson wardrobe. It is a crime punishable by death.” She didn’t want to kill her, no, never kill her, just badly mane her to the point that she would remember what she did was a crime.

“Fine….but I’m not the one you should kill.” Maria cried quietly.

“Excuse me?”

“Eric gave me this dress, he gave it to me. We’ve been seeing each other for the last six weeks.”

This was too much for Alithia to bear. It wasn’t true that her boyfriend gave Maria that dress. It couldn’t be possible, it couldn’t happen. He loves her right? She couldn’t stop herself now. Rage ran through her veins as she pulled the knife up high once more, and then plunged it into Maria’s skull, stabbing her over and over again.

“Oh Crap…what have I done?” She asked herself as she sat down on the porch with her head in her hands, looking angrily down at the dead body. “What am I going to do now?”

“I know…I should hide the body before Death shows up ! He won’t be able to punish me if there’s no body, right?” She reasoned with herself reaching down to check her victims pulse and make she sure was really dead and then grabbed the dead woman by the ankles and with all of her strength started pulling her towards the pound.

“Guh! Your heavy! Have you never heard of a diet!” She grunted as she used the last remaining ounce of her strength to lay the dead woman on the bank of the pond. Just as she was about to push her into the water, Death showed up and shook his head at her in a disappointed way.

“You’ve killed again, and surly I must make you pay for the life you have taken.” He told her she looked at him as if he had gone a little bonkers, but remained quiet all the same.

“You will bear my child and give birth to him three days later. If will be forever winter until the day of his eighteenth birthday in which I will return to claim my son, and take him to do my work.”

Alithia doesn’t take him seriously, she laughs a little and rolls her eyes at him, his anger becomes apparent as he replies:

“Fine. I will extend your curse -You didn't take me seriously, and now the bad will become much worse. You shant work or earn money, no one wants thee who has cast eternal winter. Your savings have been stolen, you only have 1,000$ left. And you well get 1,000 by me, every time he grows to the next stage, until he comes with me.” He says as he disappears.

Alithia takes him serious this time and turns to walk into her home and take a nice hot shower only to see it is gone, and has been replaced with a two room shack. All of her fancy clothing had been removed, aswell as her television, pager, cell phone, and computer. There was no radio or game system, only a rustic old book shelf made of cynder blocks. The bed was made of old crates with a thin matrase ontop that was defiantly not temperpedic. Alithia laid down on the bed and tried to relax.

Restless and unable to relax she spends the next three days eating as healthy as food she can find in the rustic old shack

Sewing a quilt for herself and the new baby that is to come from the rags and found around the shack….

Trying to clean up as best as she can, knowing a baby needs a clean space to stay healthy.

And reading all the books her small book shelf holds on children, parenting and pregnancy.

Alithia goes into labor late one night, she was just getting ready to go to bed when her water broke.

Unable to afford a doctor, or a hospital visit, the baby is born in the tiny cold shack.

She names him Aiden and wraps him up tight in a white rag to keep him warm. He is a healthy baby, and despite everything she believed he would be, is truly a joy in Alithia’s life, despite the hardships they were facing. She forms a close bond with the tiny infant over the next few days.

She couldn’t afford a crib, and so when the baby slept, she held him safely in her arms.

Soon Aiden aged up to Toddler. They didn’t have money for fancy toys or a toddler bed, but Alithia sewed her son a quilted blanket and stuffed it with fresh straw so he had a comphy pillow to sleep on. Besides who has time to play when there is learning to be done? Aiden mastered all of his Toddler Skills. (With much frustration of his mother. (He is a slooww learner)

Exausted from a long day of teaching toddler skills, Alithia puts Aiden to bed and then crashes on the couch.

Aidens favorite things to do during his toddler years was to take naps with his dog Aunux, and play peek-a-boo with his mommy!

As a child Aiden was a high sprited being. It was really hard for Alithia to believe that he was Death’s creation. He loved to read and did wonderful in School. (I wasn’t sure if I was actually suppose to have him go to school or not, and so I had Alithia home school him anyway he still made good grades)

He also loved to play with his mommy in the snow!

