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Old 1st Dec 2016, 5:28 PM DefaultBeta testers to some "old" houses searches. #1
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So I looked through my achive and I found some houses I think maybe need some beta-testing?

I have forgotten whether there is CC included in these or not. Maybe with some fence since I tend to use a fence on the roof.
Just wanted to hear whether the houses work since my pc can't drive sims 2 so well >_> (Which is why some pictures have "holes") but they should work as far as I know.

Also due to my pc crashed some of the mainfiles for furniture have disappeared from my pc. Seems whole IKEA walked away. I'm grateful for owning the package at least...

I'm talking something like this 555 DOWNLOAD

AND tictactoe (One of the windows turn the wrong way) DOWNLOAD

Modern family house DOWNLOAD

Another family house DOWNLOAD

A danish house (WALLS FIXED - kitchen fixed, missing cauch) DOWNLOAD


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