The day of his birthday he invites his best friend Ginger over and asks her on a date. They have a dream date and have decided to go steady, just as death comes back to reclaim the son he has left behind. Alithia has repaid her debut., and everything that is is as it was. She has all of the memories of the past 18 years, but as she mourns the loss of her son, and thinks of all the good times they shared despite their disadvantage she can’t help but wonder as she lays in her big comfortable bed, if it was all just a dream.

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Old 31st Dec 2010, 1:31 PM #2
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Great story, I love the plotline . I also like the shack you built, very rustic.

As per earlier question, I don't mind if your mother sims dates during the challenge, but I would wait until the child out with death to marry.

I can't wait to see your responses! Like I said, I enjoy reading them

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Old 1st Aug 2011, 4:48 PM DefaultSingle Parent- Child By Death- 50 Children Challenge Set Up Story #3
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Single Parent- Child By Death- 50 Children Challenge
Chapter 1- The Before Time


Mother: Jennifer (24)
Eldest Child: Brandon (6)
Middle Child: Olivia (4)
Youngest Child:Gracelyn (2)

Being only human, and knowing nothing of this family’s past you may look at this photograph and see a normal, everyday family. A mother reading to her little ones, possibly before bedtime or nap time . A little girl pouting because she doesn’t want to go to sleep, A toddler actively engaged in the story being told, and a little boy, sleepily rubbing his eyes.

A lot can be read into a simple picture like this. No one would ever guess that it is the only picture the children have of their mother. No one would ever guess that it is the only time their mother had ever read to them in their lives, and even at that it was during a visit supervised by the police to make sure she didn’t harm them, or neglect them. No one would ever think that these little ones were victims of harsh neglect.

In the before time to the children anyway, life was a lot harder. They didn’t have an adult around telling them to go to bed ontime, to take a shower, or to cook them dinner. They never had food prepared for them, and the only thing that their mother ever kept in the house was old boxes of cookies and and soda pop.

Nobody cared to clean up the mess, and instead just threw their empty soda cans and cookies boxes all over the floor. Nobody cared where the children finally passed out at, at the end of a long day.

Or what they ate when they were so hungry it felt as if their little bodies were going to give up on them. Nobody cared if they went to bed so hungry at night that the hunger pains left them curled up and crying, unable to sleep

Because they lived in a nice expensive home, and their mother drove an expensive car, nobody seemed to care what happened to them. I guess they figured that rich people can either take care of their children or hire someone to do it for them. They never knew how difficult these babies lives were until one night around mind night.

as the children were getting ready to go to bed, the youngest Gracelyn slipped on the stairs and tumbled downwards, hitting her head hard at the bottom.

Her big sister Olivia sat terrified by her baby sisters body as bright red blood started to make it’s way from the cut on her head.

“Hurry Brandon!” She screamed to her big brother, who had rushed to use the phone and call 911.

Frantic Brandon dialed the numbers. What was their address again? He couldn’t remember, nobody had ever told him.

“Please just come quick.” He sobbed into the phone. “My baby sissy fell down…mommy’s not here and she’s bleeding everywhere!”

When the ambulance arrived that would take the tiny toddler to the hospital, they brought along her two elder siblings, also noticing the foulness of the home that they were forced to live in, and their scrawny, pale, appearances.

When they got to the hospital it was determined that Baby Gracelyn had a broken neck, a broken arm, and 3 broken ribs. She had terrible bruises and cuts to her face from the fall. They had to place an incubator in her and put her on a ventilator to help her breathe. 2 hours after getting to the hospital, the toddler slipped into a comma.

The elder siblings looked starved, not only for attention, but for food as well. The officers who were interviewing them about the accident, and the neglect in their home bought them a grilled cheese sandwich each from the cafeteria. And then sat them down in the child play therapy room to try and talk to them about what happened in an environment that they would be comfortable in.

Olivia and Brandon were more interested in the fish tank against the wall of the room than anything else. They ooohed and aahhed over it, watching as the tiny fish swam in circles. They had never seen fish before.

They both found both odd and exciting that the detectives said they could play with anything in the room they wanted, that they could sit wherever they wanted, and that they just wanted them to be comfortable and feel safe.

They never had toys to play with before.

They didn’t even know what the meaning of the word “Safe” was.

After careful consideration, and the doctors report, saying that these children are clearly abused, and or neglected, the detectives leave the children to play and go to find the mother.

“We need to talk to you.” The male officer said, his voice was gentle but firm at the same time.

“What do you want?” Jennifer asked, her voice was angry but her eyes saddened and tired.

“We have come to talk to you about the placement of your children. Your youngest as you know is in intensive care, at this hospital. Your older two children are showing severe signs of emotional abuse and physical neglect, as well as some delays in social and emotional development.”

“Who in the hell do you think you are to tell me how to raise my children?” Jennifer shouted at the officer.

“Back up Ma’am.” The officer relied. “I am just doing my job, and your children are clearly neglected and terrified, If you don’t corperate with our investigation of your youngest child’s accident and clean up your act we will be forced to take all three of them into protective custody.”

Jennifer broke down on these words. She knew she was not the perfect mother, she was always out late, she left her kids home alone. She didn’t know how to boil water, much less cook a three course meal, But she wanted a second chance, a chance to make things right with her babies.

After a long discussion and many tears later, the officers decided to give her a second chance, granted she bring the children into the station once a week for evaluation, took them to counseling three times a week, and adhered to all of Deaths policies should the youngest of the children die.

The officer knew all too well how death felt about people who abused their children. He knew that whatever punishment Death gave her should the child die would be 100x worse than anything he could do to her.

Jennifer went back to baby Gracelyns room and sat talking to her for hours, before finally laying her head down on her daughter’s bed.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there baby Gracie.” She whispered, just as she was drifting off to sleep.

She was awoken by nurses and doctors shuffling around. Her daughter’s condition had worsened overnight, and so they had to replace her baby bed, with a incubator that would fully monitor her breathing, and help them to keep her safe and warm, since she was underweight and having troubles regulating her body heat.

Or atleast that was the thought. Jennifer suddenly felt very cold, and as if every hair on her body was standing on end. She looked over and saw Death himself staring down at her. She jumped backwards in surprise .

“You are a selfish greedy woman. Your heart is cold and you are hurting your three innocent children with your self loathing greed. One innocent has faded as a result of your neglect, but there will be no more.” He told her, shaking his head and looking down on her with disgust. “For this your suffering will be 10 folds greater than that of the innocents.”

“You don’t deserve this little one.” He said turning to look down at the pale little girl laying in the incubator. “Your suffering will be over soon, I promise.” He whispered to her, his voice soft and sweet as honey.

“Please! Please don’t take her with you! I'll...I'll do anything!” Jennifer begged, tears streaming down her face, as she kneeled at death’s feet.

“NO!” He shouted, his voice echoing and shaking the walls. “I will not subject this child to a lifetime of more suffering. I am taking her with me, and that is my final ruling.” He turned to look at the pathetic woman begging at his feet.

“Your suffering will last until you bare me 50 offspring. You are to treat them with love, kindness, and respect. You are to learn about the gift of life, and appreciate the innocence of a child. You will clean house, cook dinner, and help with homework. Your children will always be clean and well fed. You are not to hire a nanny nor will you work. You are not to marry, nor will you ever date again. Nobody wants those who harm innocent children. You will not gain assistance from any other source, aside from the children when they turn to teens. Until your lesson is learned it will be forever winter in the town of Providence.”

“You think your so cleaver.” Jennifer protests” How am I suppose to do all of this if I cannot go to work? How will I feed these demon spawn….” she quickly corrected herself “children I am suppose to have.?”

“Your house has been replaced with a worn down shack. It is furnished only with the necessities. You will be forced to drain your savings. Aside from this I will give you a stipend of $1000/child/month. Not to include your two remaining children that are not my seed. You will have to figure out the rest on your own.” He said this with a laugh, and then gently picked up the little girl's sprite held her gently and protectively in his arms, and turned on the spot. Within a blink of an eye, he was gone.

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Love your pics and the story line ! The CC you have is wicked.

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Originally Posted by anna220
Love your pics and the story line ! The CC you have is wicked.

Thank you! I am so excited to finally be posting this

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